Hosting Problem

UPDATE 17 Nov. I have moved my website to a host who is not going to interfere with it because of content or any other censorship reasons.  I will not name my previous service provider JUST YET.
UPDATE 14 Nov.  It would seem that my hosting provider for this website is having some problems – this site has been blocked and inaccessible even to me at same time on 10, 11 and 12 Nov.  On 13 Nov it went down in the afternoon.  On the 14th it was down when I got up in the morning so I have no idea how long it was down for.  I have two other sites with the same provider –  no problem with them.  After cutting through some tech jargon as to how to solve the problem I finally got this “A developer can’t resolve the issue but may be able to help advise you on the hosting options.”  I am currently enquiring with the Manager who sent me that message if that is also the opinions of the company owners.   If you are paying to have your website hosted and you have to stand guard over it 24/7 to see it is working – that is a problem.  I am the last person to be intimidated – it doesn’t work.  So, lets see where all this goes.