Health Matters – apart from Covid

Quite apart from anything to do with covid – coronavirus has just brought the subject of our health and our immune system into the limelight a bit more than before.  For me and many others it has once again highlighted out dependence – our unthinking, automatic dependence on and believe on pharmaceutical products.

Several years ago there was a great revival of global, traditional natural methods of healing.  Then something started to happen around the 1990s.

Natural healing methods began to be scoffed at in the media.  Natural medicine was pooh pooh’d.  The effectiveness of vitamins and minerals was diminished – eventually we began hearing that we could actually overdose on them to our detriment.  Amino Acids were NEVER spoken of.  I ask you one question:  If a product is absolutely useless, like – it has no effect on you whatsoever and is a total waste of money…how can you overdose on it?  Either something has a power or it has not.

So in the sub pages of this I will attempt to draw your attention to the studies, facts and evidence that I wish I had know several years ago.  Me and my family might be a lot healthier had I known them what I know now.   Lastly – if everything I am going to share here is as useless as some might want you to believe – what have you go to lose in experimenting – like me and some of my friends have been doing.

New discovery shows human cells can write RNA sequences into DNA – 11 June 2021

And that is why so few children contract Covid, and so many elderly or those with co-morbidities do.  It’s all about the amount of crap you’ve put into your body over the years, especially in the form of vaccines which bypass your body’s digestive process, straight into the bloodstream which means your body never gets the message to stop fighting the toxin you just introduced once it’s under control.

REMEMBER WHEN YOU PLAYED IN THE MUD or got dirty?  Shared an ice-lolly?  Remember when we didn’t have germ-phobia?  We were building our immune system.

Easy to understand dental video – the correct way to breath – what happens inside our mouth if we don’t breath properly.

Huge Victory for Kids: Court Orders EPA to Ban Use of Toxic Pesticide on Foods – what does it say for us that we had to fight in a court for this?  Pharma means us well?  I don’t think so. – 30 April 2021

The Schumann Resonance Does Affect Our Health – Pulse Of Mother Earth Is Powerful

Sub Pages

PHARMA, GVT are NOT your Friend

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Immune System


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