Government Gaslighting on School Safety

The saga of the schools is a wonderful and typical example of what we call “gaslighting”  Look it up.  Its wonderful because we can clearly document the gaslighting in this saga.

On 25 Nov 2021 the gvt swung into gear about schools not being safe.  Is it a sign of honesty in the media that they are publishing examples on 25 Nov of politicians etc saying the opposite?

Ten examples of Government figures and health officials saying ‘schools are safe’ after deputy CMO said ‘we’ve never said schools are a safe environment’Deputy chief medical officer Dr Ronan Glynn today said that public health officials “never said schools are safe”, however, there are multiple examples of them doing so. – 26 Nov 2021

No, that is not a sign of honest in the independent.  That’s part of the gaslighting.  Jack says this and Jill says that.   In the end the listener (the mass population) gives up trying to make any sense of it.  Gives up trying to logically rationalise and understand.  That’s the objective of the gaslighting.  Now the population is so mentally weary and emotionally scared (though they are not sure exactly what of or why) they will follow  whatever rules Government decides to impose.

Recovered and recovering victims of Narcissistic Bullies will understand this extremely well.


PHASE 2 of the Gaslighting – Tell them the opposite to what you have been telling them.  Cause chaos, fear and consternation.  Deny you said what you previously said.  Imply they misunderstood, are stupid.  Above all the emotion generated now should be frustrated powerlessness.  Push previous restrictions a bit further.

Grounded: No playdates or Christmas pantos for two weeks and Nphet tells children to wear masks – 26 Nov 2021

What are you to think when the HSE website gives you “comforting info while at the same time the NPHET and gvt actual “rules” give you the opposite message?

Nphet recommends all children over nine wear masks in schools, shops and on public transport – 25 Nov 2021

Shift in tone on school ‘safety’ is at odds with advice over many months – 25 Nov 2021

PHASE I of the Gaslighting – Get them relaxed.

All the Controllers churn out the same narrative – in this case the same sentence was around “Schools are Safe”

Tony Holohan says children more likely to get Covid-19 at home or in community than at school – 22 Nov 2021

Schools ‘are safe places for our children’, says Taoiseach – 29 Oct 2021

“Schools are a safe place”- Tánaiste Leo Varadkar, November 2021


Mr Martin said that schools are safe and controlled settings, – 24 Jan 2021

On his way into today’s meeting, Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly stressed that regardless of what decisions are made about school closures, the school environment is a safe one. – 5 Jan 2021

In a letter to Health Minister Stephen Donnelly on 5 Jan 2021, Dr Holohan said “schools are safe environments”.

In his address to the nation, Micheál Martin said that the evidence he has seen shows government that schools are safe places. “All public health analysis is showing that schools are safe, – 30 Dec 2020

Norma Foley Dec 2020

‘Schools are safe. They are safer than being outside of schools’ – Taoiseach Michéal Martin, 29 October 2020

“Schools are a safe environment”- Education Minister Norma Foley, 19 October 2020


Are you thinking something is not quite right here?