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Unmasking the Media: An Examination of the Fourth Estate in Ireland- George Hook + Aisling O’Loughlin – 23 June 2021

George Hook with Mr. Martin Feeley – Vascular Surgeon on Viral Realities!

George Hook Show – with Professor John Lee – Viral Reality! – 18 Dec 2020

George Hook claims heads must roll at RTE after Covid-19 photos controversy as ‘sorry doesn’t go far enough’ – 22 Nov 2020

George Hook Interviews Ivor Cummins #Covid19 Hoax – 20 Nov 2020

George Hook with Michael McNamara TD – PCR Vs Antigen TESTING – 10 Dec 2020

George Hook with Owen Keegan – Covid Recovery – 2 Dec 2020

George Hook Michael McNamara TD – Covid Recovery – 1 Dec 2020

Covid Recovery Episode 4 – Compelling Compassion, Real Science! – 26 Nov 2020

George Hook Episode 3 – – 23 Nov 2020

Professor of Infectious Diseases Jack Lambert

Covid Recovery with George Hook: * EPISODE 2 * – 20 Nov 2020

In tonight’s compelling episode George engages Dr. John Lee, Professor of Pathology (retd).  He then swiftly moves on to Jim Power, Economist / Irish Examiner columnist. As always, fascinating and informative discussions on this crucial topic

Covid Recovery with George Hook Episode 1  –   17 Nov 2020

Dr. Vincent Carroll joins George Hook in a discussion of lockdown impacts to cancer victims – a fascinating and informative discussion.

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