Galway West Constituency

  • Examples:
    • 6/10 = he voted 10 times and 6 of them were against our freedom
    • 5/5 = he turned up only 5 times to vote – didn’t bother with the other 5 voting days.  And he voted against our freedoms 5 out of the 5 days he actually showed up.
    • 0/6  means she only voted 6 times in total out of the possible 10 regarding our freedoms, but DID not vote against our freedoms – he voted for our freedoms on those 6 occasions.  That zero is not as good as it looks – because any TD interested in voting for our freedoms and civil liberties WOULD HAVE TURNED UP 10 times.


These 6 MEPs voted No to Vaccine Passports first time round. 4 of them changed their vote second time round. Wonder why?

Second Vote:

These two voted “no” second time

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