Did you know the EU has a monitoring programme for Covid-19 “disinformation”?  “Disinformation” is anything that disagrees with government narrative.  Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, TikTok and Twitter are all signatories to the self-regulatory Code of Practice on Disinformation.  CovidCheck was written by Eileen Culloty, Kirsty Park, Charis Paevangelou, Trudy Feenane, Alex Conroy, and Jane Suiter

FuJo is an Irish based organisation which “works to counter digitial disinformation”. FuJo website

In other words – the “Thought Police”.

These are a group of people who believe the ordinary people are not capable of thinking or rationalising for themselves.  Therefore a superior group of beings such as themselves are required to police the airways and, in so doing, guide our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Two of it’s members own a company called Kinzen currently in the spotlight for spying on Irish politicians’ media acconts for gvt, now contracts appear to have been lost…

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One of their Projects:

People have wonderful ideas for the betterment of humanity and society.  However, in latter years it would appear that once “Experts” are put in place to research, monitor, implement these great ideas, we see they tend to lose the run of themselves, develop tunnel vision and go far beyond their original remit and objective.  In fact many become crazed and their work is taken to the opposite extreme, even to the ridiculous – they even start trying to rewrite history.

Did you notice that it appears now that every film, documentary, debate, programme, soap etc has to include a number from the following sectors of society – disability, ethnicity, gender, & sexuality?  Aside from that – the push for “gender equality” sems to be pushing past the equality line.  Next time you see an advert, film, advertising clip etc.  notice who the “superior” and “inferior” characters are.  Sounds ok but here are  couple of idiotic examples –

  • “Bridgerton” film on Netflix

This is the Queen Charlotte and her husband is insane – so she rund the country….. fact or fiction.  There seems to be no consensus.  But of all the queens that could have been chosen for this film…. the hero of the piece is also coloured.  I haven’t a problem with coloured people being the hero etc in films and there are as many coloured as white in modern films – Denzel Washington etc etc and the films are believable and logical.  However, rewriting historical based films is a a bit “off”

  • “A Castle for Christmas” another film on Netflix

The owner of the village inn/hotel  in SCOTLAND

The gay guy whose husband died so he joined the inn’s knitting circle….

More FuJo Research Projects….

FuJo to lead new digital hub challenging disinformation across Europe – July 2021



Are you thinking something is not quite right here?