Ever Given – Evergreen – Suez Canal

What is “true” and what is a “lie”?  Is there a difference between “true”, “lie” and “conspiracy theory”?  Do we rate “true” by saying “if it’s true it’s on the news, mainstream media” etc and conversely if it’s not true it’s not on the TV news?

What is a conspiracy theory?  Is it a collection of information that appears too far removed from our day to day reality that we just can’t conceive it could be true or real?  What happens our minds as what we once dismissed as “conspiracy theories” turn out to be true in our reality?  One answer is we develop “cognitive dissonance”

If you take any few minutes of the day to sit without your TV, laptop or mobile phone, do you ever question reality?  What the hell is real anymore?  To be honest, I personally have no idea.  I have read every piece of info and news on this website – so … I wonder on a daily basis “who is telling the truth?”  For sure I don’t believe the mainstream media, news, politicians, pharma or big tech.  I don’t believe them for the one simple reason – they have been caught out lying too many times.   Nor can I trust the information big tech give me via their search engines.  The only info I can really rely on is from people on the ground across the world – alternative media.

But – back to the EVERGREEN shipping line and the Ever Given.  It is now 3 weeks I think?  Since it was freed from the banks of the Suez Canal?  Yet, it remains stationary in Great Bitter Lake in Egypt.  Many people around the world are hoping the containers would be opened and reveal to the world a huge child trafficking operation.  Who knows? Maybe to come.


In the meantime this is the latest on Turkish TV.  Believe it or Believe it not – as I said – who knows what is real anymore?

I encourage you to fact check the details given in the above video.  I haven’t had time to check everything but the Bill Gates’ fake meat, farming and the fact he owns more land in the US than anyone else is already checked out here


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If you do a search on google etc for both “Evergreen” and “Hillary Clinton” you will come up with a list of articles and digs joining both to child trafficking.  I am not going to list them here because so far nothing to substantiate it has been announced or published.

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