Eamon Ryan TD


Eamon Ryan ‘regrets’ controversy caused by Zappone and Green Party events – 9 Aug 2021

Eamon Ryan & Family owned business “Medmark”

Who got the contract for the testing at the “pilot concert”?  Why .. of course it was Eamon’s brother – Robert Ryan and his company Medmark

Transport officials told Eamon Ryan that controversial road is ‘crucial’ to Limerick regeneration –  There is always a deal to be struck in politics, you just have to know how to move and manipulate. – .11 May 2021

Green Ministers launch €10m Community Fund, €5m anti-litter fund and a creative activity day for children – 6 May 2021

NTA rejects request for details of €240 million in walking and cycling funding – 15 March 2021

No quality control linked to Minister Eamon Ryan handing out €240m in walking and cycling funding – 11 Feb 2021

Funding increase of over €700k to environmental NGOs welcomed by Green Party – really?  Who are these people in these NGOs?  – 21 Jan 2021

15 Dec 2020

 “keep the hardward shops open”  and “paint the back of the house” ( he didn’t quite say it but there is a silent plug for Stephen Donnelly’s family business too – Hickey’s Fabrics, they were really happy with the profits from the lockdown – according to Donnelly’s cousin)

Eamon Ryan & Family Owned Business “Irish Cycling Safaris Ltd”

So – Fianna Fail & Fine Gael effectively agreed to spend €360m of public money, per year on Eamon Ryan’s whims – contributing to the business sector in which Eamon Ryan’s family operates.  He founded Irish Cycling Safaris Ltd, which is now run by his sister and her husband – nice one!  Public money bartered for power and killing more than one bird with the same stone.


Green Party leader Eamon Ryan set to enjoy car ban on road where he lives – 23 Nov 2020

Ryan’s ancestors the key to faster broadband? – 24 Oct 2020

Eamon Ryan: Government will spend €1 million a day on walking and cycling – Imagine what you could if you spent €1 million a day on health care and hospital services ….  Imagine what you could do if essential cancer and health services were not shut down in 2020/21 – 3 Oct 2020

New 750m cycle path costing €9 million opens along Dublin’s Royal Canal – 31 July 2020

Ireland’s Green Party Leader, A Former Bike Shop Owner, Secures ‘Astonishing’ Boost For Walking And Cycling  – 15 June 2020

Programme for government: Will this one fly? – 15 June 2020

‘We deeply regret the hurt this has caused’: Eamon Ryan says he does not want to restrict cars in rural Ireland – 11 Oct 2019

‘Reluctant banker’ lived his life to the maximum  -11 April 2017

PAPER PROPHET Eamon Ryan – 17 Dec 2006

Thinking man’s Green looks to the Park – 17 Sept 2004

In recent years, Eamon has worked for a European climate organisation (www.e3g.org) and chaired the digital policy group in the Institute of International and European Affairs (www.iiea.com).

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