Dublin North-West Constituency

  • Examples:
    • 3/10 = he voted 10 times and 3 of them were against our freedom
    • 5/8 = she turned up only 8 times to vote – didn’t bother with the other 2 voting days.  And she voted against our freedoms 5 out of the 8 days she actually showed up.

These 6 MEPs voted No to Vaccine Passports first time round. 4 of them changed their vote second time round. Wonder why?

Second Vote:

These two voted “no” second time

Roisin Shortall wants to extend and strengthen hotel quarantine for arrivals 23 Feb 2021

Roisin Shortall, on 14 Dec 2020 timidly raised the question in the Dail with Leo Varadkar regarding the loss of €14,000 from the taxpayer for ventilators that never worked (Simon Harris was Health Minister) in 2020 from China through Roqu (which subsequently got several lucrative contracts via the HSE without question).  However, Roisin left it at that – no follow up.   How long does it take to get an Irish civil servant to find a procurement order and check the signature?  HSE in ‘detailed discussions’ with company over €14m contract for ventilators that failed quality checks  – 17 Dec 2020

Covid Scamdemic

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