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Human Beings’ innate goodness and belief in goodness could well be our own undoing.  Why is that we tend to think all the bad people are dead? Or that they exist only in other, far-away lands?   Why do we automatically take it for granted that our public representatives, doctors, scientists are sane, normal and well-meaning?  I’m just asking.

Look – there were a lot of evil people in positions that gave them access to human test subjects throughout history.  Why do you not suspect there are a few, some, many around today?

Conducting drug trials on huge numbers of the population is not rocket science.

  1. Create a health crisis –
  2. Provide a drug solution –
  3. Collate the results –
  4. Don’t worry drug companies are not liable for damage caused by their products if a country is under a state of emergency – and usually even when it is not IF THEY CALL IT A “VACCINE”.

It seems some drug trials cost the Pharma companies nothing – free test subjects and no liability – but of course they don’t charge much when they “find” a miracle drug then either … do they?  – Costly new cancer treatments to strain drugs budget

But then again  – if you shut down the country and the hospitals (not entirely though, because the Private Patients continue their treatments? – or so I have heard), stop cancer screening – then I guess you would save quite a lot on expensive drug treatments.  Right?

Covid-19 patients to be asked to take part in clinical trials – 31 March 2020.  Somethings in this article strike me as being just “not right”.  First to test the new drugs they need people in ICU.  Is it ethical to withhold drugs already in use in other countries that are thought to be beneficial in halting the progression of the disease?  But then if one did use those old drugs  – there might be no test subjects in ICU for the new drugs…. bit of dilemma eh?

Then – if there are so many infected, contagious people around the country, why would you need to infect healthy people?  Of course this time these ones will be paid about £4K for the use of their bodies.

What do we know about the UK trial to infect people with Covid-19? – 17 Feb 2021

Open Orphan jumps as COVID-19 study receives ethics approval – 17 Feb 2021

Yet another question bothers me – since no scientist ANYWHERE in the world has actually isolated and therefore dissected the virus to analyse it and see what makes it tick,  where are they finding the virus to inject these people with?  AND how have they managed to find an “antidote” so to speak?  But then I am not a scientist so what would I know?

Oh look – not enough infected people in Galway to carry out the trial but the country had to go into lockdown due to the high death rate.. really?

Much more on the Covid Vaccine here

And, sadly, many deaths from the Covid Vaccine here.

Children have been used in vaccine research since its very beginning, usually said to have been in 1796, when Edward Jenner inoculated 8-year-old James Phipps with cowpox, and then challenged young James with actual smallpox (1). However, earlier, in 1789, Jenner inoculated his own 10-month-old son, Edward Jr., with swinepox. Edward Jr. then came down with a pox disease, which he fortunately recovered from. His father then challenged him with smallpox.

2018 – As of May 2018, the World Health Organisation’s pharmacovigilance database, VigiBase, listed 499 deaths that were reported as being linked to HPV vaccination. (GARDASIL)

2015 “Mass Sterilization”: Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-fertility Agent in UN Tetanus Vaccine

2009 – Swine Flu – Ireland’s official historic record – “Swine Flu” Pandemic Vaccine

No autism in Vietnam until they signed into the IMF banking system and Bill Gates introduced vaccines!

1996 – Pfizer –  Nigeria’s Kano state government  claimed that the pharmaceutical company was responsible for the death or disabling of dozens of children in a 1996 clinical study of the Pfizer antibiotic Trovan.  The lawsuit cost Pfizer $75 million

1976 – USA  In 1976, a late winter outbreak of swine flu at a military base in the USA led to fears of a devastating pandemic. President Gerald Ford announced a plan to vaccinate everyone in the country. By the end of the year, 40 million out of some 200 million Americans were vaccinated for the new strain, but no pandemic appeared and public health credibility suffered.

1960s and 70s – Over 2,700 children living in Mother and Baby Home and Orphanages in the 1960s and 70s were used as Human Guinea Pigs in illegal Medical Trials. Detailed in the Mother & Baby investigation

1950s – 1960s Thalidomide and the Irish gvt who let the people down.

1948–1970s: Nasal Radium Irradiation (NRI) of Children at Johns Hopkins – If you think they would not do something like this not, you are very naive.

1932 – Forty Years of Human Experimentation in America: The Tuskegee Study It may have been over 70 years ago but I don’t believe the mad and inhumane sectors of the scientific community have changed, disappeared or ceased to be.  Therefore it sometimes crosses my mind that perhaps the Irish Cervical Smear/Cancer Scandal might have been an experiment on a large group of women to record the data over time if left untreated.

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