Dr. Marcus de Brun

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The Doctors are Speaking Out! – 3 Sept 2021

‘Healthy People Do Not Require Genetic Vaccination’ – 9 April 2021

Dr. Marcus de Brun on the Niall Boylan Show – Should GPs be able to opt out of the vaccine rollout as a conscientious objector? – 12 Feb 2021

Courageous and outspoken Irish GP, Dr Marcus de Brun, talks about the impact of the ‘pandemic’ on his own life and the potential dangers of the ‘experimental biological agents’. – 10 Feb 2021

Dr Marcus De Brun – Masks – 2  Jan 2021

Addressing the Covid Narrative in Ireland with Dr Marcus De Brun – 19 Aug 2020

With Dr Marcus De Brun On the Story so Far,(corona) & Furure Predictions – 13 Aug 2020

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