The Disgrace that is Big Tech

Everything is Connected

Everything is connected to the same people, same companies, same families, same media, same celebs and all connected to the child/human trafficking in one way or another. The end game is to have everyone around the world microchiped. That chip will control you to the extent that without it you will not be able to buy food, access your bank, maybe even your home – all controlled from central datebases.

Wherever you are in the world you can be found in about 60 seconds. The tool is Technology. The mastermind is Bill Gates. Behind him are the Rockafellas and Rothchilds and whoever is behind them. The following is from the first day of US House Judicary Committee investigation into Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. Twitter declined.

Much of the following is from the hearing before the US Senate where CEO’s of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple are questioned.

FACEBOOK and GOOGLE accused of: stealing our private data across all platforms including going into our emails, for the purpose of not only using the information to sell to us but also for any other purposes they want, depending on what they find there.  Actually using our information about what we search for so they can sell that on to companies to sell us stuff is LEAST thing to worry about when thinking about them recording our movements, locations, searches, family etc. Remember Julian Assange is STILL in solitary confinement in prison in England for leaking government and Elite emails. But your emails and messages? Well, who gives a damn about YOUR privacy.

FACEBOOK accused of:  illegal censorship of medical information relating to coronavirus. Facebook was seriously taken to task on Facebook’s qualifications and right to decide on medical matters, told it was not their job to decide the truth and to leave that between doctor and patient; the deletion of all information not in accordance with the CDC who stand accused of co-operating with China in an effort to undermine the US economy and more; deleting information put into the public domain by President Trump and the Republican Party; deleting and suspending accounts of Republican politicians and thousands of ordinary citizens who voiced their support for President Trump;  censoring speech from President Trump, taking part in manipulating conversations and information with the intention of favoring Joe Biden in the upcoming election; censoring the output of information from Trump, the Republican Party, and on the other hand NOT censoring information from militant groups; Facebook has encourage hate speech and civil unrest (riots); taking on thousands of staff (30,000 by Zuckerberg’s own admission) to specifically censor the information and consequently building algorithms to also do this based on the decisions of the 30,000 human fact checkers (video evidence presented showing employees discussing this); taking the private data of (specifically) teenagers in order to target them, Facebook was actually removed from the Apple Store for stealing the teenager info and targeting them),

MARK ZUCKERBERG accused of: threatening the founder of Instagram with financial ruin if he did not sell Instagram to Facebook;  accused of doing the same with many other app developers and owners of products taken over by Facebook; evidence presented that he boasted he would soon own all the social media across the world but it would take a little longer to take over google;

GOOGLE accused of: misdirecting emails of the Republican Party representatives between them and their party members and constituents relating to the upcoming Presidential Election; removing websites of companies and individuals supporting Trump; stealing content from other businesses and using it for their own companies (google owns hundreds of other companies – list at the end); putting small companies out of business; stacking the odds against the competitors of their own companies in other fields in the google search engine results;  censorship and misinformation the same as Facebook; taking a bigoted anti-police stance on their platform; collaborating with Chinese Universities which are funded by Chinese military making the J20 fighter jet more effective in it’s targeting, while refusing to work alongside US military on Project Maven (citing ethical grounds) designed to keep US troops safe on the ground. And it was revealed that a Facebook executive has accused Google of treason against the US gvt by aiding China. It would appear that some app or platform they developed has, in fact, aided the Chinese government in controlling their people and resulted in the arrest and imprisonment of thousands. Links at the end of the post.

Don’t turn away from the Chinese people’s problem implemented because of the technology of these companies – this is 4 companies designing and selling tools to capture and control YOU and being sold to the highest bidders. This is Nazi Germany all over again except it’s not coming from Germany with boots on the ground (yet) it’s coming through your government and you are following orders – mask up, stay indoors, no church, no schools, no small business opening, threat of 2nd wave! If you are in a country where this is still being ordered then YOUR government are either compromised (JEREMY EPSTEIN style) or paid off.

APPLE accused of: removing Parental Control apps which allowed parents to exercise some control over phone use BUT leaving a similar app standing which is owned by the SAUDI government (WTF?)  Sorry, but to me that smells of leaving teenagers, in some way, vulnerable to human trafficking; stealing and collating, for their own purposes our private info and data.

AMAZON accused of: stealing the best products of their 3rd party sellers which they host, having the product then made in places such as China (slave labor), resulting in the small third party sellers being put out of business overnight; undermining the prices of the duplicate products stolen from the third party sellers on the Amazon platform AND then increasing the price of the product even higher than the original seller price; selling counterfeit and stolen goods. (nobody said anything so far about overpriced cabinets and cushions – “WAYFAIR”).

All the above in just one session of the Senate Committee.  Apparently there is much more to come. 


We are the product, our children and our families, our business, our lives, we are the product! We are the currency, we are their tech slaves, we are tied to our phones, we go into auto receiving mode the minute we turn them on – this is where most of our opinions are being shaped and usually we are in relaxed and receiving mode when scrolling along. We are bought and sold, not just our information – these companies facilitate by their actions and their inactions the actual targeting of human beings, teenagers, children, human kidnappings and human trafficking. We are manipulated by what we read, view, use and they control what we read, view and use. We are trafficked daily. Think about this.


From what I heard at that first day of the committee hearing is enough for me. Using these products now make me feel dirty. I want to leave. I want to vote with my feet. I want to be free. I want the physical trafficking of humans, children, babies to end. I want the missing children that are still alive to be found and walk free. I don’t want to contribute in anyway to the wealth in the pockets of these Abusers of Humanity. Just by using their products puts money in their pockets. Every one of us has a monetary value to Apple, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. Because without me and with you, they have no consumers, they have no product. They have no money. They lose their power. Their power is in the illusion that they own us. But there are more of us than them. Will you walk? Will you break free? Do you WANT to stop child trafficking and free those currently enslaved right now? Do you? Do you?


Facebook, Google or Instagram appear to have NO interest whatsoever in patrolling their products to keep our children safe. On all those sites a search will bring you all kinds of drugs, pornography and they do not safeguard child accounts from being targeted by paedophiles or those involved in child trafficking. Do you know how many apps are on our children’s ipads and devices that allow messages to be sent to the from other “kids”? Frightening! Does your 8 year old need a chat service?

They are happy to police the politicians and interfere in elections, attack me and you for our political views and sanction us by taking down social media accounts, websites and interfere with our search rankings if we step out of line, push our buttons with fake news and brainwash us. But the WON’T protect our kids.  Why? Who are the predators?

People talk about the Dark Web – the human trafficking, drug sales and pornography there. You don’t need to go to the Dark Web for it. Our children, through their devices and some Kids TV channels are groomed for violence, fear and child sex by films, cartoons, music and most kids are mostly un-monitored by parents because most parents can’t even see the grooming going on. Direct messages are sent in child apps grooming children for abduction. It happened someone very close to me just this week. What we see is only the tip of the iceberg.


This year the US congress became alarmed over the use of their Face Rekognition app by law enforcement and sought to curb it. However, Amazon shareholders reject the idea of curbing it. If the US politicians across the board are worried about this then we should definitely be worried. Elon Musk warned about it and Boris Johnson warned about it. Links at the end of the post. You may think it’s ok for the police to use it… but like everything else, of course it will eventually be usable by everyone. So, in the hands of stalkers, human traffickers, paedophiles etc how safe is anyone? And remember Jeffrey Epstein’s friends are all in the Elite tiers.

Leaving that aside – did you know that if you have an APPLE Iphone it is quite easy for anyone to access ALL your information, contacts, photos, messages etc. without touching your phone or even installing an app?

The Big 4 Tech companies have the time and money to invest in developing face recognition (all of them, incl Amazon which you might have thought, like me, is just a big online shop) and tracking apps to be used against the global world population.  Apart from money and power, can you think of one good reason for a Tech Company to be interested in you?

You are a slave if someone has the power to confine you to your house, control you food supply and monitor your movements. These companies bear allegiance to no country except the highest bidder. They appear to have no conscience, no morals and no code of ethics which they actually adhere to – apart from self-serving ones. Even if we delete our accounts, they still keep parts of our data – especially a log of our activities (you understand this?) – time for all that but no time to protect us, our children, return our accounts if hacked or stolen or take down paedophile, racist, or the accounts of people inciting hatred and violence. Do you need to take a deeper look at the whole thing going on at the moment. Step back and examine the bigger picture. What countries are still effectively at a standstill and what countries are up and running? Why is your country in the slow lane? Who are your politicians? What are they doing? Working? Working from home still? Going on holidays? Where are they?

I may have repeated myself during this post – apologies if I say this somewhere else. You have to question why Mark Zuckerberg is now joined up with Bill Gates whose agenda is population control. This is not conspiracy.  Gates’ 2010 TedX talk where he details the use of vaccines and abortion/sterilisation to reduce the world population by 10 – 15%  Go 2.04mins into the video

And even if you don’t believe it to be a fact – please open your mind to consider how easy it is to include ANYTHING in a vaccine thanks to nano technology.  Who questions the vaccine contents? Please look at the testimony at the US House Judiciary investigation link at the end of the post.

Anyway why would dead feotal tissue have to be in any vaccine? Why are the vaccine makers taking this tissue and manipulating the DNA then injecting it into our kids? If you don’t think that is sick – or pig tissue? Come on! When you and I got vaccinated we had 3 or 4 vaccines. Now there are 72 vaccines given over the course of 16 injections. You can’t tell me that purposefully giving all those diseases to a baby and a child is not have adverse affects. At least give the kids a chance to develop. The following is Stanley Plokin the “godfather of vaccines” giving testimony in 2018 before a US Senate comittee.  Despite the evidence, nothing changed.  Big Pharma has more power than gvt worldwide.

If they come to your door or your kids school and insist everyone gets a vaccine shot – you going to be able to challenge then? Too late – the boat has sailed and there is no going back. If the vaccine has DNA altering properties….no going back. What if, what if, what if I am right?

I invite you to take a stand for what is right and take back your power. Stop being their product, their slave.

Leaving is not easy – it takes time to delete all the date they have – or at least as much as we can get access to. Links at the end of this post. It is important to COMPLETELY make sure all photos, and family/private stuff is deleted BEFORE closing an account with any of these companies.

These companies have an almost total monopoly on the net, with the intention of eliminating all competitors or buying them out. Getting away from their surveillance is more difficult than you may think – see the links at then end of the post.


SOCIAL MEDIA – Parler – I am moving from Twitter and Facebook to a new platform called “Parler“. 

EMAILS – I am fortunate in having a website independent of all the above and I will be moving my email account from gmail to my website within the next week.
INSTAGRAM – I will be deleting all my content on that platform – it is owned by Facebook

GOOGLE & YOUTUBE – I will delete them from my computer and am currently exploring the other options.
YOU TUBE – many people are already moving their profiles and accounts to sites such as Spotify and Luminary.  I have to do more checking on this.
Amazon and Apple – I will never, ever again use.

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