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President Trump said on TV that he was taking Hydroxychloroquine and the world went crazy!  At first it all seemed a bit irrational until it became clear that HCQ is one of the cheapest medicines on the planet AND negates the need for a vaccine.  In fact it could signal the beginning of the end for many vaccine companies.  Bear in mind they have been paying out Billions of Dollars in compensation over the last few years in fines and in payback to doctors.
If you take the time to read through this page – you have to ask yourself “Why is no government around the world even TRYING any of these solutions?  Why only focusing ONLY on a VACCINE?”  And the vaccine that we are presented with is a “vaccine-that-isn’t-really-a-vaccine-but-a-DNA-altering-coctail of chemicals”
UPDATE 18 Jan 2021 “You should now be upgrading your question to  “why it is foreign countries and third world countries who are being the first to break the taboo on trying alternative TREATMENT and PREVENTION measures to get us back to normal?  What is wrong with our government?
Not covid related but feel I have to put this in here.  There are over 6000 patents to benefit mankind which have been kept hidden from us.  While we look at these inventions – keep in mind that while this kind of technology is rolling out now – it is only because they can’t hide it anymore.  Do the research. 





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Sharing a household with children and risk of COVID-19: a study of over 300,000 adults living in healthcare worker households in ScotlandBackground Children are relatively protected from novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19). The reasons for this protection are not well understood but differences in the immune response to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) have been implicated. If such differences are due to differential exposure to non-SARS-CoV-2 infectious agents, adults who are close contacts of children may partly share in this protection. Such a protective effect would have important implications for the lives of children, not least in terms of schooling. (21/9/2020)


But you can’t sing in school or church – logic?

Merck ends COVID vaccine program to pursue treatments instead, cites inferior immune responses – 25 Jan 2021

FRONTLINE CRITICAL CARE COVID-19 ALLIANCE  – Prophylaxis & Treatment Protocols for Covid 19

This article was last April and we haven’t heard any more about Violet – if she went into every school, shop, hospital etc, the lockdown could end – that would not be good for the clinical trial of the RNA chemo coctail (alias the “covid vaccine”)  which currently underway in the nursing homes and across the globe.

17 Nov 2020 – Never mind the bit about Matt Hancock rattling on about vaccines and testing. Push on to listen to Pfizer’s former Chief Scientific Advisor Dr Mike Yeadon who believes 50% of the population was already immune to Covid-19 by the time infection rates reduced in June.

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