One Rule for Paul Reid HSE- another for you

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A little socialising after the match… no masks – oh wait! yes, look at the young girl serving the drinks.  She is not quite the same social class is she?  Therefore it is only right that she should be muzzled in that auspicious gathering.  After all, the Elite might “catch” something from her – that’s ok with you?  Look at that smug look on Paul Reid’s face – Hmmm he’s the guy giving you the terrifying daily stats – does he look like he’s scared?  Look at the rest in the room …

Our kids could not have normal Graduation Ceremonies with families or their celebration Balls.  But no problem for Paul Reid to mix, mingle and celebrate his conferring of an honorary degree to his heart’s content.  Thats ok with you?



Who else do you know on this salary?   Paschal Donohoe was “very reluctant” to pay HSE boss more than €300,000. Now Paul Reid’s pay tops €426,000 – one salary for his predecessor and double for Paul – what’s so special about Paul?

Are you thinking something is not quite right here?