One Rule for Leo Varadkar TD – another for you

Leo – mask on?  or mask off?  Same event – however YOU should mask ALWAYS!


You couldn’t go to an outdoor event, concert, festival in the summer of 2021 – unless jabbed and it was a “pilot” event.  But Leo jetted of to Britain that same week the announcement was made for you, TO A MUSIC FESTIVAL.  Was that ok?

Leo Varadkar thought attending UK festival was okay because parts of Irish entertainment industry were reopening two days later – 13 Sept 2021

IRELAND – Leo tells everyone to wear masks outside, not to gather in large crowds. – 29 June 2021


Leo wants you to wear a mask and his sub-ordinates to wear a mask but that does not apply to him … why not?  He is not claiming exemption because he wears it for special photoshoots.  Having  a laugh is our Leo?

You are limited to sitting down in a restaurant (well you could sit down one time indoors without a vax cert) but at the time Leo was having a right old party in the Merrion Hotel with buddy Catherine Zappone and Co.   But you probably took no notice, did you?


Leo Varadkar has final bash at Farmleigh amid reports Simon Coveney bidding to keep state car – 5 July 2020

Are we?  Are we all in this TOGETHER?  Did Leo lose any pay?  No, Leo got a couple of pay rises plus expenses for attending the Dail WHILE THE DAIL WAS SHUT DOWN.  Will Leo EVER get a pay cut? Lose his pension?  No, Leo recently moved into a €800 house with his partner.  Yeah, we are all in this together!

Leo’s Lockdown Double Standard


Are you thinking something is not quite right here?