One Rule for Eamon Ryan TD – another for you

It slips by most people’s attention – but it’s now obvious that there is one rule for the politicians, bankers etc – the Elite but quite a different rule for everyone else – the plebs or common people.


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Eamon wanted to go to an international Climate Conference.  Eamon tested positive – Eamon did a second test.  Eamon tested negative.  Eamon travelled to the conference.  Suppose Eamon had taken a third or fourth test?  But he didn’t.

When you tested positive and were told stay at home….. were you offered/allowed a second run at it?  There is evidence that people who requested this were not allowed.

However, there is also evidence of athletes, football players etc having the “Eamon Ryan Experience” – why one rule for Eamon and the Elite but another rule for you?  Are you less important?  Obviously in their eyes.  Who pays Eamon’s salary?  You do.


Eamon Ryan ‘regrets’ controversy caused by Zappone and Green Party events – (he means he regrets they all got caught just like Golfgate and RTE partying – 9 Aug 2021

You can’t sit in a pub or restaurant with more than 6 people (or something like that but who knows anymore?) Eamon Ryan and the TD’s on the other hand…..





Are you thinking something is not quite right here?