One Rule for DFA Irl, Ambassadors – another for you

The point here is NOT that they broke the rules/law which were aid down for the public, that there was no social distancing, no

The POINT IS – they quite obviously felt no fear whatsoever about catching or transmitting (what we were told was) a DEADLY VIRUS.  When there is danger of serious illness or death from a DEADLY INVISIBLE VIRUS, you do not forget it for a minute. Do you?

Coveney spoke to DFA staff for 10 minutes on night of controversial celebration – 6 Jan 2022

Foreign Affairs officials threw Champagne party in breach of guidelines during lockdown – The photograph of the soirée was a ‘selfie’ taken by Niall Burgess, who was the secretary general of the department at the time but has since been appointed ambassador to France.   The picture also features then-Deputy Secretary General Brendan Rogers, who is now the ambassador to the Netherlands, and John Concannon, who was the head of Leo Varadkar’s controversial Strategic Communications Unit in 2017. He is now director general of the department’s Global Ireland division. – 28 Dec 2021


Are you thinking something is not quite right here?