Covid Rules – One for us, another for them

Masks and Restrictions are only for the Common People.  Business closures, cut-backs and job losses are only for the Common People.  Promotions, parties and basically “anything goes” for the Politicians.

But wait!  Examine those photos in the news more closely and note that if two international politicians are in the same place – some mask and some don’t – figure it  out – which wears the slave mask and who doesn’t.

No need for masks or social distancing  wake up Plebs!

The President of Ireland doesn’t even know when to mask and when not to – confusion? Old age? Elitist?  See for yourself

Climate Conference in Glasgow 2021

All these politicians tell you wear a mask, social distance and don’t socialize unless you have to – and more….. why don’t the same rules apply to them?

But for that special photo – mask up!




Dr Hilary Jones who lectures on wearing masks!












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Are you thinking something is not quite right here?