Pat Kenny doesn’t understand why the government hasn’t gone for the younger “Cohorts” (is he referring to slaves or army?) and calls our children “snowflakes”.

COVID rules are blamed for 23% dive in young children’s development: Disturbing study shows scores in three key cognitive tests slumped between 2018 and 2021, with face mask rules among possible culprits – 26 Nov 2021

Impact of NPHET mask mandate on deaf children is breaking our hearts – 27 Nov 2021


This Has Always Been a Spiritual Battle – CO2 – Carbon Footprint – Money – 8 Oct 2021

Video: The Toddler who doesn’t want to be masked – 20 Sept 2021

Masking the servants –The new neo-feudal progressive world – 18 Sept 2021

The peasants must wear their “badge of slavery”  but not the ruling G7 – yeah, sounds about right.


New study: Mask mandates did not slow spread of COVID – 1 June 2021

Scientists Discover Anti-Maskers Are Really Good At Science! Uh-oh. – 18 May 2021

Safety Concerns Raised Over Nanotechnology Derived Graphene Used In Facemasks – 29 April 2021

How Effective Are Facemasks Against COVID? Here Is What Scientists Think – 25 April 2021

Much to Forgive

Adults have failed children in foisting unnecessary, harmful Covid-19 restrictions on them. – 20 April 2021

Infested Face Masks? Dr. T Interviewed by Not On The Beeb – 20 April 2021

I have looked myself with a magnifier glass at a sealed mask and you can see the tiny black worms.  They are unmoving until stimulated by moist breath.

Stanford study quietly published at proves face masks are absolutely worthless against Covid – 18 April 2021

Is a Mask That Covers the Mouth and Nose Free from Undesirable Side Effects in Everyday Use and Free of Potential Hazards? – Clinical Tests Results – 15 April 2021

Cloth face masks during exercise limit performance and physical capacity, study finds – 14 April 2021

Masks Seriously Harm Children’s Linguistic Development with Meghan Mansell and Dr. Naomi Wolf – 6 April 2021

Graphene : Demonstration of Graphene (HRCM) to Indian Scientific delegation led by Dr.Vijay Bhatkar – (2014)

Dr. Joe Schwarcz explains graphene face masks 

What we are breathing through our mouth and nose is actually hazardous waste’: Scientists find evidence of toxic chemicals in some face masks – 1 April 2021 – Daily Mail

I just now feel a bit betrayed’: Quebec teachers and parents respond after potentially toxic masks pulled – 26 March 2021

Rand Paul And Fauci Have Heated Fight About Masks – 18 March 2021


A Randomized Controlled Trial

Huntington Beach restaurant owner forbids mask-wearing inside establishment – 17 March 2021

Whistleblower speaks out – 9 March 2021

Remember all the establishment experts telling us there was no CO2 build up in masks and we could not be harmed by it – i.e like go unconscious?  Well, now the WEF is recommending a brand new mask which tells you when there is a build up…. you awake yet?  It also has a contact tracer.  Take a look

Boy is getting higher and higher carbon dioxide content because of wearing a mask

UK Dept of Education: It’s important that primary schoolchildren don’t wear face coverings, says Public Health England’s medical adviser Dr Susan Hopkins. She explains that this is because covid infection rates are low among their age group and wearing face coverings could affect their development –  Now lets watch Boris and Micheal/Leo/Donnelly and self appointed dictators overrule this and implement mask wearing in schools!  And watch how she nicely laid the way for mandatory testing for kids AND their families.  You still think they give a S***? –  2 March

Review of scientific reports of harms caused by face masks, up to February 2021

Israel – solidarity with the parents of a child who was not wearing a mask, people got off the plane – 8 March 2021

Numbers In The New CDC Report DESTROY The Case For Mask Mandates – 6 March 2021

The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Not Over, But the Texas Governor Ended Mask Mandates: ‘It Is Now Time to Open Texas 100%’ – 3 March 2021

Full text of Gov. Tate Reeves’ new executive order rescinding COVID-19 mask mandate – 2 March 2021

HSI, FBI, CBP Seize More Than 460,000 Counterfeit N-95 Masks en Route to First Responders – 2 March 2021

Death By Mask: Lessons Learned from Spanish Flu In 1918 – 1 March 2021

Farce mask: it’s safe for only 20 minutes – 1 March 2021


Face Coverings Workplace Relations Commission Complaint Process & Docs.   It is easy – just download the docs and send them by registered post to the offending business


Sweden Bans Masks: “No Scientific Evidence” They Prevent Covid – 16 Feb 2021

Nothing changed in science about the need to wear a mask – the only thing that changed was what politicians decided to mandate.  Wearing a mask in the street, countryside, when exercising is not only NOT protecting you but is damaging your health.


Covid-19 Laws: Ridiculing the Disabled – 14 Feb 2021

Wisconsin’s Legislature repealed Gov. Tony Evers’ mask mandate. He issued a new one. – 5 Feb 2021


Doctor says; the immune system is decreasing with masks and social distancing. – 5 Jan 2021

You are not getting sick fast enough by only half restricting your clean air intake with a grubby mask – so just stop breathing altogether please!  For the sake of granny and the neighbours – go on wear a double and triple mask, commit a slow suicide and leave your children orphans!  VIDEO

Face Coverings Complaint Process and Petition to the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission  – 23 Dec 2020

COVID-19 Masks Causing Rise in Bacterial Pneumonia – 8 Dec 2020

First face mask discrimination case nets £7,000 – 

Brain Damage From Masks CANNOT BE REVERSED… Stop Wearing Yours!  – 20 Oct 2020

Oklahoma Doctors Claim Masks are Harmful to Healthy People and File Lawsuit Against Mandates – 24 Sept 2020


Professor Carl Heneghan before the Dail Committe on Covid – 13 Aug 2020

Healthy People Wearing Masks, Should They or Shouldn’t They? – 6 Aug 2020

Covid-19 Laws: Mandatory Face Masks In Shops – S.I. 296 of 2020 – 10 Aug 2020

A barman asked me to wear a mask… Aidan Killian

After the first lockdown in Ireland, the new regulations ‘allowed’ bars with a food license to re-open because apparently, you can’t catch Covid if you eat a ‘substantial meal’ with your pints (and stay less than 90 minutes). I walked into a restaurant/bar and I stood at the counter waiting …continue reading

Dr. John Bergman – Why Masks and Vaccines Are Useless & How A Healthy Immune System Protects You – 9 Aug 2020

‘Mask mouth’ is a seriously stinky side effect of wearing masks – 5 Aug 2020

Wearing a Mask Can Harm Your Health – 22 June 2020

You Don’t Need to wear a Mask – unless… – 30 May 2020

Non-pharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings—Personal Protective and Environmental Measures – Masks make no difference! – May 2020

Face masks can damage the immune system – 10 May 2020

Why Wearing Masks and Sheltring in Place Weakens Your Immune System (Plandemic) – 6 May 2020

Dr. Fauci on Wearing Masks amid Coronavirus Outbreak – 6 May 2020

Social distancing should be prioritized over masks-for-all to reduce transmission of COVID-19 – 2 April 2020

The Netherlands has recalled 600,000 coronavirus face masks it imported from China after discovering they were faulty – 29 March 2020

Flu vaccination: Toronto hospitals cannot implement staff “vaccinate or mask” policy, says ruling – 14 Sept 2018


HSI, FBI, CBP Seize More Than 460,000 Counterfeit N-95 Masks en Route to First Responders

Are you thinking something is not quite right here?