Ireland – a confused government or a government using confusion?

One way to confuse and anger people is for government and health officials to tell the public one thing and then do the complete opposite themselves.   The mask wearing is a great example  – see “Related Content” here “Covid – Masks”

Why would government and health officials want to confuse us?

Possible Answers in related pages

Biden didn’t want to meet Micheal Martin so he didn’t go to Washington in 2020.  But Simon jetted off to Turkey and to Iran, of all places – but you have to stay at home, actually in your house is what the law say – jab or no jab.  Smelling the rats yet?  It’s not only four legged ones running riot in Leinster House!  – Meetings between Minister Coveney and the President and Foreign Minister of Iran

This is unbelievable – golfers and sea swimmers, to hell with the rest of the people! – Fine Gael Senator calls for exemption to 5km travel limit for golfers and sea swimmers – 23 Feb 2021

Once upon a time – not so long ago in a country called Ireland ….


While the USA,  Germany and the rest of the world are opening up – the Irish Government are tightening their grip on the Irish!

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And now the nursing homes?  Who is having a laugh?  People dying or not?  If they are then this carry on is appalling!

GVT – RTE – GARDAI – all having a laugh at our expense. Covidiots think this is entertaining and fun but anyone who is awake is disgusted!6 Feb 2021

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Despite concerns over inter-county travel this summer, after the Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan said people will be enjoying beaches ‘in their localities, the Tánaiste Leo Varadkar says people will be able to holiday in Ireland‘I do anticipate it will be possible to holiday in Ireland’ – Varadkar says re-opening will be gradual and cautious – VIDEO – 4 Feb 2021

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The Government has asked NPHET to examine the use of vitamin D in the fight against the virus. – it took the Irish Government A FULL YEAR to request an investigation!  31 Jan 2021


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I don’t think the man is well!

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Are you thinking something is not quite right?