Covid – Main Points of Information

There is so much information now on covid that it is difficult to remember the basics.

Main points of covid and what has happened in Ireland 2020-2021 excellent pdf easy to download – 02 May 2021

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Miscellaneous info you may not have heard elsewhere – incl who actually funds RTE! – 11 Feb 2021


Want to know what the nasal swabs that us and our children are now being exposed to on a regular basis to have weekly checks at work/school are made from?

Nylon, rayon or polyester tip, plastic rod and sterilised by ethylene oxide.


Dolores Cahill explains how we can put people on notice for crimes of malfeasance – Jan 2021

The PCR Test Can Kill You and Can Be Used to Vaccinate You – 10 Feb 2021


The Council of Europe  – an international Strasbourg-based organisation comprising 47 countries aimed at ‘protecting human rights and the rule of law in Europe ‘- has adopted the following ethical guidelines for member states – 29 Jan 2021

7.3.1 ensure that citizens are informed that the vaccination is NOT mandatory and that no one is politically, socially, or otherwise pressured to get themselves vaccinated, if they do not wish to do so themselves;
7.3.2 ensure that no one is discriminated against for not having been vaccinated, due to possible health risks or not wanting to be vaccinated;

First face mask discrimination case nets £7,000 in the UK – the amount of the compensation in Ireland is approx €17,000 – 

The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina rules that the measure of restricted movement and wearing of masks during a coronavirus pandemic is a violation of basic human rights.  – 26 Dec 2020

Important court ruling in UK finds free speech includes right to offend  – 23 Dec 2020

Landmark legal ruling finds that Covid tests are not fit for purpose. So what do the MSM do? They ignore it.  How funny (sad) that we in the once free and democratic western world now have to get most real news outside the official narrative on medical topics from RUSSIA and other alternative sources. – 27 Nov 2020

More on covid related court cases ongoing Covid Law Suits.


Leading Corona researchers admit that they have no scientific proof for the existence of a virus – If you haven’t been able to isolate and define the virus how can you make a vaccine to kill or prevent it?  In fact… if you haven’t got something to test for exactly, how can you test for it? -31 July 2020

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SINCE FEB 2020 to 11 Dec 2020 on the Government CSO website as follows:
Total Deaths confirmed tested positive for covid = 1862
Out of 1862 deaths 1739 had UNDERLYING conditions
Out of 1862 deaths 50 FIFTY had NO UNDERLYING conditions.
Out of 1862 deaths 73 are as yet unspecified.
Out of 1862 deaths 7 were HEALTH WORKERS
Out of 1862 deaths 1780 were NOT health workers
Out of 1862 deaths 75 were not specified health workers or not.
Out of 1862 deaths 0 were in the 0 – 24 Age bracket = ZERO
Out of 1862 deaths 17 were in the 25 – 44 Age bracket.
Out of 1862 deaths 114 were in the 45 – 65 Age bracket
Out of 1862 deaths 532 were in the 66 – 79 Age bracket
Out of 1862 deaths 1197 were over 80 years of age.
Are you sitting at home listening to the following CASE numbers – meaning people tested positive when their samples went through 45 – 60 cycles BUT the max recommended test cycle is 35. After that we get FALSE POSITIVES. Asymptomatic people are people with no symptoms and probably have shit all wrong with them. But gvt would like to keep the lock down going using false positives.
CASES not DEATHS (read the words) reported several times a day on RTE to frighten you out of your wits – apparently working exceedingly well are as follows
Positive CASES =76,279 CASES not DEATHS from Feb to 11 DEC.
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 19653 had underlying conditions
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 44,349 had NO underlying conditions
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 12,277 were not specified with or without underlying conditions.
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 12,485 were health care workers
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 54,180 were NOT health care workers
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 9,614 occupation not specified
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 7,136 were age 0 – 14
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 13,266 were age 15 – 24
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 24,762 were age 25 – 44
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 19,610 were age 45 – 65
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 6,166 were age 66 – 75
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 5,311 were over 80 years of age
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 28 were not age specific.
Full breakdown and further analyses on the IRISH GOVERNMENT Central Statistics Office site here
MRNA Covid Vaccine

GARDAI to be vaccinated


No reported case of a child passing coronavirus to an adult exists, evidence review shows

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