Covid – How Have We Coped With It?

I asked one question across various platforms on social media over the space of 4 hours.  The question was “What do THEY want from us?” THEY being the orchestrators of covid.  What I discovered had NOTHING to do with the question.

I am not a medical person, but I am logical.  I came to the conclusion that almost everyone I interacted with over the course of four hours on social media appeared to be disconnected with or has disassociated to some extent from reality when it comes to covid.  You see the people interacting with me were all what we term “Awake”.  And many if not all would want the “Sheeple” to wake up.  Remember this as you read.  Apologies for the terms used.  They are not popular terms.

Even worse – it seemed obvious to me that everyone – EVERYONE viewed and spoke about the various aspects of covid as if they were outside the situation.  Almost like they were viewing life as a video in which they had no part.  When asked to bring all their beliefs, research, knowledge closer and more personal – nobody could – despite quite a lot of pressure from me.  Some gave up on the question, asking me to give them the answer while others reacted angrily at being told their answers were wrong – some quite aggressively.  I pick up on patterns and this pattern was so obvious I have to write about it.

So, to reiterate again – I came to these conclusions from speaking with “Awake” activists NOT sleeping “Sheeple”,

I am speaking about adults here – I am not even going to go there as regards the extreme damage being done to babies, children, teenagers which is so overwhelming and unaddressed.

If you are new to some of the terms used here, the definitions are just a bit further down.

My conclusions are:

  • Coronavirus – or more correctly the measures taken by government and governing health authorities has had a seriously adverse traumatic effect on our population at large.
  • Resulting in the population compartmentalizing their brains in order to cope – short term involuntary reaction to shock?
  • Progressing to large scale Cognitive Dissonance brought about mainly by conflicting messages from gvt/health auth.  2 kinds of conflict examples:
    1.  Gvt message: “Don’t wear a mask, its not health” .v. “wear a mask, it’s not harmful and is vital – don’t be selfish.”
    2. Inner conflict – obey all covid measures because gvt says disaster is present .v. I don’t see any evidence of it.
  • Progressing to PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder resulting in severe mental health issues, suicides etc.

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) so making this as basic as possible

  • GVT/Health Auth/Media are partaking in a global Plandemic
  • Gvt/health auth/Media people behind the covid measures  show ALL the signs of NPD by their actions (later)
  • Our own doctors, nurses, hospital staff are partners in it. (either that or they are stupid, in which case we should not be putting our lives in their hands)
  • They have traumatized and emotionally abused the nation
  • Population experiencing Cognitive Dissonance
  • Population increasingly now experiencing PTSD
  • Polarisation in society – Injured people (Asleep) .v. Recovered people (Awake)  I am using the terms Asleep and Awake as they are not popular descriptive terms used.

Cognition: the mental process involved in knowing, learning, and understanding things. …processes of perception and knowledge .

Dissonance is often strong when we believe something about ourselves and then do something against that belief.  If I believe I am good but do something bad, then the discomfort I feel as a result is cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive dissonance is about having two opposing ideas at the same time. Simply put, the mind knows that what you do isn’t right or logical, but you still find a reason as to why you do so.

Cognitive Dissonance is a very powerful motivator and can be used as a form of brainwashing or mind manipulation, which will often lead us to modify our behavior or behave in ways that do not come naturally to us.

It appears that extended exposure to Cognitive Dissonance ignites an initial emotional reaction that is then mediated by the rationalization process.  If no rationalization can be made, or if the emotion cannot be effectively controlled by the victim, then the initial emotional reaction may grow more powerful, resulting in mood-regulation disorders such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

PTSD  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is what happens a person after exposure to physical, emotional or mental abuse.   Everyone has probably experienced at least one episode – most common maybe after the death of a loved one, an accident etc.  It is important to note that trauma is stored in the cells of our bodies.  Every trauma experienced adds more weight to the previous and already existing traumas.  This can explain why people react differently to similar situations – reaction depends on severity of existing stored trauma.

NPD – Narcissistic Personality Disorder as evidenced by gvt/health authorities, who are psychologically abusing the population.

Psychological abuse, often called emotional abuse, is a form of abuse, characterized by a person (gvt) subjecting or exposing another person (population) to behavior that may result in psychological trauma, including anxiety, chronic depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder.[1][2][3] It is often associated with situations of power imbalance in abusive relationships,  It may include bullying and gaslighting.[2][3] It also may be perpetrated by persons conducting torture, other violence, acute or prolonged human rights abuse, particularly without legal redress such as detention without trial, false accusations, false convictions and extreme defamation such as where perpetrated by state and media.

Cognitive Dissonance (victims in population and Psychological Abuse by Narcissists (gvt actions)

When a victim (population) is being coerced, or attempted to be mentally controlled by a narcissist (GVT), it is very common for the victim to experience cognitive dissonance. The result of this state of mind in the individuals in the population is a desire to reduce the overwhelming and unbalanced perception of having two contradictory beliefs.  Very often this means that victims of narcissistic abuse (population) will succumb to believing what the abuser (gvt) wants them to believe about themselves (selfish) or about their external reality (Covid)

Victims who are experiencing Cognitive Dissonance may adopt a pattern of denial, diversion and defensiveness to control their discomfort.

Victims of Narcissistic Abuse experience Cognitive Dissonance when they discover their own reactions or responses to abusive behavior on the part of the Narcissist do not reveal their best side. The victim may

  • display angry outbursts (fighting with non-maskers),
  • actions of deception or retribution (ratting to the police),
  • violence, shouting (at non masked people in shops), name calling, gossip and slander (Facebook posting of photos or videos of people they perceive as not following orders).

Following such actions the victim usually feels shameful, worthless or powerless.   The victim may even blame themselves for contributing to the abuse and dysfunction in the population – or project it onto others (the non-compliant people are spreading the virus! It is their fault all this is happening!)

If you are a victim of Narcissistic Abuse who experienced cognitive dissonance :

  1. Don’t blame yourself or shame yourself for having had contradictory thoughts or assumptions.  Everybody has them. THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT.
  2. Don’t assume that because you have been wrong or mistaken about one thing that you are wrong and mistaken about everything.
  3. Don’t consider yourself worthless, useless or powerless.
  4. Don’t go into denial about things which are plain facts. Try to accept the truth and learn from it.  Reclaim your confidence.
  5. Be aware the abuse is ongoing, difficult to avoid.  Be good to yourself, take time out.
  6. Practice seeing the lie – “I see you!”  Work at regaining your confidence in your innate ability to tell truth from lies.  Trust your gut.  Take it as a new opportunity to practice seeing everything from different angles.  “Question Everything” is a good motto.
  7. Connect with other people who can see the widespread abuse and are “Awake”.

If the people who see the fakery of covid are experiencing all the above.  They are, at least, aware that there is corruption and deception to a huge degree at play worldwide.  Then where does that leave the people who believe in the deadly virus story?  I have not idea.

However, given the great unravelling going on with the US election scandal preceeded by the Hunter Biden revelations of international corruption and the effect that is having on people who are now only waking up to the scope of the deception.

I am afraid to predict what the outcome is going to be closer to home as the web of deception begins to unravel here.  So far we have had the uproar of the gvt decision to seal the Mother & Baby records for 30 years against popular will.  Then we have the Leo Varadkar scandal of passing confidential information to a friend.  That is now spilling over onto Simon Harris and the cervical cancer scandal which may draw Dr. Tony Houlihan into more hot water, plus more doctors and nurses are speaking out about hospital …..  It seems the web is coming apart worldwide and will only get worse.   I think some people will probably lose their minds.  The longer they can’t see it, the more painful it will be, I think.  I don’t really know.

Now, I am going to bring all this home with some questions

  • “what is wrong with our T.Ds, who are our ELECTED representatives? Guilty by actions
  • What is wrong with our Health Authority figures, who are PAID by us?  Guilty by complicity
  • What is wrong with our healthcare workers, who we have believed are there because they want to care for us, to look after our health, who are PAID by us?  Guilty by silence
  • What is wrong in the media?  Who controls the it?  Guilty of deception.


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