Omicron – Luke O’Neill


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Ireland could cut to five day asymptomatic Covid isolation period after major US switch, Prof Luke O’Neill says   And the health expert explained that the reason for this is to keep people in work. “Because obviously, if you are ten days out of work, that can really affect the labour market and all the rest of it, especially the hospitals.” Prof O’Neill also said data continues showing that the link between Covid cases, hospitalisations and deaths has been broken. – 28 Dec 2021 –

“As long as it doesn’t make people any sicker, so our next question is is it more dangerous to people or not?  “Again, the South Africans are saying it doesn’t seem to be that disease-causing, no one seems to have died from Omicron yet.”  People may end up in hospital, he added, but they’re having a “more mild disease”. Luke O’Neill – 7 Dec 2021

Luke O’Neill says Omicron variant could be just a common cold – 5 Dec 2021

He told RTE’s Brendan O’Connor of the discovery, which he said was highly unusual, as cases in South Africa have risen to 35,000 with no measurable impact on hospitals.   Last night, there was a bit of breaking news, it looks like it (Omicron) has got a piece of the common cold in it. –  While it is likely Omicron is more infectious, there would be no need to worry, Prof O’Neil said, as it may lead only to a “mild illness”. – On Restrictions “What’s strange is we are introducing restrictions when the epidemiology looks good at the moment, things are stabilising. There is the lowest cases in hospital since November 6. But it is because of Omicron” – 4 Dec 2021

Based on the changes to the virus spike protein, Professor O’Neill said we can expect the new variant to be more transmissible than initial strains. – However, he noted: “It could well be less troublesome when it infects you – you get a version that spreads more but makes you less sick. That would be a dream come through.  He said South Africa is one country that did have “loads of vaccine” available, but the problem there has been around getting the vaccines into people’s arms.- 29 Nov 2021

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