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2 March 2021 – If Pharma are funding all the professors and scientists that the media insist on pushing at us on a daily basis, and pharma stands to benefit from the treatments and vaccines which are being made mandatory – should we be trusting those professors, scientists and media? Here is what the British Medical Journal has to say.

22 Feb 2021 – he just has to keep pushing the vax – one would think his life depended on it – or some part of it!

Luke O’Neill: Ireland could vaccinate population by as early as June

Boris Johnson ‘acted illegally’ over jobs for top anti-Covid staff – Legal action targets appointments of Dido Harding, Kate Bingham and Mike Coupe – 20 Nov 2020

Apart from his “research” work, Luke O’Neill is the “go to” expert for RTE where he is a regular guest who pushes the gvt and NPHET narrative. But in Nov 2020 he took it on himself to start indoctrinating Irish school children.  He also decided to add to their anxiety by talking about an asteroid hitting the earth!  Quite apart from that – he gives false info because the covid vaccines are not vaccines in the traditional sense of the word so they are not actually “Vaccines” at all.  They are a new RNA which is DNA altering cocktail.

Prof-iteer Luke O’Neill indoctrinating Irish School Children in Wexford – 21 Nov 2020

Listen carefully – The Irish Inquirer caught up with Prof. Luke O’Neill in the street and asked him about concerns over vaccines – listen to the part about the first hundreds of thousands of people first getting the vaccines will be the test subjects because they have not time to trial it. – 27 Nov 2020

UK Coronavirus Vaccine Taskforce Chief Kate Bingham manages investments for drug firms and of course Kate is an investor in Luke O’Neill’s Pharma company, Sitryx – Luke being one of the regular pushers of the covid story on RTE Ireland.

The vaccine being developed by Luke O’Neill’s company is not a preventative vaccine in the old sense of the word as we knew “vaccine”.  No, it is a therapeutic vaccine (not sure why it is called vaccine then) and may require more than one dose.

Now, the question is – if a person tests positive using the controversial PCR tests after 30 – 60 cycles, does that then mean that the person diagnosed as a “positive case” while perfectly healthy should be given a few doses of Luke/Kate’s vaccine?   Phew!  some cash haul there!  Unfortunately they say we will still have to wear masks and social distance even AFTER the vax  despite a low death rate.

Kate Bingham: well-connected but under-fire UK vaccines chief – sharing secrets with private firms – 10 Nov 2020

Professor Luke O’Neill, who is a professor of biochemistry at Trinity, has been awarded €985,950 for his continued research following his discovery of an off-switch for inflammation in the body called itaconate. This project will look at itaconate to develop potential new treatments for inflammatory diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.  – 2 Nov 2020

Is Luke O’Neill a Trojan Horse for Mandatory Vaccines? – 11 Oct 2020

‘My father asked me to end his life. I said, ‘But that would be murder, Dad…” – 4 Oct 2020

Prof Matt Cooper: ‘it’s not about the money; it’s about the patients’ – 30 Sept 2020

Remember what he said in July …. and … in Feb… a bit odd since we really have had no new scientific data on the virus itself APART from the gvt and media scareantics. So, what could be behind Luke’s change on the mask science?

Irish biotech, Inflazome, co-founded by Professor O’Neill and Australian researcher Professor Matt Cooper has been acquired by Swiss healthcare giant Roche in a landmark deal worth €380 million. – 21 Sept 2020

People should treat their face masks like their underwear, according to leading immunologist Prof Luke O’Neill.Remember what he said in Feb? –  23 July 2020

Minister Harris announces SFI investment of €4.8 million Covid 19 Research Partnership at Trinity College Dublin – 3 July 2020

Trinity lab working to develop anti-viral drug against COVID-19 – 9 June 2020

Professor Luke O’Neill wants to stop both the virus and the massive immune response, and he is exploring how a naturally-occurring substance in the body could do that.  The substance is called itaconate, and it is a byproduct of a well-known biochemical pathway in cells called the Krebs cycle.  – May 2020

Sitryx signs major deal with Eli Lily – If the partnership achieves all its targets, Sitryx could receive up to $820m in addition to royalty payments on sales. In return, Sitryx said it will give Eli Lily the exclusive rights to globally develop and commercialize the four compounds. – 3 April 2020

‘Just wash your hands!’ Professor Luke O’Neill on the Coronavirus | The Late Late Show | RTÉ One – 29 Feb 2020

Itaconate: the poster child of metabolic reprogramming in macrophage function – 19 May 2019

Understanding immune system switches will spark new drugs – Luke O’Neill- 9 Jan 2019

Rocking the world of innate immunity: an interview with Luke O’Neill – 29 Nov 2019

Opsona Therapeutics, one of the most heavily backed Irish biotech start-ups, is to be wound up after 14 years in which it raised more than €76,500,000 in funding.   A decision was taken to put the company into a creditors’ voluntary liquidation after the search for a development partner or buyer for its main drug therapy was fruitless. – 13 Jan 2019

Opsona Therapeutics is a leading clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the treatment of autoimmune/inflammatory diseases and cancers.

Sitryx, a new biopharma start-up co-founded by a professor of biochemistry at Trinity College Dublin, has raised $30 million in a funding round to help it develop disease-modifying therapeutics. – 10 – Oct 2018

Professor Luke O’Neill is awarded prestigious EU ERC Award of €2.5m – 28 March 2018

Notable health sciences VC firms back Irish startup, Inflazome – Luke O’Neill – Inflazome has raised €15 million in funding from Novartis and Fountain Healthcare.– 12 Sept 2016 – 12 Sept 2016

Blocking the immune system aims to improve kidney transplants success rate –  6 May 2013

Irish scientist gets €2m grant to develop new treatment for arthritis, MS and Alzheimer’s disease – 1 March 2016

Irish biopharma firm Opsona Therapeutics raises €33m to develop lead product – 29 April 2013

Roche Venture Fund invests alongside Enterprise Ireland in Opsona – 27 May 2009

Emerging Drug Developer: Opsona Therapeutics – The runway at Ireland’s Opsona Therapeutics just got three years longer. That’s how much time investors bought when they chipped in on a $23 million Series B last week – 23 Feb 2009

Opsona is a new biotechnology enterprise based at St James’ Hospital, and is associated with Trinity College Dublin (TCD). The start-up company hopes to lead a new wave of Irish companies developing biotechnology-based drugs.

Wyeth signs deal with Ireland’s Opsona – 14 Feb 2006

TCD start-up Opsona secures ?6.25m – 25 Feb 2005

Wellcome and GSK both fund Luke O’Neil.  Wellcome is the company who tried out ANIMAL vaccines on children in orphanages.  Detailed in the Mother & Baby investigation

Over 2,700 children living in Mother and Baby Homes and Orphanages in Ireland in the 1960s and 70s were used as Human Guinea Pigs in illegal Medical Trials.


Luke O’Neill’s Industry Partners (from SFI database) Novartis, Grunenthal , GlaxoSmithKline

01/12/2020 – 30/11/2025 grant €1,281,737 Immunity and Infection / Biochemistry from SFI (Science Foundation Irl)

01/09/2020  – 31/08/2023 grant €4,874,207 Immunity and Infection / Vaccines from SFI (Science Foundation Irl)

03/04/2017 – 02/06/2017 grant €45,976 SFI Conference and Workshop from SFI (Science Foundation Irl)

01/10/2015 – 31/12/2018 grant €600,053 Immunity and Infection / Inflammation Research from SFI (Science Foundation Irl)

01/03/2013 – 28/02/2018 grant €2,385,259 Immunity and Infection / Inflammation Research from SFI (Science Foundation Irl)

01/01/2011 – 31/01/2012 grant €57,458 Immunity and Infection / Signal Transduction from SFI (Science Foundation Irl)

01/05/2008 – 31/12/2013 grant €9,506,254 Immunity and Infection / Biochemistry from SFI (Science Foundation Irl)

01/12/2008 – 26/11/2009 grant €14,525 Immunity and Infection / Signal Transduction from SFI (Science Foundation Irl)

01/12/2007 – 28/02/2013 grant €4,475,505 Immunity and Infection / Signal Transduction from SFI (Science Foundation Irl)

2005 – 2019 funding €76,500,000 for OPSONA which closed down in 2019 with no results.

01/08/2002 – 02/01/2008 grant €4,175,912 Immunity and Infection / Signal Transduction from SFI (Science Foundation Irl)

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