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Huge reaction to Prof Sam McConkey’s suggestion men may need ‘licence’ to socialise –  “This is the guy that said over 100,000 would die in first wave – why oh why is he still being asked ‘any’ opinion?” – 24 Jan 2022

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Sam McConkey is Head of the Department of International Health & Tropical Medicine at Royal College of Surgeons. He’s also Director of the European Vaccine Initiative (EVI), an organisation whose objective is “to spearhead global vaccine development efforts”.  From 2010 to 2016 he was a member of the Special Advisory Committee of EVI.

EVI’s donors include CEPI. Other major donors are the EU and the World Health Organisation. In July 2020, McConkey said in relation to EVI that “we are involved in seeking funding for some Phase 2 trials and Phase 3 trials and staff” for Covid-19 vaccine candidates.

“Sam McConkey had a dire projection in September that we’d have 5,000 cases a day in Dublin alone and yet that didn’t happen, he was way off the mark, as he was with a prediction of up to 100,000 dead that he made earlier in the year. – So why does RTE think we should be listening to him now?

McConkey  is part of the Independent Scientific Advocacy Group 

They are the people who are pushing for lockdown until we reach ZERO COVID.   They are the “experts”  RTE and mainstream media are constantly pushing at us to brainwash and terrify us.   Watch the leaked documents in the next video – you want to put your lives in their hands?  You have been.  They are pharma backed – without pharma they have nothing!

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If Pharma are funding all the professors and scientists that the media insist on pushing at us on a daily basis, and pharma stands to benefit from the treatments and vaccines which are being made mandatory – should we be trusting those professors, scientists and media? Here is what the British Medical Journal has to say.

Are you thinking something is not quite right?