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IRELAND Zero Covid PSY OP LEAKS / Hugo Talks #lockdown – 26 Feb 2021

“Frankly, I’d prefer to sort this out with a good hurley and no witnesses” – Zero Covid Group

“Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty” – Zero Covid document – Docs leaked to Gript Media telling the truth about the Independent Scientific Advocacy Group – 23 Feb 2021

  • She was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to undertake a MPH in Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and she subsequently completed a PhD in Public Health.
  • In 2003 she was awarded a Wellcome Trust Cardiovascular Research Initiative Junior Research Fellowship to work as a Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Oxford.
  • In 2013 she was one of six recipients nationally of the prestigious HRB Research Leader Award (€1,444,275) to undertake a project on a population approach to the prevention and control of diabetes. HRB is funded by Wellcome Trust.
  • “have generated ~ €5 million in research grant funding since my appointment to UCC in 2011 and supervise a multi-disciplinary research team of 15” – Professor Kearney

Research Grants

Project Funding
Start Date End Date Award
Different insulin types and regimens for pregnant women with pre-existing diabetes Health Research Board 01-DEC-14 30-NOV-16 €46,717.00
A Prospective Assessment of the Biological Burden of Stress in Caregivers: Impact on Cognitive Performance, Mood and the Benefits of Mindfulness Health Research Board 01-OCT-14 30-SEP-17 €329,140.00
HRB “SSS/2014/781 E Von Cheong – Prof Patricia Kearney” – “Mental health and well-being in an adult Irish population with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)” Health Research Board 03-JUN-14 29-JUL-14 €2,000.00
Centre for Health and Diet Research Health Research Board 01-MAY-14 30-APR-19 €2,999,448.00
Travel Support Enterprise Irl 13-JAN-14 13-JUL-14 €400.00
UCC Strategic Research Support Officer. Miscellaneous 01-JAN-14 31-MAY-21 €229,170.00
Improving care for people with Diabetes – A population approach to prevention and control. Health Research Board 01-OCT-13 30-SEP-21 €1,428,117.00
Structured Population and Health-services Research Education (SPHeRE). Application for the extension and expansion of a structured PhD Programme. Health Research Board 01-OCT-13 30-SEP-18 €6,339,604.00
Measurement of Physical and Mental Health in Older people with Subclinical Hypothyroidism. Health Research Board 24-JUN-13 19-AUG-13 €2,000.00
Investigating factors associated with compliance in the national population-based colorectal cancer screening programme, with particular emphasis on men. Irish Funded Research Non Exchequer 02-OCT-12 06-OCT-17 €116,095.00
Lifestyle transitions through the Lifecourse – Enhancing capacity in Irish Cohort and Cross-sectional studies. Health Research Board 01-OCT-12 31-MAR-18 €567,394.00
Hypertension to Cardiovascular Disease, can we Map the course and prevent the endpoints? Health Research Board 30-JUL-12 28-OCT-16 €288,377.00
CUF Oesophageal Cancer Research Database Manager. Foundation Funded Research 01-MAY-12 31-OCT-19 €16,000.00
CUH South Infirmary Funding for Head and Neck Research Assistant. Foundation Funded Research 01-DEC-11 31-DEC-16 €93,337.00
Multi-modal effects of thyroid hormone replacement for untreated older adults with subclinical hypothyroidism; a randomised placebo-controlled trial. European Union 01-NOV-11 30-APR-17 €1,111,162.00
HSE Neonatal Hearing Loss Screening Programme. Contributions from HSE, HSE South and Deafhear. Health Boards 01-NOV-11 31-OCT-18 €48,119.00
Paul Beeson Career Development Award in Ageing Research National Institute of Health (USA) 01-NOV-07 31-OCT-10 €339,390.00

Saving Christmas was a fallacy, it was never going to happen’: Cork experts explore Zero Covid strategy – (Director of Molecular Virology Diagnostics and Research Laboratory Professor Liam Fanning, Respiratory Consultant and Pulmonologist at the Bon Secours Hospital Dr Oisín O’Connell and Professor of Epidemiology at UCC’s School of Public Health and Independent Scientific Advocacy Group (ISAG) member Professor Patricia Kearney )28 Feb 2021

Reopening too soon will reverse the downward trend in Covid case numbers, epidemiologist Patricia Kearney warns – 14 Jan 2021

Drop in Covid cases welcome but too early to say numbers have flattened – Patricia Kearney – 10 Jan 2021

Professor Of Epidemiology  Patricia Kearney Says Government Must Ensure Arrivals Are Quarantining – 10 Jan 2021

Professor Kearney, who is a member of the Independent Scientific Advocacy Group (ISAG), has rejected government claims that a ‘Zero Covid’ approach to eliminate the virus was not a realistic option: “Living with the virus is unrealistic. What we’re doing at the moment isn’t working. – “We need isolation facilities; that’s the sort of thing we need if we’re serious about getting rid of Covid-19 completely,” she added. – 2 Nov 2020

“We really need to have very high levels of restrictions to get the virus under control because clearly we have uncontrolled community transmission,” says Prof Kearney. – 20 Oct 2020

“It is hard to understand. The real challenge here is that it is not like we have great options to select from,” said Prof Patricia Kearney, professor of epidemiology at UCC and a member of the “Zero-Covid Island” group that wants deeper restrictions to suppress the virus fully before reopening society. – 19 Aug 2020

Part of the strategy would involve splitting Ireland into sections and preventing non-essential travel between them.  Prof Kearney said: “We are also advocating that there will be no non-essential travel into what we are calling green zones, an approach that will take within the island.” – 13 Aug 2020

Government should lock down local areas with high Covid-19 rates, group says – 15 July 2020

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