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Dr Gabriel Scally wants to achieve zero covid before life returns to any semblance of normality – a recipient of funding from the Wellcome Trust.

Wellcome is a very wealthy foundation (£26bn). It has historic ties with GSK (formerly known as Glaxo Wellcome), and is hugely active in vaccine research.  Wellcome created the “COVID-Zero” campaign.

Wellcome Trust’s membership of Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (GHIT)

In the summer of 2015, the Wellcome Trust joined the Japanese government, 7 Japanese pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the United Nations Development Program as funding partner of the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (GHIT), which funds scientific research and development for anti-infectives and diagnostics for diseases that primarily affect the developing world.  Bill Gates has noted that “GHIT draws on the immense innovation capacity of Japan’s pharmaceutical companies, universities and research institutions to accelerate the creation of new vaccines, drugs and diagnostic tools for global health.”

The following chart is from Graham Neary’s blog where he keeps up with developments on Covid etc.  Please check out his full article here

They are the people who are pushing for lockdown until we reach ZERO COVID.   They are the “experts”  RTE and mainstream media are constantly pushing at us to brainwash and terrify us.   Watch the leaked documents in the next video – you want to put your lives in their hands?  You have been.  They are pharma backed – without pharma they have nothing!  Remember Irish gvt have monetary concerns regarding vaccine – pharma is Ireland’s 4 largest export and some TD’s have personal affiliations to pharm… quite a few actually.
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Nphet to consider wearing of masks for primary school children – 1 March 2021

If Pharma are funding all the professors and scientists that the media insist on pushing at us on a daily basis, and pharma stands to benefit from the treatments and vaccines which are being made mandatory – should we be trusting those professors, scientists and media? Here is what the British Medical Journal has to say.

Those pushing zero-Covid agenda are living in dreamland with no grasp of political realities – 20 Feb 2021

High Court settlement for teenager over swine flu vaccine – 4 Nov 2020

Immigration restrictions necessary to get Covid-19 totally under control’ -Dr Gabriel Scally – 10 April 2020

Dr Gabriel Scally’s swine flu appeal – 25 Oct 2010

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