ISAG – Independent Scientific Advocacy Group

Battle of the Experts – on Primetime Radio Show – Mortality Reality Revealed! – Analyses by Ivor Cummins 13 April 2021

Revealed: How Newstalk “disappeared” a criticism of the Zero Covid group – 18 March 2021

Podcast on the questions asked in Seanad Eireann by Senator Ronan Mullen re the activities of ISAG

QUOTE:  “NPHET, according to ISAG, “isn’t a group you can trust to be honest” but rather one whose “rank incompetence” had not yet been exposed only due to the fact that NPHET are “politicians. Ass-coverers.” 

Well – there you have it, that’s the group that RTE, NPHET, mainstream media, the Taoiseach and Tanaiste have been holding up to the country as the EXPERTS we should be listening to.  It seems the EXPERTS  hold those adoring fans in quite low esteem!  The question is “where does NPHET and RTE go from here?  Or anyone else?  Are they still going to hold these guys up to as people whose advice we should be taking?

“Frankly, I’d prefer to sort this out with a good hurley and no witnesses” – Zero Covid Group


REVEALED: How Zero Covid activists deceived politicians

WATCH: Senator Ronan Mullen raises Zero Covid leaks in the Seanad – 8 March 2021


Who Are the Members of the Independent Advocacy Group?

Profile Anthony Staines

Profile Aoife McLysaght

Profile Gerry Killeen

Profile Tomas Ryan

Profile Patricia Kearney

Profile Sam McConkey

Profile Gabriel Scally

“Do You Think There Are Conflicts Of Interest For The Members Of Independent Scientific Advocacy Group (ISAG) AKA The Zero Covid Cult Crew (ZCCC)”
#ZeroCovid Ireland’s most Dangerous medical group the ISAG – 21 Feb 2021

Are you thinking something is not quite right?