Imperial College London

14 Nov 2020  – The Imperial College London produced the model on which the UK and Ireland based their reason for lockdown and everything going with covid.  So, how much money has Bill Gates poured in to ICL?  Could covid possibly be a culmination of many years of preparation?  Why did Ireland and UK politicians JUMP to accept the interpreted model of the Imperial College of London so quickly.  Did we have nobody else to discuss it with?

How much has Bill Gates given to Imperial College London?  The answer is  “Too much to count – see for yourself.”

AND what is the Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium (Partners?)

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation invests $55 million in an infectious disease collaboration that could reach up to $100 million in total funding — 4 Sept 2019


13 Dec 2018  Gates Foundation Awards $14.5 Million for Global Healthcare Access

15 May 2009 – Bill Gates visits Imperial to discuss research with a global impact

17 Feb 2009 – Bill Gates gives Imperial College £5m to develop Aids tests


Are you thinking something is not quite right?