Fauci – the Covid Hero?

Dr Anthony Fauci – the Hero who saves the world from the deadly pandemic where we see our family, friends and neighbours dropping like flies around us – or the anti-Christ who appeared as a saviour and deceived the world?  You decide.  A mask doesn’t provide protection because Dr. Fauci says it does and then suddenly DOES provide protection just on his sayso – However, apparently most of the world believes everything he says.  Since the world hangs on his direction I thought it best to preserve his words for history.


Rand Paul Tells Fauci He Changed Website To ‘Cover Your Ass’ On Gain-Of-Function Research – (The ad about Claire Byrne at the beg of this video is a fake scam) – 4 Nov 2021


Has Facebook unwittingly become a shill for China? – That is a very mild way of putting it.  How many more disclosures will it take for Mark Zuckerberg to be prosecuted for standing in the way of truth and justice?  – 31 May 2021

President Trump blasts Fauci after release of COVID-19 emails – 4 June 2021

Wuhan Lab Deleted Files Showing Fauci Authorized Funding for Risky Coronavirus Experiments – In March, the Wuhan Institute of Virology deleted mentions of its collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, directed by Dr. Anthony Fauci. It also deleted descriptions of gain-of-function research on the SARS virus.

NIH head dismissed Wuhan lab leak theory as ‘conspiracy,’ email shows – 2 June 2021


Uh.. no, we didn’t know anything was going on in Wuhan Lab, and we didn’t fund it … and definitely no virus came from a lab in Wuhan…but, then again…well…yes, we did fund just a teeny weeny little bit…. – Fauci.  Like drawing blood from a stone.  But truth will always out sooner or later.


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Are you thinking something is not quite right?