CPL – HSE – Jennifer Carroll MacNeill TD


There are four issues here –

  1. nurses, care workers and contact tracers being encouraged by HSE to return to Ireland to work but then finding the contracts were zero hours, not with HSE but with a private recruitment company
  2. ……. a private recruitment company having political affiliations (Jennifer Carroll MacNeill T.D.),
  3. having a client base of government contracts worth millions, which must have helped it get a colossal buy out from a Japanese company
  4. the contract was awarded without being out to public tender and due process

CPL’s good connections show its an ill pandemic that blows no favours – 25 Nov 2020

  • one of Ireland’s premier recruitment agencies, CPL Resources, had been given the contract by the Health Services Executive (HSE) to hire contact tracers as well as additional student and graduate nurses.
  • The contract was valued at €3,229,298 between March and August. – AND –
  • It certainly has done CPL no harm as three weeks ago it announced that it was being sold to Japanese recruitment giant, Outsourcing Inc. for the tidy sum of €318 million.
  • CPL founder and CEO Ann Heraty and her husband Paul Carroll are to benefit to the tune of €110 million.
  • Carroll is the brother of Jennifer Carroll MacNeill

Heraty to get €110m as CPL Resources sold to Japanese firm – 5 Nov 2020

Offaly man in €318m business deal – 4 Nov 2020

Recruitment firm CPL offered contact tracers zero hour contracts paid €3.2million by the HSE from March until August – 21 Oct 2020

HSE says zero-hour contracts issued to new Covid-19 contact tracers in error – 14 Oct 2020 (but, but see Irish Times 2 May)

Are you thinking something is not quite right?