A Covid – Follow the Money – Intro

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Business and making money is fine.  That is capitalism.  When you take it to the extreme of making money on the backs of people, on the backs of orphans, by experiments, and advising blanket, forced vaccinations – that is something else.

That is where the participants – be they “scientists”, company owners, company workers or share holders – to my mind NOW become inhuman participants in genocide.  Each is equally guilty of obtaining money through the suffering or/and death of other human beings.  If nobody works for the pharma they can’t survive.

Even though I am highlighting connections in this section “Covid – Follow the Money”  between people and between corporations etc., I am not saying that any of these people are intrinsically evil.  I am saying that when they are introduced to us by the TV and media as experts on a medical subject it is not made clear to us that all of these people DO have a vested interest in the Covid Business.

Our public representatives should also be upfront about their family connections to industries they are required to legislate on.

Media should be upfront about the backgrounds of the “experts” they present to us and exactly who grant aids them.

Let us be clear about it now.  Between grants, gear, equipment and everything connected in any way with covid – it has become the HUGE money spinner of 2020 and, if we keep going the way we are, long past 2020.  Perhaps it might be suggested that these people pull back and look at what they are doing, saying, suggesting and mandating is affecting the rest of us mentally, physically and emotionally.


It seems to  me that BILLIONS of tax payers’ money is given EVERY YEAR by our government to Universities and research labs/individuals.  On top of that they get billions more from pharma companies, EU and worldwide corporations and entities.

If they work from universities, are they already getting their labs rent free?  What about their equipment?  Salaries?

At some stage someone may decide their projects or research is a waste of time, going no where and it’s ended.  They move on to the next project.  What about accountability for the lost funding and what did they spend it on anyway?

Just one example of this is Luke O’Neill‘s bottomless pit –  “Opsona Therapeutics”, one of the most heavily backed Irish biotech start-ups, is to be wound up after 14 years in which it raised more than €76,500,000 in funding.  In case you can’t follow the the zeros that is 76.5 MILLION euros down the toilet!

Last questions that occurred to me – while working in the universities or wherever and being funded by government or others, the researchers seem to be starting their own private companies.  Then they can sell those companies on?

  • Who gets that money?
  • Is anything ever paid back to the state’s treasury?
  • Do they continue to be paid royalties or something once a product is in production?
  • Who owns the patents on the products researched and developed with input from State grants?

I genuinely don’t know the answers to those questions but I think they are worth asking.

EU unable to cap COVID-19 vaccine prices in secret deals – 23 Sept 2021

If you really really really want to follow the money this video is a must view.

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Are you thinking something is not quite right?