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Who are CEPI – the people?

CEPI is funded by Wellcome, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the EU. Its goal is “to stimulate and accelerate the development of vaccines”.  It created COVAX (along with the WHO & The Vaccine Alliance).  COVAX seeks to produce two billion doses of Covid-19 vaccine in 2021.
The Mask Slips – 21 Aug 2020

Funding the development and manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines – 24 April 2020

Research partnerships

To date, CEPI has committed over $280 million to nine partnerships.

  1. Up to $37.5m to Vienna-based Themis Bioscience to advance vaccines against Lassa fever and MERS.
  2. Up to $56m to Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc to support pre-clinical and clinical advancement through phase 2 of its Lassa fever and MERS vaccines.
  3. $10.4m to support the first phase of a project by the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) for the development of its replicating viral vector-based Lassa vaccine candidate, rVSVΔG-LASV-GPC; CEPI has options to invest up to $54.9m over five years (including stockpile).
  4. Two agreements, one for up to $25m and a second for up to $36m, with Profectus Biosciences and Emergent Biosolutions (Mary Lou McDonald’s brother – Bernie McDonald ex- employee) to develop Nipah virus and Lassa virus vaccines.
  5. Up to $36m to IDT Biologika to develop a MERS vaccine.
  6. Up to $19m to the Jenner Institute, at the University of Oxford, and Janssen Vaccines & Prevention BV (part of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson) to advance development and manufacturing of a vaccine against MERS. Preclinical development of novel vaccines against Lassa and Nipah viruses will also be part of this collaboration.
  7. Up to $8.4m to Imperial College London to develop a self-amplifying RNA (saRNA) vaccine platform that enables tailored vaccine production against multiple viral pathogens.
  8. Up to $10.6m to University of Queensland to develop a ‘molecular clamp’ vaccine platform that enables targeted and rapid vaccine production against multiple viral pathogens.

Creating a world in which epidemics are no longer a threat to humanity

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