Alan Kelly TD – Declan Kelly – Teneo – Irish Gvt Contract

In 2020 the Irish Government hired PR firm “TENEO” to help with the Dept Health’s communication strategy relating to Covid 19.  Declan Kelly, brother of Alan Kelly TD and Labour Party Leader was a founding partner of the firm at the time.

Teneo’s new chairwoman Ursula Burns a ‘longtime pal’ of ousted CEO Declan Kelly – 6 July 2021

Who is trying to take down Declan Kelly, Teneo? – 3 July 2021

How Teneo’s master of the dark arts spun out of control – 1 July 2021

Post #MeToo, There’s No Hiding Offensive Conduct – 1 July 2021

Oil deal gone wrong may have led to Declan Kelly’s downfall – 30 June 2021

Teneo CEO Declan Kelly resigns after showing up drunk at charity event – 29 June 2021

Teneo CEO allegedly carried on an affair with female executive – 29 June 2021

General Motors cuts ties with Teneo after Declan Kelly misconduct allegations – 25 June 2021

Declan Kelly: Divisive Tipp man with ‘sharp elbows’ – 25 June 2021

Irish Government spending on Covid-19 advertising revealed – question from Alan Kelly (brother Declan Kelly)  in Parliamentary Questions – 14 Sept 2020

Irish government hires PR firm TENEO to manage coronavirus messaging – 12 Sept 2020

Former US special envoy in MLN summit – 20 June 2020

Irish businessman driving force behind weekend One World global concert – 20 April 2020

The special event, curated in collaboration with Lady Gaga in support of the Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization, powered by the UN Foundation, will pay tribute to frontline healthcare workers around the world as they lead the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. – 7 April 2020

$16.6m to Global Citizen charity -Businessman Declan Kelly’s firm Teneo sources blue-chip giants to sponsor charity’s flagship project – 26 Jan 2020

Campaign Set To Unite The World To Be Announced At Press Conference On September 26th 2019

Irish Taxpayer gave over €100 million to Clinton Foundation, now under allegations of fraud – 27 June 2019

How Kelly lost friends and influenced people – 4 Dec 2016

Clinton-liked firm touted ability to ‘secure’ funds from Irish charity.  American Ireland Fund rejects claim that former trustee could direct charity’s money – 27 Oct 2016

Declan Kelly resigns as US Economic Envoy in NI – 11 May 2011

How Declan Kelly helped bring US investment to NI – question over how much went to Clintons direct – 11 May 2011

U.S. Special Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland Declan Kelly encouraged after visit – 14 Oct 2009

What to make of the news that Declan Kelly has been appointed as the US economic envoy to Northern Ireland? – 14 Sept 2009

Special envoy to North named – 14 Sept 2009

“Ireland has allowed those who claim to speak for Irish America to lead it up the garden path.” – 8 Aug 2009

Clinton saga highlights ludicrous notions about importance of Ireland to America – 8 Aug 2009

Hillary hopes the Clinton effect can raise Irish funds – 3 Nov 2007

HOLD THE FRONT PAGE!  Declan Kelly early days – 16 Sept 2006

Declan Kelly – wikipedia

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