Clones, Deep Fakes, Altering Human DNA

What is real and what is not?  Sorrow to say that is now extremely difficult to know.  Like much that happens in science and technology, it all begins with a good idea for a good cause.  But like everything, once developed, everything is open to abuse.

One thing is for sure – we have been lied to for at least 70 years about many scientific discoveries, including cloning.

Nothing in “science” has changed – we still have mad scientists who are quite happy to experiment on humans and the environment with crazy ideas WITHOUT a clue as to what the outcome will be. They also are quite happy to replace humans as far as possible with robots and clones.

MWI Video: Dr. Charles Morgan on Psycho-Neurobiology and Warfare

Elon Musk: Neuralink has enabled monkey to play video games with its mind – 1 Feb 2021

Starship Technologies raises $17M to roll out more delivery bots -27 Jan 2021

Opposition is building against the ethically dubious practice of predictive or algorithmic policing, but in Australia and elsewhere it’s something that the cops just don’t want to talk about. – 27 Jan 2021

Aggregated data from Three mobile customers used to monitor Covid-19 travel restriction compliance – 26 Jan 2021

Giant 3D-printer builds a TWO-STORY house in one piece – 2020

Makers of Sophia the robot plan mass rollout amid pandemic – 25 Jan 2021

That cute robot cop can instantly work out who you are – They look so friendly, as they roll along your shopping mall. Some, though, are concerned about what robot cops are really up to. – 25 Jan 2021
Stephen Hawking was wrong about AI killing humans (says robot) – A robot pens an article and declares that artificial intelligence is our friend. But of course.

Not bot, not beast: Scientists create first ever living, programmable organism – 20 Jan 2021

The government agrees: Australia needs a whole new electronic surveillance Act to sort out the mess. But a bunch of ad hoc laws are already making their way through parliament. – 19 Jan 2021

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Chinese gene firm promotes ‘customized humans’ – 15 Dec 2020

France Given Green Light for Bionic Soldiers – 9 Dec 2020

Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to duo behind CRISPR breakthrough 7 Oct 2020

750 million genetically engineered mosquitoes approved for release in Florida Keys – 20 Aug 2020

Bill Gates caught on video admitting vaccine will CHANGE our DNA FOREVER. – 27 July 2020

The social engineering technocrats view you as cattle they want to patent, digitize & remotely control you, your & your cells & with mRNA, AI, 5G, & Big Data

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Human Cloning 2009

Where do you suppose they get their ideas for these films?  Does life imitate “art” or does Art imitate Life?  Huge jump in thinking from 1999 to 2005.  It all began so innocently.

The Island – 2005

Bicentenneal Man – 1999

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