Clintons – Unresolved Controversies.

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There are many controversies surrounding Hillary Clinton.  None have been resolved so they keep resurfacing.  If you are new to these events it would be best if you start at the end of this page and work your way upwards.   WARNING – some people will not be able for much of this, so think carefully before proceeding.  This warning is NOT to entice you to go further.  If you have suffered trauma or sexual abuse, especially as a child, this may trigger you.

One thing that has become clear to me is that as long as the Democrats held the Presidency, nothing would ever be clarified.  The other thing that is clear as you go through the links below is that mainstream media is not interested in giving coverage to anything that reflects negatively on the Clintons.  You may wonder what all the stuff at the bottom of the page has to do with Hillary Clinton – it’s the background and you will see.  WARNING – if you are an abuse victim the content at the end of the page may trigger you.  If you can’t take it, please don’t look.  It is not clear that those activities are not still going on.  It is part of what Donald Trump set out to dismantle.

On 21 Nov 2020 Lin Wood gave the following interview and in it gave the first hint that everything, and MORE, that is covered in this post is about to come to the forefront in the public domain.  I suspect it will come rather gradually as it is going to shock many to their core.


Hillary Clinton praising George Soros

Was the Alec Baldwin Shooting Incident an Addition to Clinton Kill List? – 24 Oct 2021

Husband Of Woman Killed By Alec Baldwin Is Attorney For Latham & Watkins – 23 Oct 2021

Alec Baldwin on killing cinematographer: ‘There are no words to convey my shock and sadness’ – 22 Oct 2021

Cinematographer killed by Alec Baldwin made movie in Ireland during lockdown – 22 Oct 2021

Audio Pt. 1 of whistleblower Alan Parrot with Congressman Weldon & Brian Ettinger –14 Oct 2020

Audio Pt. 2 of whistleblower Alan Parrot with Congressman Weldon & Brian Ettinger – 15 Oct 2020

Charles Strange (father of SEAL Team 6 KIA, Michael Strange) – 13 Oct 2020

Benghazi Whistleblower explains what is Coming! 19 Oct 2020

Gulf media obsessed with Clinton’s emails and Muslim Brotherhood – 12 Oct 2020

The Clintons, Laura Silsby, Haiti, Amber Alerts & Human Trafficking – 28 Sept 2020

US billionaire, Ahmad Khawaja, and Clinton campaign donor arrested in Lithuania – he is indicted with 7 others in Oct 2020 – 21 Sept 2020

Hillary Clinton Gave State Dept Job to Ghislaine Maxwell’s Nephew, Hired Him For Campaigns: Report – 20 Aug 2020

New photos show Bill Clinton getting massage from Epstein accuser – 18 Aug 2020

Fitton: Comey FBI Leadership Sent Frantic Emails on Eve of Trump’s Inauguration – 23 July 2020

‘Above the Law: The Inside Story of How the Justice Department Tried to Subvert President Trump’ – 19 May 2020

Fitton: ‘Weiner Timeline:’ How the FBI Gave Hillary Cover During the Election – 1 April 2020

State Department Releases Huma Abedin Emails Found on Anthony Weiner’s Laptop – 29 Dec 2019

Anthony Weiner Designated as Level 1 Sex Offender – 5 April 2019

NXIVM Hacked World Leaders! – 1 April 2019

CBS News’ 60 Minutes Spiked Story on Osama bin Laden in Iran; White House Feared Story Could DESTROY Obama’s Re-Election – 2 Nov 2018

Benghazi hero slams Clinton’s defense of diplomat – 21 July 2018

Ivy League student known for fighting sexual violence is charged with child sex crimes – 28 June 2018

IG Report Questions Why FBI Did Not Investigate Huma Abedin’s Emails During Hillary Probe – 19 June 2018

Anthony Weiner Designated as Level 1 Sex Offender – 18 Jun 2018

Swamp Watch: The Clinton Foundation – 21 Jan 2018

NBC News Report: Hillary Clinton ‘Covered Up’ Elite Pedophile Ring At State Department – 31 March 2017

People in the Dark Shadows – Amazing Polly

The Clinton-Silsby Trafficking Scandal And How The Media Attempted To Ignore/Cover It Up – 25 Jan 2017

Erik Prince: NYPD Ready to Make Arrests in Anthony Weiner Case – 4 Nov 2016

NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes with Children, Child Exploitation, Pay to Play, Perjury – 3 Nov 2016

FBI: 99% Likely Multiple Agencies Hacked Hillary Clinton’s Email Server – 3 Nov 2016

18 revelations from Wikileaks’ hacked Clinton emails – 27 Oct 2016

Trump Just Suggested Clinton ‘Would Be in Jail’ if He Were President Oct 2016

Fmr. Haitian Senate president sounds off on the Clintons – 13 Oct 2016

WIKILEAKS- OBAMA spent $65,000 of the tax-payers money flying in pizza/dogs from Chicago – 2017


You probably think it is a debunked conspiracy theory – that is what the media and the White House wanted you to think.  This is a link to the most comprehensive explanation of Pizzagate that I can find.  It comes with a warning – what one sees, one cannot un-see and in some cases one can never forget so think carefully if you proceed to investigate this.  Especially if you have suffered trauma or sexual abuse as a child, or ever.

Hillary does not appear to be ok – Sept 11 – 2016

Former Secret Service agent exposes Hillary Clinton – 29 June 2016

The first scandal that made us question the Clintons’ ethics – 25 June 2016

What is up with Hillary? – June 2016

‘Secret Soldiers of Benghazi’ Discuss Real-Life Events Behind ’13 Hours’ – 16 Jan 2016

Hillary Clinton questioned by House Benghazi Committee – 22 Oct 2015

SEAL Team SIX – Charles Strange – Extortion 17 – 31 May 2015

Obama ‘Put a Target on Their Backs’, SEAL Team 6 Family Members Say – 9 May 2013

Hillary Clinton’s Fiery Moment at Benghazi Hearing – 23 Jan 2013

‘Child traffickers’ held in Haiti – 31 Jan 2010

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Cathy O’ Brien- Hillary Clinton Raped Me – 15 Oct 2015

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Cathy O’Brien – Exposes M.K. Ultra & Sen. BIRD – Part 2 – 31 March 2012

M.K. ULTRA EXposed by Victim Cathy O’brien – part 1 – 31 March 2012

ALARMING! CIA MK ULTRA Hearings Testimony 1996

Are you thinking something is not quite right?