Climate Change – real or just a control tool?

Making Happy Slaves – Quandt-linked slave-using Nazi corporations and their influence on the world today – the Great Reset, Sustainable Development, funded science, human experimentation at hospitals & research centers and more – 3 Aug 2021

China can do what it likes because it has it’s fingers in every organisation in the world.- Sky News Australia – Video

Ireland – Why is RTÉ partnered with climate change activists? | Gript – 11 March 2021

Ted Turner, Prince Philip, Jaques Cousteau, Thomas Malthus want to reduce the population of the planet in their time because we are using too much “stuff” as Ted Turner puts it.

USA – 12 Republican state attorneys general sue President Biden over climate change order – 9 March 2021

The Unintended Consequences Of Massive Solar Farms – 28 Feb 2021

NOAA’s Climate Disaster Claims Are A Sham – 28 Feb 2021

The Myth (And Fake Math) Of ‘Green’ Jobs – 28 Feb 2021

‘Dream on!’ Speaker Lindsay Hoyle slapped down for lockdown-style climate change rules – THE TYPE of restrictions on daily life introduced to fight coronavirus could command public support if brought in to tackle the threat of climate change, the Speaker of the House of Commons has suggested.

With gvts across the world resigning for one reason or another and the covid scamdemic being rolled back in the US because it is running out of lies to tell – and the riots across the EU over lockdowns (almost reaching civil war level in Holland) the NWO agents are searching for a new reason to keep the world prisoners in our own homes – roll out the dreaded climate-crisis-which-isn’t-a climate-crisis once more SCHUMER: Biden Should ‘Declare National Emergency’ to Combat Climate Change – 2021

Journalists like Fintan O’Toole say “Humans are the virus” from the earths perspective. – 28 Jan 2021

The $5,200,000,000,000 Trick Killing More Than Covid, w Stephen Fry. – 21 Nov 2020

WEF – What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

WEF – How to Prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Next Up… CLIMATE Lockdowns

There are common sense things we should and can be doing to help protect the planet – after all we live on it.  However, here is just one salutary tale we should all keep at the back of our minds and beware of the fake “greens”  False Promises: The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) – July 2020

Coronavirus shutdown: Does it give us a taste for the world climate activists advocate?

These Young Men Are Shocked At Climate Facts

Irish Climate Change Debate – Ray Bates vs Éamon Ryan – 3 Dec 2015


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