Climate Change – How does it affect me? Is it real?

9/11, Climate Change, Coronavirus.  Three disasters most of us can remember.  Three disasters which changed the way we live.  We are now in what they call the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”  Here is  lovely video of the vision from the World Economic Forum.  Watch it carefully and as you do, please ask yourself what did the last “great discovery” do for you.

Every industrial revolution and every revolution is touted as something that will change and uplift the lives of ordinary man.  But have they?  Whose lives did they enrich?  Whose income increased?  Is the ordinary person all that better off than they were 50 years ago?  Think carefully.  Think who is pushing this and there will be places where you hear a single sentence that gives you a shock.  Stop the video and replay those sentences.  Think where this current course can take you and, more importantly, your children.

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