China – CCP – What’s up?

Fact can be stranger than fiction and what is unfolding across the world in 2020 would surely confirm that.  By October 2020 world events are well on the way to reading like a script from something like a James Bond movie only with more twists than any movie ever!

If you know nothing about China I suggest watching this interview before going any further.  It is quite easy to follow and understand.  To understand why China is spreading it’s control across the world it is important to understand China.  They have destroyed the landscape and stability of the actual ground with the number of dams they have built which experts now say are causing earthquakes due to pressure.  Should those dams break… what will happen to the millions of people downstream?  As for any survivors – well, the country may be uninhabitable.  China needs new food supplies and land.

How Communist China Weaponized the Waters of Asia—Maura Moynihan on the Three Gorges Dam, Flooding – 7 Sept 2020

According to this article titled the Zhenua Data Leak, in the Guardian, top Irish officials including Leo Varadkar and Mary Lou are on a dataset held by the Chinese Communist Party. 

And per an article in the Irish Times it is 963 officials from Ireland that are on the data set to be exact – which is causing many people on social media to ask if top ranking officials in the government and halls of power are being blackmailed for some reason.

I find the number 963 fascinating as Tesla reportedly said that if we understood the numbers 369 we would understand the secrets of the Universe!

The next info drop to fall was from a Chinese whistleblower, which you can see below.  Mr. Lude leads us through a story that members within the CCP had either copied to taken the hard drives containing info about Presidential candidate -Joe Biden’s son, Hunter to President Trump.  These hard drives contained Hunter’s sexual exploits with underage children, fraud and corruption.

3 hard drives, provided 3 hard drives to the DOJ of America

Over the following days emails and information verifying the above were printed and shared across social media.  The Big Tech companies and mainstream media went into overdrive censoring the material, deleting accounts around the world sharing the info.  This resulted in Senator Ted Cruz setting things in place to have Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Jack Dorsey of Twitter and a google rep appear before the US Senate Committee to answer questions on Election Interference and Censorship.

A subsequent video from Mr. Lude reveals that not only does China “own” the Elite in business but also the mainstream media.  That is why msm will not cover the Biden corruption information.  And, he tells us that politicians GLOBALLY have been selling out their countries to the CCP.  In fact, there is a hard drive of damning info for EVERY country.

China’s CCP aims to rule the world, this being achieved through our existing 2020 worldwide governments.  Why would the governments agree to this? – Some for money and some because the CCP had compromising recordings and evidence to blackmail them with.  It is also agreed they would lord it like kings over us.

This may be a good time to see if we can figure out how exactly China might go about capturing Ireland.  The best explanation – and it makes quite scary readying – to date is a document leaked by a Canadian Member of Parliament as  reported by Cairns News 

China’s direct investment in Ireland totals over 1 bln USD: Chinese ambassador

 China’s Economic Links to Ireland.


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Are you thinking something is not quite right?