China’s Economic Ties to Ireland

You hear of a big foreign company coming to your town or city and investing millions or billions.  Lots of jobs, great for local commerce is probably the first reaction.

Sometimes it’s good to sit back and look again – think again. The initial reaction is based on the belief we all have to work to make money to live.  However the reality is that most of those investments create jobs at the lower end of the pay scale.  Not enough cash at the end of the week to allow you to save so you don’t have to take out a mortgage or car loan.

There will be a few top jobs with top salaries – who gets those jobs?

At the end of the day they pay little tax, profits go out of the country.  Owners don’t live in Ireland so don’t pay certain other taxes either.  The land, business premises and the business is not Irish owned – it’s foreign owned.  How much land can we sell to foreigners and still say Ireland for the Irish?

Who controls our food and our energy supply?  Are we just both the worker ants and the consumers?

The other worrying trend is when taxpayers money is grant aid to start ups or low interest loans to Irish people.  Who (on closer inspection gets all this aid?).  Those Irish people start up, take a good salary, company car etc etc then they sell that company – usually to a big foreign company.  No money ever returned to the tax payer.  Is that where our Irish millionaires are made?  And… who is connected to or related to whom?  I think sometimes it’s good to pull back and sometimes it pays to investigate a bit closer.

Along with many other countries Ireland signed up to the China Belt and Road Initiative in 2017.  Lets have a look at what we can find about and around that.


In Feb 2021 Simon Coveney asked Brian Cowen to cancel a proposed discussion in the Irish Seanad to examine Richard’s case…now why would he do that? 

Richard O’Halloran’s mother, Catherine is the niece of the late Taoiseach,  Garrett FitzGerald.  Her Grandfather, Desmond FitzGerald was the first Minister for Foreign Affairs in the newly formed Irish Free State in 1922.  A relationship that makes the tardiness of Simon Coveney and the Irish Government all the more baffling – don’t they want him home – for some reason?

1 June 2021 – FIRST face to face discussion – Coveney discusses case of detained Irish businessman with Chinese minister

31 May 2021Coveney raised Richard O’Halloran case at meeting with Chinese foreign minister

18 April 2021‘Slow but positive progress’ made in case of detained Irishman in China

1 Mar 2021Irish man detained in China back in court in bid to exit country

18 Feb 2021 – ‘This could go on and on and on’ – Irishman held in China

18 Feb 2021Irish man detained in China: ‘There is no reason for me to be stuck here’

15 Feb 2021Seanad leader vows to do ‘absolutely everything’ to bring home Irishman detained in China for almost two years

Senator McDowell said that he was intending to put forward a motion to debate Mr O’Halloran’s case. However, he was contacted by Foreign Affairs Minister, Simon Coveney, and asked to not debate the issue as it is “at a delicate stage of negotiation”.

11 Feb 2021 Beijing should release Irishman as Chinese New Year ‘gesture’, says TD

5 Feb 2021Irish man detained ‘illegally’ in China hospitalised twice, says lawyer

1 Feb 2021China’s president responds to Higgins letter about detained Dubliner

The Chinese embassy said more than 7,000 Chinese nationals have lost €160 million from money “illegally collected from the public” in China in a crowdfunding scheme and that about €50 million was transferred to CIALS to buy the Airbus A330 aircraft.

21 Jan 2021 Irish MEPs call on Chinese government to allow Dublin man return home

24 Dec 2020 – Mother of Irish man held in China ‘terribly disappointed with Government’

5 Dec 2020 – Lesson here for anyone thinking of going to China – Family of Irish man held in China: ‘Nobody is helping us – we are just begging for help’

23 Nov 2020Why is the Irish state not doing more to release an Irish citizen held against his will in China?  GRIPT (Best article)


19 Sept 2020Track and Trace: DNA Harvested from Coronavirus Tests to be Kept for “National Security” – UK Parliament

17 Sept 2020First Chinese-born barrister called to the Bar of Ireland

17 Sept 2020Ireland is quietly allowing private firms to gather and monetise Irish DNA

15 Sept 2020 –  TikTok, Trump’s least favourite app, is laying down its Irish roots

14 Sept 2020Zhenhua Data leak: personal details of millions around world gathered by China tech company


Sept 2020 – At a city level we have Cork County Council’s rather odd reaction when questioned about China’s slave labour

Sept 2020 – From what we can gather it seems China has a huge “re-education program for dissidents.  This will give you some Clues as to the scale of Xinjiang labour operation in China

Oddly enough Dan Andrews, the Prime Minister of Victoria, currently at odds with the Prime Minister of AUSTRALIA, for having sold or leased the Port of Melbourne to China, without telling anyone, has the same view when asked about China’s labour camps.  Like reading from the same script.  Victoria also signed up to the China Belt and Road Initiative. The people of Victoria have been under draconian shut down law since MARCH 2020!!  And are fighting in the courts and parliament to get free of “Dictator Dan” as they now call him – as well as going through unreal harassment from the police once they step outside their own doors.

22 Aug 2020Chinese envoy denies ‘myths’ about his country


29 July 2020 – Nextpolis – Why Did The Irish Government Consider Selling Parts of Ireland For a Chinese City-State?

20 June 202095pc of applicants to residency-for-investment scheme from China

22 May 2020Digitizing health—vaccine passports, birth control microchip implants?

11 June 2020 Is China using genetic science in racial and ethnic cleansing?

18 Nov 2019China-based Newbaze Group to hire 60 at €20m Carrickmacross facility

5 Nov 2019OECD hears of Meath Enterprise’s impressive plans for entrepreneurs

3 Sept 2019Ireland at center of Huawei’s expansion

13 July 2019US politicians voice fears over genetics firm with links to Ireland and China

2 July 2019Chinese companies examine Tipperary for investment opportunities (Alan Kelly TD)

25 May 2019 at a ceremony held in Cork, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Dublin-based think tank AsiaMatters and the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) was signed.  Chairman of AsiaMatters at the time was Alan Dukes.  In his speech, Simon Coveney again expressed Ireland’s willingness to be China’s gateway to Europe and his belief “that Ireland can play an important role in terms of being a voice within the European Union to help understand the new China,”  

18 May 2019Mark Goodman on why we can’t expect any Asian country to replace the UK beef market

28 Feb 2019When DNA science goes down an unethical path in China, who is responsible?

25 Oct 2018 – TDs are warned contact with Taiwan ‘will offend China’.  Cean Comhairle, Seán Ó Fearghaíl, claims State adheres to ‘one China’ policy in letter to Deputies

1 Sept 2018 – Analysis: CALS chairman caught up in China’s P2P clampdown, which was taken offline after Airfinance Journal made inquiries about the website, published a now-deleted press release in January 2018 saying the company had leased an Airbus A330-300 purchased through crowdfunding to Finnair.

Huijbers says that press release is incorrect. Finnair also confirms it does not have any aircraft from CALS.

24 Aug 2018 -The Irish Times  voiced concerns as to whether we should be worried that China was buying Irish.  Questioning if Irish assets hoovered up by Chinese firms could end up back on the market?

On 23 March 2018 it was reported in the South China Morning Post

Ireland wants to replace UK as China’s ‘trusted friend’ in Europe after Brexit, says Foreign Minister Simon Coveney

What Ireland can do in the “One Belt One Road” initiative – 17 Jan 2017

Gaelectric sells wind farms to China General Nuclear Power – 7 Dec 2016

Here we have Paul Kavanagh, Irish Ambassador to China in 2016 giving an interview in China on Ireland’s desire to forge links with China

17 May 2015Simon Coveney hails China for lifting ban on Irish beef 17 May 2015

9 Jan 2015NextCODE Health was acquired by WuXi AppTec for $65M on Jan 9, 2015. This deal was done in Cash!!!

3 Aug 2013Chinese family snaps up €20m Fota Island Resort

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