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Did we every really care? Did you? Be honest.

If the blue sky turned gradually green.  If the leaves on the trees turned gradually bright blue.  If the green grass turned gradually red.  If the skin on your face turned gradually purple… would you notice?  Are you sure?

Little in life makes sense anymore.  Life in many countries has been completely altered for 75% of the populations.  Human rights and civil liberties have been all but eroded.  Did you notice?  It would appear that most have not.  Because it happened GRADUALLY while we were pumped a daily dose of fear by media, government and the big stores/supermarkets.

But that is not what I want to write about.  I want to write about our innermost beings – the ones we now are and the ones we were, or perhaps I should say “the ones we thought we were”. Because that is what I doubt and ponder these days.

Remember when we cared about:

  • our kids in overcrowded classrooms
  • homeless kids
  • kids in abused homes where Mom or Dad was being battered or emotionally abused
  • hungry kids
  • kids in war zones
  • sexually abused, missing kids, Madeleine McCann
  • suicides
  • lonely people – our neighbours – our elderly in nursing homes
  • old people living alone
  • alcoholics and people with drug problems
  • Our family, friends, neighbours with mental conditions, unable to cope with life, mental health problems
  • people with autism, downs syndrome, special needs, the “lucky” ones who had some place to go every day for education, help, support – the unlucky ones for whom there were never enough places.
  • Disabled people – the “lucky” ones who went to some type of recreational or rehabilitative therapy every day.
  • Cancer suffers.  Remember the hoo-haw about the cervical cancer scandal.  The women who died and are dying now BECAUSE of a wrong diagnosis.
  • Vera Twomey’s walk from Cork to Dublin and how she had to fight for her child’s medicine?  We all supported her – didn’t we?
  • the “boat people” being washed up on european shores
  • people we saw on tv being washed away in tsunamis
  • the people who died in the Twin Towers on 9/11
  • deaths in earthquakes, tsunamis, wars
  • endangered species
  • the rubbish mountains floating in our oceans
  • the annihilation of dolphins and whales
  • inhumane treatment of animals
  • having local community centres in which to gather, play sports, encourage community living and neighbourliness, where classes in handcraft and everything under the sun could be learned.
  • meeting our buddies in the pub – discussing the state of the country
  • night clubs – the hope of meeting the love of our life or at least a little romance or whatever.
  • meeting and chatting with other parents at the school gates
  • teachers who talked to us about our kids progress
  • going to the doctor and actually being able to walk in the door and sit in a waiting room with lots of other sick people – without a care in the world that we could catch their undiagnosed ailments.
  • meeting others in the supermarket and having a quick chat
  • going to the beach, the football match, watching our kids play in the playground, on the pitch, at the swimming pool.
  • when  we cared about our kids ability to socialise, make nice friends, have good relationships, get on in school, get good grades, get that college place that they had been dreaming about.
  • going to Woodies or some such place to buy the BBQ, seeds for the spring planting, a few pots – bits and pieces for the house
  • meeting in bookies to watch Cheltenham and take a wee gamble or a few pints in the local and watch the TV there – travelling to Cheltenham – now that would be a treat!
  • planning and going on a foreign holiday or a weekend break
  • organising the “proper” send off aka funeral for our loved ones.  Remembering and sharing our best memories of them around the grave, in the church, at the rosary
  • the health scandals – did we really care?
  • first communions
  • grads ball
  • confirmation day
  • weddings…..
  • the older people getting to Mass
  • priests actually cared about whether people came to the Church or not – remember when they cared enough to actually minister to people
  • the excitement of getting the Intermediate Certificate and Leaving Cert results – the celebrations with our kids – their celebrations.
  • what our elected reps were doing in Dail Eireann.
  • what was happening our land, our fishing rights, our woods, our parks, green areas, coastlines, beaches
  • how and why people were becoming homeless – the land grab by the banks, the vulture funds
  • where we were going to go at the weekend
  • paying our mortgage, buying that house or apt. how we were managing to pay off that loan, credit union etc and looking forward to our next move up the financial ladder.
  • Remember when doctor and nurses – your own local GP cared enough about you to let you in the door, to tell you the truth – he/she can’t be that stupid that they have done no research themselves into covid – they don’t have to research now, the evidence is all over the place in spite of the global censorship.  Did he ever care enough to tell you take vit C, vit D and Zinc? Did he tell you not to worry because there are treatments and preventatives?  Did he care enough to give you the once-a-month hydroxychloroquine tablet to prevent you getting covid or did he push the flu vax at you?  Remember?  Did he give you the flu insert paper to read before sticking the needle in you?  Remember!
  • Remember when there were therapists who seemed to actually care, who counseled on mental health, slimming and every condition under the sun?  When AA, Al Anon and Gamblers Anonymous were active?  Where the hell did they all disappear to?  Hiding under their beds?  Some therapists.  They have effectively said, by disappearing and not continuing their practice, that they have no belief at all in what they were preaching and charging for!  OR they just didn’t give a shit!  They certainly are not the caliber to jump in the river to save a drowning child!

Do you remember when we actually cared about all that?  But – DID WE REALLY?  DEEP DOWN did we give a shit about anyone or anything outside of our own bodies?  Did we even care enough about our kids or their future to make it our business to get info other than the gvt paid media?

The answer to all those questions has to be “No – we didn’t and don’t give a “….” about anything or anyone.”

In 2020 when the gvt said “LOCKDOWN” everyone ran indoors and mentally said “fuck you” to everyone we supposedly cared about up to that point.

Have you never wondered what happened to all the refugees, boat people, homeless, elderly (apart from those who “died” in nursing homes that we will never get an investigation into), disabled, people living alone.  Suddenly we had no earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, war, famine deaths from accidents, suicides, flu.  We only had covid deaths.  What the hell happened?   If you start asking that question you have to actually question reality itself.  How did everything we had been hearing about before – in the news media – suddenly totally disappear?  To be replaces by only one thing – coronavirus.  ????

What happened our brains? our memories? our emotions?  our sympathy? our empathy?  Did we just sit in front of the box in the corner, eat junk food and turn into zombies?

Apparently the majority did and look at what we have become.  A world divided.  A society divided.  Do you know that no country is currently getting any RELEVANT news about what is happening elsewhere, via the mainstream media outlets?

And there is lots happening around the world.  Oh yes!  There is a whole world waking up but, you don’t hear about it – unless you are one of the enlightened people whom the media vilifies as conspiracy theorists, far right individuals who have turned into the underground alternative media sources to find the truth, the news, the current events worldwide.  Imagine that! Imagine that mainstream media, facebook, twitter, google and YouTube have taken total control of what you can and cannot see/hear.  Did you even know?  Imagine that just like in World War II there is an underground media, an underground resistance fighting for your freedom.

Where do you stand?  Where do you stand for your kids?  Where do you stand today for the people who can’t stand for themselves? Will you stand up?  Will you wake up?  Or will you sit on the fence until you see enough people standing up that you won’t be afraid any more?

Where would we be now if nobody stood up on Easter Sunday 1916 at the GPO in Dublin? Where would we be now if the first brave women had not taken the trains to Belfast for contraceptives?  If the suffragettes had not taken a stand?  If Ghandi and Nelson Mandela had not spoken?  If Dunnes Stores workers had not stood against South African apartheid?

I see little courage around me today – only fear, and the daft thing is that it is fear in the minds.  Til now there has been little to really fear.  However, now there are some real things on the road to fear

  • we are a police state, the gardai have become our jailers.  The law states we cannot LEAVE OUR HOMES without a reasonable excuse that is on a prescribed list – as of yesterday 6th March they are using force to imprison us.
  • we will be masked forever
  • we will be force “vaccinated” – it is not a real vaccine, it will not protect us – because there is nothing we need to be protected against – it is a DNA gene altering substance and we are the guinea pigs because they admit there is no reversal and they do not know the long term consequences but experts are telling us that infertility is one of the effects.  Will you even research the deaths and adverse reactions from the covid “vaccine”?
  • our elderly, disabled, imprisoned and front line workers are to be the first to be got rid of.  Think about it – our doctors (they are actually exempt), nurses, carers, gardai and defence forces to be the first to go…. yeah just a conspiracy theory?  Remember when you watched “star trek”?  The little device where they said “beam me up Scotty!”  Was it not the first idea of the mobile phone?  Think again about all those films you been watching the last 20 years out of Hollywood.  All those sci-fi, walking dead and walking zombie films.  Fantasy or future-telling?

The only reason we are on this road to perdition is because

  • people are not looking at alternative scientific info
  • people are not looking at the economic consequences of this needless lockdown
  • people are not aware the rest of the world is opening up and Ireland has had the longest and most sever lockdown -for what?  Look at the number of deaths for heaven’s sake – or at least the sake of your kids’ future!
  • mask wearing signals we are obedient zombies
  • mask wearing in the street signals TOTAL fear or TOTAL ZOMBIE
  • not exerting your right to be maskless in a shop on grounds of disability, breathing/heart/health problems or severe distress due to other conditions – WHICH YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DISCLOSE is signalling your compliance to masks and that you will be easily vaccinated, imprisoned also.  You are an obedient zombie
  • Not reaching out to your neighbour, your family – you are part of the genocide.  What are you doing for anyone?
  • Be honest – are you happy to sit at home, take gvt money and allow your kids to be slaves forever?  I do mean “SLAVES”  Are you content that your kids are unlikely to ever have kids?  Especially if they get the covid vaccine and survive it?
  • There are a thousand ways to end this madness and it all boils down to one basic question “DO YOU CARE ABOUT ANYONE BUT YOURSELF?”

Do you care enough about anyone besides yourself to quietly stand up, reach out, make it a point of meeting and talking with others, exchange real information, look around you  – I mean REALLY LOOK AROUND YOU – where are the deaths coming from?  Look at the real death figures not the CASE figures.  CASE figures mean diddly squat!  Your are being made a fool of and the gvt are laughing at your gullibility!  Laughing at your stupidity!   LOOK and I mean REALLY LOOK AT THE POLITICIANS!  QUESTION at least in your own mind WHERE IS ALL THE MONEY GOING?  WHERE IS ALL THE COVID MONEY GOING?  GRANTS?  TO WHOM?


Who is speaking up around the world against this coming slavery?

We are at a crossroads – FREEDOM or SLAVERY?  Your choice.  Last chance.

A Harsh Letter from an “Elderly” Lady

A change has been coming over me lately and when I woke up this morning it was complete.  I have reached a state of acceptance regarding covid, the world and people – the good, the evil and the just plain stupid people.

Current events have been many years in the making and we are not yet halfway to the conclusion of the idea – yes, it was just an idea that became a plan with the aid of a great understanding of the human mind.  In my mind it is a horrible, evil conspiracy of greedy, rich and powerful (some not so powerful but sadistic) people who head governments and corporations.  Not to mention pharma and mad scientists conducting experiments on us.

I left Ireland 17 years ago because even then I was increasingly unable to take the “Mommy State” that Ireland was becoming where people stopped crossing empty streets until told by the little flashing green man that it was safe to cross.  Where gvt felt they had to legislate for everything in the interests of “our safety”  because we the people, apparently, were incapable of taking care of ourselves without such laws.  A contributing factor to our current reliance on “Authority”  – on our rulers and superiors to dictate our behavior.  They succeeded very well, by the looks of it.

I went to a third world country where you were left alone as long as you didn’t actually murder anyone.  A muslim country whose people have an innate sense of right/wrong, common sense and trust in each other’s goodness.  I did very well in business there with a gvt that did not seek to grab as much of my earnings as possible as in Ireland.  Unfortunately, that country is also now under the Bankers’ coronavirus plan for the world.

Now, Feb 2021 what have I reached acceptance of? 

Here is the list!  Please don’t take this for depression.  There is a difference between depression because of a situation and acceptance of it.  My list –

  • My business is gone because the majority of the “educated” world believe “the plague” is worldwide.  Should this end tomorrow, which it won’t – I no longer have the heart to start over again.  I have been knocked down one too many times now.
  • It would seem my life has been an entire waste of my time.  I have nothing to show for it.  No business, no income, no assets.  I am under no illusion – this is not because of covid or coronavirus.  This is thanks to lockdowns instigated, enforced and controlled by OUR elected representatives in government.  It is the power of a selected few in Dail and Seanad Eireann (in the case of Ireland) that has done this – not a virus.  We could have handled this as every government worldwide in history handled their various problems – with faith, fight and fortitude.  Ours did not and none of the silent ones in those houses can be excused either.  But the biggest culprit is ourselves – our unthinking trust and compliance – signalled by the masks people wear…. the majority.
  • My belief that covid is simply a vehicle for a greater evil has resulted in alienation of my entire family and, with two exceptions, my erstwhile “friends”.  Were this to end tomorrow and life to return to normal, I would not want any of them back.  Bitter?  Perhaps, but if they could not accept I had a right to my point of view without being labelled a “conspiracy theorist” then where were their feelings for me as a person?  Should our current way of living not end tomorrow but at some future date where my worst fears have materialised – they can stick their apology where the sun don’t shine.  And, though I will be long gone probably I would take no joy in seeing their misery at the expected outcome – especially for the little ones.

I am not wearing a mask – anywhere.  I have not worn a mask.  I haven’t needed to fight over it – with one exception where I am taking a shopping center manager and his direct upline manager to the WRC for discrimination on health grounds.  They don’t care that I have a medical condition and so maintain that I should sacrifice my health for the “greater good of the community”.  I might consider this if the official covid death figures warranted it – but any sane person examining the OFFICIAL figures recorded by the GVT CSO office can see we are being lied to.  I refuse to compromise my health based on a lie.

I am not sure I understand the videos where I see people fighting over the mask – I suppose I suspect that some videos I see of confrontation with police or fights over masks could possible be false and staged to affirm in our minds that we are captives, slaves and to re-enforce our media-driven fears.

I am not wearing a mask – I have enough problem breathing without something over my mouth and I don’t need to increase my panic with a mask.  I need to look after my immune system, keep my blood pressure down and try to avoid a heart attack or hastening dementia.  On the other hand if I was presented with scientific evidence that reducing my intake of oxygen etc to save my family etc I would not hesitate to do so.  But I have NOT seen a shred of evidence of that while I have spent hours pouring over evidence to the contrary.

I don’t have a car.  If I did I would be driving around the country myself to test the exact force the Gardai are applying for myself.  Their tik-tok dancing (have you wondered why it is global like the “virus”?)  makes me want to vomit.  Like the nurses etc dancing – would you do it in a pandmic?  They are laughing at us.

The talkers – I have accepted that my suspicion the people who have become famous in various countries for their stand against the Covid Governments may not be real.  Talk is cheap.  They have gathered thousands of followers.  But have they (any of them other than Gemma O’Doherty) actually done anything?  Given us a lead?  Made a suggestion that we all do something on the same day (not necessarily a street protest!) to show our numbers or solidarity?

Other than gabbing on social media none of them have done or suggested anything, to date, to counteract the isolationist strategy of the covid planners.  So, sorry guys – not sure you are really rebels anymore.  Journalists or alternative media?  Has anyone done a single real expose on anyone?  NOPE!  Is the evidence plain as the nose on your face that there is HUGE corruption and money laundering?  Yes!  So, why is everyone silent?  Did they accept earlier than me that there is no battlefield and the war was over before it began?  Perhaps.  Just asking the question.

What else have I accepted?

  • the fact we have 3 army controlled concentration camps now in Ireland ready to go.  I am going to behave like the rest of you so I don’t end up in one indefinitely.  Perhaps they would extend it to my family and acquaintances also…… the provision is already in the emergency powers.  Who is going to stop them?  You?
  • that there will be mandatory vaccinations.  BUT – I will not roll up my sleeve quietly to take what I consider to be a lethal injection.  The “elderly” in the nursing homes were not given the option – those without dementia are taking it based on falsely presented information.  Don’t tell me they weren’t because I know of one dying woman who was given it 3 days before she drew her last breath.  She had cancer.  Now she is a “covid death”.  So, what’s in the “vaccine-that-doesn’t-give-immunity-so-should-not-be-called a “vaccine”?  Is it a nanobot or a micro-chip that will make it’s way to my brain, be linked to a computer somewhere and so my body will just take orders – like in the walking dead zombie movies?  Will it make my body produce something saleable for my controllers?  I have seen the science writings on that too.  Or is some cocktail of chemicals they are trying out for some other purpose?  Who cares – it has begun and we can’t say “no” forever so why tire myself out fighting it in the meantime.  Everything has moved so fast since Jan 2020 that we can no longer battle the power of gvt controlled media brainwashing.  I should just make the best of the time left.
  • the fact they will even inject the kids – we have left them do it for that last 10 years without question in spite of the evidence piling up and the brain injured kids suffering and dying.  I know so much about what is happening to the missing children that I can’t think of that anymore and that it is coming for all the children now.
  • the laws that have been put in place already for the detentions, the enforcement, the abolition of cash, their control over us via the bank card or the inserted micro-chip.  Behave  and you get “money” in your account.  Misbehave and you can starve or just be picked up and used in a lab.  Who will be there to protect you?  Nobody.
  • the fact there will be no more private property, just a universal income – see Korea.  Will we be allowed park visits?  Maybe – if we earn it with good behavior.
  • The crowding of everyone into “smart cities”, eternal surveillance inside and outside the home.  Who are the watchers?
  • the eventual chip that will monitor our body stats and decide what we are allowed and not allowed to eat – per force.  Have you seen the film “The Island”?
  • China has gone so far down the road already – the Uigers, the infertility – you know they now recognise that they are going to run out of Chinese people at the current rate so they are asking women to store and donate they eggs and men their sperm for freezing and storage?   Of course the conspiracy would take that to the next level of humans in petrie dishes and grown by AI.  Yeah, just a conspiracy theory.  You think?
  • the control of food production and supply.  The ban on home grown food.  Have you tried to buy seed to plant this spring?
  • the end of schools as we know them – might not be such a bad idea because that system is just more dumbing down than education and the teachers funded in different ways by the great Bill Gates.  The computer teaching the kids.  The adoption by the state of the smartest ones – conspiracy?  Check out how many of our global gvt members, media people and top corporation execs were “adopted” and groomed over the last 10 years while still young and impressionable.  Maybe those “bright sparks” do believe in some warped way that they are saving the planet – but at the expense of humanity?  I feel sorry for the ones that are going to wake up when it is too late and see what they were a part of.  Our Young Global Leaders and Young Entrepreneurs and Young European Leaders – what a great set up and idea that was!  Congratulations to George Soros and Klaus Schwab – a brilliant investment and move!  National University of Ireland, Galway?  The incubator for the WHO – another brilliant move!  Clongowes Wood College?  Wow!

I’m think I might stop now because the way it works with me is that if I write down what is going round my head, it goes away.  Actually, most of the time when I come across something I wrote in the past, I don’t recognise it as mine lol!

So, yes I have accepted all the above in it’s horridness.   In my mind it is all coming to pass.  Nobody forced it on us with guns to our heads.  The majority just watched the TV, listened to the news and never questioned.  But I cannot hold that against them because it takes a different kind of brain to be able to step back and look at the feed objectively and go elsewhere to verify the spiel.  So, a great and expert, gentle but consistent brainwashing – long researched, has taken place with great success.

The mask is just our outward sign of it’s success.  A sign of our fear.  A sign of our compliance and obedience.  We are our own enforcers – in our heads.  Oh – there are the few civilian sadists who take pleasure in their little positions of power to be able (in their heads) to enforce others to comply – after all the law is behind them – or is it?  No matter, both the enforcer/bully and the victim fit together – like a hand in a glove.  At the extreme – Sadist/Masochist and doesn’t the mask fit well in that scenario?  The mark of the slave or the Mark of the Beast?  Does the Bible say something about the “willing acceptance of the Mark of the Beast?  Whatever, I accept that reality now too.  Do I believe in God now?  The jury is out on that one too.  For sure I don’t believe in the holiness or sanctity of the Vatican!  Biggest joke ever is that!  But then they ran with the Nazis too didn’t they?

I am not fighting anymore.  I accept.  I really actually do accept all that is coming, in the full knowledge of it – believe it or not.  Since my life has been a complete waste of time to this point there is no point in wasting the little that is left in fighting a war that cannot be won.  I am going to try to enjoy and spend real time with my grandchildren, watch some movies – select ones, and do my best to take care of myself.

NO I will still NOT wear a mask unless a gun is put to my head – then I will comply but, until then, I will not be my own slavery enforcer for the servants of Satan (oops did I use a wrong word there?) until physically made to.  And I will not signal my slavery and blind obedience with a mask.

The mask is the ONLY way our compliance is seen and THEY need to see it.  Imagine how nervous “THEY” might be if they saw too many maskless people?  There is a movement on social media of people SCREAMING at pubs and restaurants in particular for obeying lockdown.  A movement by people wanting small businesses to open, a bunch of people who have NO idea what it takes just to open – quite apart from any fear of consequences.  But the screamers have nothing to lose.  Most are wearing masks! FFS!  But they want someone other than gvt to vent their fury and frustration on.  They want someone else to put their head on the block first to see what happens.  Most of them don’t even share stuff on their own facebook pages – talk about hurlers on the ditch!  But they rant in groups at others – give me a break!  That – I don’t accept!  Actually I even suspect some are trolls and plants set out to judge our fear and compliance… conspiracy?  LOL!

I will still keep gathering and posting the news – the alternative side of it and I will still keep joining the dots as to who is doing what and who they are connected to – it is enlightening and interesting.  But I no longer labor under the illusion I can change anything, or anyone’s mind.  I am not.  I also have to give up my worry and attachment to seeing my loved ones safe.  It is not going to be possible.  That was just a hopeless dream.

So, there you have it.  Yet another brain clear out for me 🙂  I feel pretty good now that you all know what I am thinking!  Have a wonderful day – while you still can.

Judgement is a killer!

For me, letting go of judgement resulted in  a huge change in how I feel healthwise and in general.

For years I’ve used the example of garlic – some love it and some hate it.  What people feel about garlic doesn’t make it good or bad!  Garlic is just garlic.  We take it or leave it.   I used to say this, but I still judged people and things – we do it automatically.  But we don’t use the word “judgement” .  We don’t admit that we passed a judgement.  We say we “expressed our opinion” .

For many people we unconsciously pass judgements thousands of times every day – everything and everyone we see.  Watch yourself – see if you can catch yourself “having an opinion/thought” about the people you pass in the street, the neighbours, the news, even when you watch a film you take some character’s side, one guy you want to win and the other you want him dead – because he is the bad guy.

If you experiment with this, you may be surprised.  If you practice stopping the judgements you will definitely feel much lighter inside.

During COVID-19, wasn’t it really difficult not to form opinions on so many subjects?  Did you make decisions or come to conclusions on

  • how the virus started – WHO was responsible?
  • whether we should have lockdown or be free to do as we like?
  • whether we should all be wearing masks or not?
  • whether lockdown should end sooner or later?
  • whether our kids should go back to school now or when?
  • if you never had an opinion on Donald Trump before, do you have one now?
  • whether the government handled the situation in a good way or a bad way?
  • as you scrolled through instagram did you have fleeting opinions on this one’s video or the fact that one put on make-up or not?

They are just the general ones – there are thousands of other things we all think about all day long and judge.

Personal opinion, quiet judgements, whatever, we might think is ok and not damaging to anyone.  Oh but it is damaging.

Firstly it can be very damaging for our own health.  We can look at something and appreciate it – that’s beneficial.

But if we look at something and decide in the negative, it rarely stops there.   At some point we can be driven to making a negative comment (to say the least) and before you know it, we are in the middle of a full blown facebook or twitter argument.  Our stress levels soar, cortisol courses through our blood, if the argument gets really bad…..friends and family fall out and even “unfriend” one another.

This morning Dr. Ben’s video on shaming someone because they are not an expert popped up in my facebook stream and I started to write a quick comment on it.  At some stage the comment became too long and ended up here in this post and the other post is COVID-19 A Lesson from the Universe on the Nature of Reality.

Shaming and blaming affects other people very badly – it damages them more than we realise, it hurts them.  But when we do it, we ourselves are the biggest losers – it affects our health, our minds and our immune systems.

Fear Wrecks Our Immune Systems

Fear is hardwired into our systems to keep us safe. If a lion is coming for you, fear tells you to run and the body send blood etc to the hands and feet to help you run. To provide the body with everything it needs to help you escape, it shuts down the immune system to conserve energy etc.

There is the problem.  If your immune system is shut down so are other systems – for example, your body may not be able to absorb and use the food you are eating, therby depriving it of the nutrients needed to keep the body healthy.   Obviously, long term this will cause lots of health issues

In the situation of the lion – once the lion is gone your body should return to normal.  However, if you have to keep on the alert for the lion or other threats long-term, fear becomes your worst enemy and will eventually kill you under the disguise of heart attack, cancer, immune deficiency diseases, addictions, cholesterol and a thousand other medical conditions.

A  medical journal on the effects of chronic fear.

If you want to survive, you have to learn

  • to recognize when your body has been triggered into fear mode – sounds like you should easily notice this, yes?  Well, no, not if you are in the habit of being fearful.  You can live in fear and not be actively aware of it.
  • learn how to shut of the fear response.

If you think you don’t feel fear very much read my article ” Fear is our worst enemy ” and you will see that, even in a normal day, even without any crisis like COVID-19, fear is triggered in us 24/7 not just by media but by society, friends and family.

Shut off the fear response

I’m talking about fear here in a very simple way.  You will find lots of much more indepth, analytical ways of dealing with fear on the internet.

At a basic level, and to help the immune system, I am  interested in shutting off the fear response as soon as possible and to practice doing so, because opportunities for fear are all around,  We’ve just got used to them and we have grown accustomed to living with at least a degree of fear.

Tools to shut of fear in the moment

  • Laughter – you can’t find something funny and at the same time feel fear.  Find a funny movie, keep links to your fav comedian handy on your phone – remember the last thing you laughed at.  By the way, when was the last time you had a real REAL BELLY LAUGH?
  • YouTube saves my sanity!  I have a few people I tune into when I need to change my thoughts – it doesn’t really matter what they are talking about as long as it is not fear-based.
  • What are you thinking about?  Identify it in the moment.   You can’t fight the thought, BUT you CAN replace it.
  • MOVE – get up, change you position, make a cup of tea, admire something, go for a walk, run, do some housework, turn on some music.
  • When you MOVE, look around you – what do you have to feel grateful for?  Think about them, verbalise your gratefulness.
  • Meditation – I could NEVER meditate until I found Dr Joe Dispenza and I find his meditations so easy and powerful

You can’t fight the thought BUT you CAN replace it.  I do this simply by thinking “what a lovely sky!  How blue it is – hmm nice flowers, etc.  You could pull up a mental of some baby, child or family member you love and think about them.  Carry a photo or something  that you associate with a happy memory, in your pocket and reach for it when you need to change a thought.

Believe it or not you cannot think two thoughts at the same time.  AND thoughts are magnetic which means you have the first thought and then more thoughts similar to the first one rush at you one after the other.   This happens so quickly, easily and unconsciously that you can be “thinking” about a subject for several minutes before even becoming conscious of what you are thinking.

There is the key – BECOMING CONSCIOUS OF WHAT YOU ARE THINKING.  Or even better maintaining a level of consciousness that will not allow the train of thought to even begin, if it is one that does not serve you.

Thoughts rush through our heads – we are not thinking them, they are invisible and all around us, we are just picking them up like radio receiving sets.  A train of thought can be triggered by a smell, an object, touching something, music, a song, and obviously by seeing something

Sometimes when I catch myself having a rush of certain fearsome or fear-triggering thoughts, I stop and hold my hand up, like a traffic cop, (only if I am alone and not in public!) and wave the thoughts off the main highway (so to speak) down a blind alley.  It works.  Sometimes I imagine them like the ski lifts in Switzerland and as they come over my head I just wave them on saying “not now” and sometimes – sometimes I just look at them and say “fuck off!  Just fuck off and get the hell outta my head!” etc.

 My weapons against fearful thoughts

These are my personal favourites for thought distraction – might seem silly to you but they get me 🙂  You can make your own list.

Worry is a only a habit – a bad one!

Since I started doing Dr. Joe’s work I have become aware that now I sometimes catch myself reaching for a past memory – no, reaching for a past gut experience, a bad, unhappy, miserable, worry-some feeling.  But feelings are created by our thoughts, so my body is pushing me to search my memory for a sad or worrying past event.

It’s as if some part of me needs that feeling…there is something telling me I must remember those events that triggered these negative emotions, telling me I can’t afford to forget them.

From what I understand of the work – this means I am making progress and my body is throwing up this anxiety response as I begin to relax.  My body is more used to the stress response being activated most hours of the day.  It is used to the constant flow of adrenaline and cortisol.

Now that I am meditating and relaxing, my body is missing the cortisol and adrenalin hormones that stress and anxiety trigger, and it is pushing me to re-activate the production of these chemicals.  By recognising this and refusing to remember those old worrysome thoughts I am winning the battle – the chemicals are kept at bay and in time it will get easier.  Catching myself reaching for the “worry thought” is real progress.  Finding a happy thought is making even more progress.

Last night I read where Joe writes about creating “worst scenarios” .  I started doing that about 3 years ago.  I thought then that if I dipped into a worst scenario and realised I could emotionally survive it that it would help me cope with the pain I was feeling.  Well, I suppose it did – unfortunately, my worst scenario did materialise.  The good news is I did survive it.  Now, I can see how easy it is to materialise stuff and events – but why, oh why do I slip so easily into the bad daydreams instead of the good ones?  I guess the answer is also “habit”.

Are You Feeling Down? Try this.

I’ve been hibernating this last week or so and found some great tools to use when I find myself focused on the negative.  And, of course, focusing on the negative just brings more crap into your life, so learning how to refocus as fast a possible is a real good idea!
I got a sheet of paper, turned it sideways and wrote the alphabet from A to Z down the left side of the page.  Then I started to write every positive, powerful and good feeling word I could think of – beside the letter it begins with e.g. g – good, great, generous etc,
By the time I was finished I was buzzing!  Not only that – I was in bed, it was after midnight but could I go to sleep?  Not a hope and I didn’t try because my physical energy was so high.  I got up and started cleaning the apt. instead,  which was good because I had guests coming 🙂  So, this is not the best exercise to do if you want to go to sleep,
Esther Hicks would say I was laying an emotional grid with this exercise – now the Universe is bringing me manifestation of stuff that brings out those powerful, good-feeling emotions in me.  You want to hear more about this?  Just go to You Tube and search for Esther Hicks.   By the way anything you find on grid work from her there is brilliant.