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Did we every really care? Did you? Be honest.

If the blue sky turned gradually green.  If the leaves on the trees turned gradually bright blue.  If the green grass turned gradually red.  If the skin on your face turned gradually purple… would you notice?  Are you sure?

Little in life makes sense anymore.  Life in many countries has been completely altered for 75% of the populations.  Human rights and civil liberties have been all but eroded.  Did you notice?  It would appear that most have not.  Because it happened GRADUALLY while we were pumped a daily dose of fear by media, government and the big stores/supermarkets.

But that is not what I want to write about.  I want to write about our innermost beings – the ones we now are and the ones we were, or perhaps I should say “the ones we thought we were”. Because that is what I doubt and ponder these days.

Remember when we cared about:

  • our kids in overcrowded classrooms
  • homeless kids
  • kids in abused homes where Mom or Dad was being battered or emotionally abused
  • hungry kids
  • kids in war zones
  • sexually abused, missing kids, Madeleine McCann
  • suicides
  • lonely people – our neighbours – our elderly in nursing homes
  • old people living alone
  • alcoholics and people with drug problems
  • Our family, friends, neighbours with mental conditions, unable to cope with life, mental health problems
  • people with autism, downs syndrome, special needs, the “lucky” ones who had some place to go every day for education, help, support – the unlucky ones for whom there were never enough places.
  • Disabled people – the “lucky” ones who went to some type of recreational or rehabilitative therapy every day.
  • Cancer suffers.  Remember the hoo-haw about the cervical cancer scandal.  The women who died and are dying now BECAUSE of a wrong diagnosis.
  • Vera Twomey’s walk from Cork to Dublin and how she had to fight for her child’s medicine?  We all supported her – didn’t we?
  • the “boat people” being washed up on european shores
  • people we saw on tv being washed away in tsunamis
  • the people who died in the Twin Towers on 9/11
  • deaths in earthquakes, tsunamis, wars
  • endangered species
  • the rubbish mountains floating in our oceans
  • the annihilation of dolphins and whales
  • inhumane treatment of animals
  • having local community centres in which to gather, play sports, encourage community living and neighbourliness, where classes in handcraft and everything under the sun could be learned.
  • meeting our buddies in the pub – discussing the state of the country
  • night clubs – the hope of meeting the love of our life or at least a little romance or whatever.
  • meeting and chatting with other parents at the school gates
  • teachers who talked to us about our kids progress
  • going to the doctor and actually being able to walk in the door and sit in a waiting room with lots of other sick people – without a care in the world that we could catch their undiagnosed ailments.
  • meeting others in the supermarket and having a quick chat
  • going to the beach, the football match, watching our kids play in the playground, on the pitch, at the swimming pool.
  • when  we cared about our kids ability to socialise, make nice friends, have good relationships, get on in school, get good grades, get that college place that they had been dreaming about.
  • going to Woodies or some such place to buy the BBQ, seeds for the spring planting, a few pots – bits and pieces for the house
  • meeting in bookies to watch Cheltenham and take a wee gamble or a few pints in the local and watch the TV there – travelling to Cheltenham – now that would be a treat!
  • planning and going on a foreign holiday or a weekend break
  • organising the “proper” send off aka funeral for our loved ones.  Remembering and sharing our best memories of them around the grave, in the church, at the rosary
  • the health scandals – did we really care?
  • first communions
  • grads ball
  • confirmation day
  • weddings…..
  • the older people getting to Mass
  • priests actually cared about whether people came to the Church or not – remember when they cared enough to actually minister to people
  • the excitement of getting the Intermediate Certificate and Leaving Cert results – the celebrations with our kids – their celebrations.
  • what our elected reps were doing in Dail Eireann.
  • what was happening our land, our fishing rights, our woods, our parks, green areas, coastlines, beaches
  • how and why people were becoming homeless – the land grab by the banks, the vulture funds
  • where we were going to go at the weekend
  • paying our mortgage, buying that house or apt. how we were managing to pay off that loan, credit union etc and looking forward to our next move up the financial ladder.
  • Remember when doctor and nurses – your own local GP cared enough about you to let you in the door, to tell you the truth – he/she can’t be that stupid that they have done no research themselves into covid – they don’t have to research now, the evidence is all over the place in spite of the global censorship.  Did he ever care enough to tell you take vit C, vit D and Zinc? Did he tell you not to worry because there are treatments and preventatives?  Did he care enough to give you the once-a-month hydroxychloroquine tablet to prevent you getting covid or did he push the flu vax at you?  Remember?  Did he give you the flu insert paper to read before sticking the needle in you?  Remember!
  • Remember when there were therapists who seemed to actually care, who counseled on mental health, slimming and every condition under the sun?  When AA, Al Anon and Gamblers Anonymous were active?  Where the hell did they all disappear to?  Hiding under their beds?  Some therapists.  They have effectively said, by disappearing and not continuing their practice, that they have no belief at all in what they were preaching and charging for!  OR they just didn’t give a shit!  They certainly are not the caliber to jump in the river to save a drowning child!

Do you remember when we actually cared about all that?  But – DID WE REALLY?  DEEP DOWN did we give a shit about anyone or anything outside of our own bodies?  Did we even care enough about our kids or their future to make it our business to get info other than the gvt paid media?

The answer to all those questions has to be “No – we didn’t and don’t give a “….” about anything or anyone.”

In 2020 when the gvt said “LOCKDOWN” everyone ran indoors and mentally said “fuck you” to everyone we supposedly cared about up to that point.

Have you never wondered what happened to all the refugees, boat people, homeless, elderly (apart from those who “died” in nursing homes that we will never get an investigation into), disabled, people living alone.  Suddenly we had no earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, war, famine deaths from accidents, suicides, flu.  We only had covid deaths.  What the hell happened?   If you start asking that question you have to actually question reality itself.  How did everything we had been hearing about before – in the news media – suddenly totally disappear?  To be replaces by only one thing – coronavirus.  ????

What happened our brains? our memories? our emotions?  our sympathy? our empathy?  Did we just sit in front of the box in the corner, eat junk food and turn into zombies?

Apparently the majority did and look at what we have become.  A world divided.  A society divided.  Do you know that no country is currently getting any RELEVANT news about what is happening elsewhere, via the mainstream media outlets?

And there is lots happening around the world.  Oh yes!  There is a whole world waking up but, you don’t hear about it – unless you are one of the enlightened people whom the media vilifies as conspiracy theorists, far right individuals who have turned into the underground alternative media sources to find the truth, the news, the current events worldwide.  Imagine that! Imagine that mainstream media, facebook, twitter, google and YouTube have taken total control of what you can and cannot see/hear.  Did you even know?  Imagine that just like in World War II there is an underground media, an underground resistance fighting for your freedom.

Where do you stand?  Where do you stand for your kids?  Where do you stand today for the people who can’t stand for themselves? Will you stand up?  Will you wake up?  Or will you sit on the fence until you see enough people standing up that you won’t be afraid any more?

Where would we be now if nobody stood up on Easter Sunday 1916 at the GPO in Dublin? Where would we be now if the first brave women had not taken the trains to Belfast for contraceptives?  If the suffragettes had not taken a stand?  If Ghandi and Nelson Mandela had not spoken?  If Dunnes Stores workers had not stood against South African apartheid?

I see little courage around me today – only fear, and the daft thing is that it is fear in the minds.  Til now there has been little to really fear.  However, now there are some real things on the road to fear

  • we are a police state, the gardai have become our jailers.  The law states we cannot LEAVE OUR HOMES without a reasonable excuse that is on a prescribed list – as of yesterday 6th March they are using force to imprison us.
  • we will be masked forever
  • we will be force “vaccinated” – it is not a real vaccine, it will not protect us – because there is nothing we need to be protected against – it is a DNA gene altering substance and we are the guinea pigs because they admit there is no reversal and they do not know the long term consequences but experts are telling us that infertility is one of the effects.  Will you even research the deaths and adverse reactions from the covid “vaccine”?
  • our elderly, disabled, imprisoned and front line workers are to be the first to be got rid of.  Think about it – our doctors (they are actually exempt), nurses, carers, gardai and defence forces to be the first to go…. yeah just a conspiracy theory?  Remember when you watched “star trek”?  The little device where they said “beam me up Scotty!”  Was it not the first idea of the mobile phone?  Think again about all those films you been watching the last 20 years out of Hollywood.  All those sci-fi, walking dead and walking zombie films.  Fantasy or future-telling?

The only reason we are on this road to perdition is because

  • people are not looking at alternative scientific info
  • people are not looking at the economic consequences of this needless lockdown
  • people are not aware the rest of the world is opening up and Ireland has had the longest and most sever lockdown -for what?  Look at the number of deaths for heaven’s sake – or at least the sake of your kids’ future!
  • mask wearing signals we are obedient zombies
  • mask wearing in the street signals TOTAL fear or TOTAL ZOMBIE
  • not exerting your right to be maskless in a shop on grounds of disability, breathing/heart/health problems or severe distress due to other conditions – WHICH YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DISCLOSE is signalling your compliance to masks and that you will be easily vaccinated, imprisoned also.  You are an obedient zombie
  • Not reaching out to your neighbour, your family – you are part of the genocide.  What are you doing for anyone?
  • Be honest – are you happy to sit at home, take gvt money and allow your kids to be slaves forever?  I do mean “SLAVES”  Are you content that your kids are unlikely to ever have kids?  Especially if they get the covid vaccine and survive it?
  • There are a thousand ways to end this madness and it all boils down to one basic question “DO YOU CARE ABOUT ANYONE BUT YOURSELF?”

Do you care enough about anyone besides yourself to quietly stand up, reach out, make it a point of meeting and talking with others, exchange real information, look around you  – I mean REALLY LOOK AROUND YOU – where are the deaths coming from?  Look at the real death figures not the CASE figures.  CASE figures mean diddly squat!  Your are being made a fool of and the gvt are laughing at your gullibility!  Laughing at your stupidity!   LOOK and I mean REALLY LOOK AT THE POLITICIANS!  QUESTION at least in your own mind WHERE IS ALL THE MONEY GOING?  WHERE IS ALL THE COVID MONEY GOING?  GRANTS?  TO WHOM?


Who is speaking up around the world against this coming slavery?

We are at a crossroads – FREEDOM or SLAVERY?  Your choice.  Last chance.

Tide Turning Round the World?

A lot has happened around covid over the past week, and indeed the previous two weeks.  But it all has more to do with people waking up to what is going on than with any virus.  So much so, that I am going to give a quick recap here and some links.

Much being revealed about vaccines, scandals, mistakes etc and more high level academics coming out against covid vaccine, lockdowns etc.  I will just paste one link here.


Denmark organised a HUGE protest of tractors for Saturday 21 Nov.

and then

Forced Vaccination Law in Denmark Reportedly Dropped After Widespread Protests – 17 Nov 2020

Professor Dolores Cahill speaks at the Copenhagen Protest Meeting on 21 Nov 2020 – she has some really amazing stuff to say here about business – global business

Madrid and Germany

From what Professor Dolores Cahill says in the above video the World Freedom Alliance seems to have made huge advances in Europe.  Lockdown avoided in Madrid?  And possibly Germany?  It is difficult to understand all she says so I won’t say anymore until I can find clearer video or corresponding info on the net.  Due to censorship stuff the Alliance and others put up disappears soon afterwards.


First – has anyone notice the absence of royalty in the media?

Secondly, It would seem that Boris Johnson is having a lot of problems – Covid once – and then he was in close proximity so in spite of testing negative he is isolating again – now, some people are thinking that Boris is actually a clone that is malfunctioning and so he is gone in for repairs… I will see what I can dig up on that 🙂 🙂  Others are thinking he can’t cope maybe.  His attachment to Priti Patel seems to be losing him some pretty important people… Who knows what is really going on?  But something seems afoot anyway.

Boris Johnson ‘acted illegally’ over jobs for top anti-Covid staff    – Legal action targets appointments of Dido Harding, Kate Bingham and Mike Coupe – 21 Nov 2020

PM’s Ministerial Standards Adviser Sir Alex Allan quits following Priti Patel inquiry – 20 Nov 2020

UK Boris Johnson boots out top adviser Dominic Cummings, his Chief Advisor – 13 Nov 2020

Lee Cain: UK Top Boris Johnson’s Director of Communications UK quits amid infighting at No 10 – 12 Nov 2020

Lord Keen resigns over Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan – 16 Sept 2020

Home Office chief Sir Philip Rutnam quits over Priti Patel ‘bullying’ -Rutnam announces plans to sue government for constructive dismissal over ‘vicious and orchestrated campaign’ against him – 29 Feb 2020


That is a question more people are starting to ask.  One of the reasons for this website is so that people arriving late to the game can have a chance to check up on the history of various subjects or events.

So, the question is – if the virus is to be taken seriously and we are in lockdown, masked, losing jobs, careers, suiciding etc..  why are the Elite not doing what they FORCE us to do? And question number two – how much more are they doing or not doing, but they just haven’t been caught?  Some Examples.

Gardai examining how RTE retirement gathering organised – 20 Nov 2020 – Gardai Force cannot act against people for breaching health advice such as distancing measures.  Apart from the RTE people flouting the regulations THEY are admonishing us about 24/7 there is another problem with all this.  (I know there is no serious risk to 98% of the population so I am not arguing they were wrong in breaking rules).

The problem is – the Gardai saying there can’t do anything about it YET the gvt went to great lengths to ensure the gardai COULD force the population to comply. They passed legislation.  They ensured the gardai went on the motorways and delayed traffic up to 5 hours on several days to demonstrate that power.  Now, who is lying to whom?  Perhaps it is because the whole lockdown is illegal and unenforceable if we don’t comply, perhaps that explains the low garda presence.

Senior Coventry councillor caught breaking rules at Indian restaurant on night before lockdownCllr Rois Ali is the THIRD Coventry councillor to step down from their cabinet member role due to Covid rule breaches –  6 Nov 2020

Yet another politician, Governor Gavin Newsom, breaks their own covid-19 restrictions. Why does this keep happening? – 30 Oct 2020

Czech PM Demands Health Minister Resign for Violating COVID-19 Restrictions – 23 Oct 2020

Ireland A second member of Fáilte Ireland’s board, Breege O’Donoghue, has resigned after it emerged that she went to Spain on holidays during the summer despite the Government advising against non-essential travel to the country. – Sept 2020

Ireland’s EU trade commissioner Phil Hogan from Ireland resigns over ‘Covid breach’ – 26 Aug 2020

Ireland’s Agriculture Minister Dara Calleary resigns for attending golf dinner – 21 Aug 2020

Ireland Jerry Buttimer resigns as Seanad Leas-Cathaoirleach following golf event attendance – 21 Aug 2020

Ireland’s tourism chairman Michael Cawley resigns after ignoring coronavirus travel advice – 15 Aug 2020

UK Coronavirus: Dominic Cummings ‘made second lockdown trip’ – 24 May 2020

UK Prof Neil Ferguson who led the team at Imperial College London,  that produced the forecast model for coronavirus  in 2020 (which did not happen) quits government role after ‘undermining’ lock down – 6 May 2020

Scotland Coronavirus: Scotland’s chief medical officer, Dr. Catherine Calderwood resigns over lockdown trips – 5 April 2020

The Scandal of Doctors Pushing the Covid Narrative

The volume of information now entering the internet and social media, in spite of the heaviest censorship since the invention of the web, is growing daily.  Along side that are the growing revelations that every expert used in the media and by governments to push the covid narrative and vaccine – – – THEY ARE ALL either involved with or funded by vaccine producing pharma.

Lastly, two similar events happened which was a bit startling because the subject was unusual and both happened about same days I think.  One was this “Berlin police arrest man suspected of cannibalism, murder” and the second was this video below – right at the end Lin Wood (attorney in the US voting fraud legal cases) says the public are going to be shocked at the extent of paedophilia and satanism going on, that they are going to show us.  What does cannibalism have to do with paedophilia and satanism?  A lot – I already know much of what they are going to show.  It is already “out there” on the net.  But it’smainly not looked at because the media has termed it all “conspiracy”.  I guess the White House is now just going to show what the media has been trying to hide – because they are involved, a lot of them.

US ELECTION – Next step

Mainstream Media is not truthfully reporting facts regaring the US Election so I am going to report a couple of things here.

FACT:  There has been widespread HUGE simple voter fraud from

  • dead people voting
  • people voting in states the don’t live in
  • people voting under both married and single names
  • harvesting of ballots – meaning people going to nursing homes etc and filling in the mail-in vote for residents incorrectly.  Example
  • Bags and boxes of votes for President Trump have been found all over the place from rubbish dumpsters to the side of the road
  • Votes for Joe Biden without signature check
  • Straight votes for Biden only without voting for the local Governors etc – not likely
  • Votes for Joe Biden scanned into the Dominion computers multiple times.
  • Votes for Trump first registered for Trump then flipped in the computer to Biden
  • Votes for Trump registered and then corrected to register invalid vote.
  • Car loads of fake votes for Biden dropped off at the counting stations in the middle of the night
  • Observers for Trump locked out and refused entry to oversee the count
  • Workers at the counting stations discarding Trump votes in the rubbish.
  • Who counted the votes?
  • Workers at the counting stations filling in votes for Biden
  • In many places the envelope which goes with the ballot and is supposed to be kept with the vote for verification …. well, they were thrown in the rubbish.  So a verification check is impossible.

All the above were caught on hidden cameras.  There have also been workers from the counting centers coming forward to give evidence as they don’t want to be caught in the prosecutions to come

As if any or all of that were not enough – it is not that relevant because the election is simply going to be declared invalid by the Supreme Court.  The matter will then be referred to Congress where Trump will be re-elected President of the United States.  How come?  Because by law each Representative in Congress has one vote – One state = One vote.  They cannot vote for their personal preference, they must vote per the majority wish of the state they represent.  The Americans know which states are Republican and which are Democrat.

Here are the reasons I made the above statement:

One of the servers used to process and record the count were from a company called “Dominion” – what a name – he who controls the vote count controls the world.  Oh and it’s not American it seems, it’s a Canadian company.  Those servers, it was found on investigation, were in GERMANY, not in the US or even Canada.

Another server is called SCYTL and that one is ….. in SPAIN – that company it is reported is bankrupt?!

I’m not technical so I will cut the story short about the servers here other than to say the Trump Team have enough tech experts to be able to demonstrate who did what, where, how and exactly at what time.

Senator Louie Gohmert on reports of Scytl server raid in Germany tied to Dominion Voting Systems – 14 Nov 2020

One final piece of VERY interesting information which few are aware of.  On 12 Sept 2018 President Trump signed the following Executive Order

Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election

In the first paragraph he invoked the emergency powers act – meaning the election was carried out under a state of emergency.   I guess that means the US military can be involved?   You will also see that the order gave the relevant named agencies 30 days to put a framework in place to ensure there would be no interference in the election – you might translate that also into “catching and identifying anyone who does interfere.

The EO also declares that all property and assets of any US citizen at home or abroad will be blocked (read confiscated) if those persons found guilty.  This ALSO applies to any FOREIGNER or any foreign government and it goes on to list a whole load of actions the US gvt may take against such persons.  Think about this – does offering congratulations to a bogus President Elect before a call is made by the courts or the President concede fall into that category?  Not to mention all acts by any media at home or abroad which are blatant misrepresentation of the facts.  Nor the censorship by Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.   Interesting question.