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Are you stupid or lazy? You are one of the two if you are running around wearing a mask and sitting at home listening to RTE like sheep instead of looking at the official figures yourselves.
SINCE FEB 2020 to 11 Dec 2020 on the Government CSO website as follows:
Total Deaths confirmed tested positive for covid = 1862
Out of 1862 deaths 1739 had UNDERLYING conditions
Out of 1862 deaths 50 FIFTY had NO UNDERLYING conditions.
Out of 1862 deaths 73 are as yet unspecified.
Out of 1862 deaths 7 were HEALTH WORKERS
Out of 1862 deaths 1780 were NOT health workers
Out of 1862 deaths 75 were not specified health workers or not.
Out of 1862 deaths 0 were in the 0 – 24 Age bracket = ZERO
Out of 1862 deaths 17 were in the 25 – 44 Age bracket.
Out of 1862 deaths 114 were in the 45 – 65 Age bracket
Out of 1862 deaths 532 were in the 66 – 79 Age bracket
Out of 1862 deaths 1197 were over 80 years of age.
Are you sitting at home listening to the following CASE numbers – meaning people tested positive when their samples went through 45 – 60 cycles BUT the max recommended test cycle is 35. After that we get FALSE POSITIVES. Asymptomatic people are people with no symptoms and probably have shit all wrong with them. But gvt would like to keep the lockdown going using false positives.
CASES not DEATHS (read the words) reported several times a day on RTE to frighten you out of your wits – apparently working exceedingly well are as follows
Positive CASES =76,279 CASES not DEATHS from Feb to 11 DEC.
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 19653 had underlying conditions
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 44,349 had NO underlying conditions
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 12,277 were not specified with or without underlying conditions.
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 12,485 were health care workers
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 54,180 were NOT health care workers
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 9,614 occupation not specified
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 7,136 were age 0 – 14
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 13,266 were age 15 – 24
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 24,762 were age 25 – 44
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 19,610 were age 45 – 65
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 6,166 were age 66 – 75
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 5,311 were over 80 years of age
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 28 were not age specific.
Full breakdown and further analyses on the IRISH GOVERNMENT Central Statistics Office site here
Snap out of your daze and wake up before there are no jobs left to go to, No small business open. No pubs or restaurants apart from those in the big hotels. Then the gvt cuts the payments you are currently receiving. What then? Food producers are being shut down. 3,000 people have already had serious adverse reactions worldwide to the vaccine. Start looking at who is getting all the contracts for PPE gear, etc etc. It amounts to MILLIONS of Euros going to …. who do you think? How are Irish politicians millionaires? But if you are happy to lose everything and let them keep creaming off the top of the money pyramid – go back sleep.

Tide Turning Round the World?

A lot has happened around covid over the past week, and indeed the previous two weeks.  But it all has more to do with people waking up to what is going on than with any virus.  So much so, that I am going to give a quick recap here and some links.

Much being revealed about vaccines, scandals, mistakes etc and more high level academics coming out against covid vaccine, lockdowns etc.  I will just paste one link here.


Denmark organised a HUGE protest of tractors for Saturday 21 Nov.

and then

Forced Vaccination Law in Denmark Reportedly Dropped After Widespread Protests – 17 Nov 2020

Professor Dolores Cahill speaks at the Copenhagen Protest Meeting on 21 Nov 2020 – she has some really amazing stuff to say here about business – global business

Madrid and Germany

From what Professor Dolores Cahill says in the above video the World Freedom Alliance seems to have made huge advances in Europe.  Lockdown avoided in Madrid?  And possibly Germany?  It is difficult to understand all she says so I won’t say anymore until I can find clearer video or corresponding info on the net.  Due to censorship stuff the Alliance and others put up disappears soon afterwards.


First – has anyone notice the absence of royalty in the media?

Secondly, It would seem that Boris Johnson is having a lot of problems – Covid once – and then he was in close proximity so in spite of testing negative he is isolating again – now, some people are thinking that Boris is actually a clone that is malfunctioning and so he is gone in for repairs… I will see what I can dig up on that 🙂 🙂  Others are thinking he can’t cope maybe.  His attachment to Priti Patel seems to be losing him some pretty important people… Who knows what is really going on?  But something seems afoot anyway.

Boris Johnson ‘acted illegally’ over jobs for top anti-Covid staff    – Legal action targets appointments of Dido Harding, Kate Bingham and Mike Coupe – 21 Nov 2020

PM’s Ministerial Standards Adviser Sir Alex Allan quits following Priti Patel inquiry – 20 Nov 2020

UK Boris Johnson boots out top adviser Dominic Cummings, his Chief Advisor – 13 Nov 2020

Lee Cain: UK Top Boris Johnson’s Director of Communications UK quits amid infighting at No 10 – 12 Nov 2020

Lord Keen resigns over Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan – 16 Sept 2020

Home Office chief Sir Philip Rutnam quits over Priti Patel ‘bullying’ -Rutnam announces plans to sue government for constructive dismissal over ‘vicious and orchestrated campaign’ against him – 29 Feb 2020


That is a question more people are starting to ask.  One of the reasons for this website is so that people arriving late to the game can have a chance to check up on the history of various subjects or events.

So, the question is – if the virus is to be taken seriously and we are in lockdown, masked, losing jobs, careers, suiciding etc..  why are the Elite not doing what they FORCE us to do? And question number two – how much more are they doing or not doing, but they just haven’t been caught?  Some Examples.

Gardai examining how RTE retirement gathering organised – 20 Nov 2020 – Gardai Force cannot act against people for breaching health advice such as distancing measures.  Apart from the RTE people flouting the regulations THEY are admonishing us about 24/7 there is another problem with all this.  (I know there is no serious risk to 98% of the population so I am not arguing they were wrong in breaking rules).

The problem is – the Gardai saying there can’t do anything about it YET the gvt went to great lengths to ensure the gardai COULD force the population to comply. They passed legislation.  They ensured the gardai went on the motorways and delayed traffic up to 5 hours on several days to demonstrate that power.  Now, who is lying to whom?  Perhaps it is because the whole lockdown is illegal and unenforceable if we don’t comply, perhaps that explains the low garda presence.

Senior Coventry councillor caught breaking rules at Indian restaurant on night before lockdownCllr Rois Ali is the THIRD Coventry councillor to step down from their cabinet member role due to Covid rule breaches –  6 Nov 2020

Yet another politician, Governor Gavin Newsom, breaks their own covid-19 restrictions. Why does this keep happening? – 30 Oct 2020

Czech PM Demands Health Minister Resign for Violating COVID-19 Restrictions – 23 Oct 2020

Ireland A second member of Fáilte Ireland’s board, Breege O’Donoghue, has resigned after it emerged that she went to Spain on holidays during the summer despite the Government advising against non-essential travel to the country. – Sept 2020

Ireland’s EU trade commissioner Phil Hogan from Ireland resigns over ‘Covid breach’ – 26 Aug 2020

Ireland’s Agriculture Minister Dara Calleary resigns for attending golf dinner – 21 Aug 2020

Ireland Jerry Buttimer resigns as Seanad Leas-Cathaoirleach following golf event attendance – 21 Aug 2020

Ireland’s tourism chairman Michael Cawley resigns after ignoring coronavirus travel advice – 15 Aug 2020

UK Coronavirus: Dominic Cummings ‘made second lockdown trip’ – 24 May 2020

UK Prof Neil Ferguson who led the team at Imperial College London,  that produced the forecast model for coronavirus  in 2020 (which did not happen) quits government role after ‘undermining’ lock down – 6 May 2020

Scotland Coronavirus: Scotland’s chief medical officer, Dr. Catherine Calderwood resigns over lockdown trips – 5 April 2020

The Scandal of Doctors Pushing the Covid Narrative

The volume of information now entering the internet and social media, in spite of the heaviest censorship since the invention of the web, is growing daily.  Along side that are the growing revelations that every expert used in the media and by governments to push the covid narrative and vaccine – – – THEY ARE ALL either involved with or funded by vaccine producing pharma.

Lastly, two similar events happened which was a bit startling because the subject was unusual and both happened about same days I think.  One was this “Berlin police arrest man suspected of cannibalism, murder” and the second was this video below – right at the end Lin Wood (attorney in the US voting fraud legal cases) says the public are going to be shocked at the extent of paedophilia and satanism going on, that they are going to show us.  What does cannibalism have to do with paedophilia and satanism?  A lot – I already know much of what they are going to show.  It is already “out there” on the net.  But it’smainly not looked at because the media has termed it all “conspiracy”.  I guess the White House is now just going to show what the media has been trying to hide – because they are involved, a lot of them.

CCP versus Citizens of the World

Have you ever done or said something you don’t want made public? Do you know what the honey pot trap is? It’s when a person is maneuvered into a comprising position – usually sexually deviant in nature – covertly photographed and filmed. Then blackmailed and controlled. The most famous, most widespread and recently uncovered honey pot organisation is Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s

Top Irish officials including Leo Varadkar and Mary Lou McDonald have had all their secret and private information stolen by Chinese Government.

A copy of the leaked dataset, obtained by The Sunday Times, shows the firm gathered information on 963 Irish people, including justice minister Helen McEntee and John Twomey, the deputy commissioner responsible for defending Ireland’s national security.
The name of the former garda commissioner Martin Callinan also features.
Data has also been harvested on the Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald, the EU ombudsman Emily O’Reilly, ombudsman and information commissioner Peter Tyndall, and former Irish Labour Party politicians Joe Costello and Pat Rabbitte, among hundreds of others. The Chinese Government have been caught illegally hacking into government databases worldwide since 2017.
Top secret and personal information was stolen from 2.4 million influential figures in 200 countries. The private data from politicians, world leaders and their families, included 963 Major Irish political and government officials and well known IRA and criminal figures.
Once the U.S Intelligence Services became aware of this after sending an undercover agent into China who retrieved the Data, it’s worth noting that the Irish government were warned about their dealings with Genomics Companies from China. These warnings they either ignored or chose not to act on.
It is believed that China has used this information to gain influence over governments in the countries involved.
Are the world’s leaders being blackmailed or coerced into conforming to Communist rule? Is this why they have created so much fear mongering through a campaign of misinformation and destroyed the careers of anyone who dared speak out against their unscientific, economically and socially destructive narratives and restrictions?
Is this why our Government has covertly allowed the sale of the DNA from 400,000 Irish Citizens to Chinese Genomics company WuXi Nextcode /Genuity Science who are strongly tied to the Chinese Government despite being warned by Top U.S. Intelligence Officials that the genetic profiling that is planned for our DNA samples may well be used against us in Biological Warfare which China has a reputation for. We have sold China more than enough of our population’s DNA for a genetic profile of our entire country. All without obtaining any permission. This was done under the table with a newly formed committee who mysteriously popped up just in time to give the outrageous idea the thumbs up directly overriding GDPR.
However it doesn’t stop there.
WuXi Nexcode, now known as Genuity (also formerly Genomics )Science are the very same company who are providing PCR testing reagents in this country. The DNA from these tests is also being harvested, along with all the Data we are willingly handing over to authorities as part of our contact/track and trace system.
The U.K. has a retention period of 2 years where their DNA and fingerprint database will be utilised by unknown third parties as is already happening here. So far the Irish government have not given any disclosures regarding the retention of the Irish database.
China has already been found to use Genetic Profiling against its own Citizens in ethnic cleansing programs. Now they have your DNA and the DNA of countless millions worldwide through their PCR testing services.
These PCR tests that we know are completely useless in detecting the virus. Maybe this is why our government is ignoring that fact? Makes sense…
In the past six months our country has become more and more likened to Communist China than the Democracy it once stood for. No freedom of speech, daily conditioning delivered through the media and RTE who tell us to trust no news but their news. The propaganda shoved in our faces everywhere we look, shops, supermarkets, parks, schools, motorways, even in the corners of our tv screens we have little “stay safe” and “wear a mask” captions.
Our humanity has been removed, our faces hidden from our fellow human beings. We queue while standing on yellow boxes and do what we’re told. Our civil rights taken and we say nothing.
We have been forced to use social welfare, forced out of our businesses and workplaces, forced to distance ourselves from each other and worse still, are being manipulated into blaming each other for all this! We don’t question the restrictions and fraudulent cases or deaths, instead we blame our neighbours.
All for a virus that came from China.
Maybe this new information will shed more light on the Covid Scandal. There’s another reason. It cannot be a coincidence that the Chinese Government have been hacking into Top Secret World Government Databases since 2017, then make a virus in a lab and release it to create a pandemic, and the only answer is to become like China….
Also ask yourselves why the Irish Media haven’t reported this? This article is only available through a subscription to a U.K. Media outlet.

Sept.24th Lude’s broadcast: 3 hard drives.Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, Meng Jianzhu made the move – provided 3 hard drives to the DOJ of America, and another copy to Nancy Pelosi


Covid Testing & Vaccine – New Money Spinner

Remember five things when you read the five articles at the end of this post.   And bear in mind also – who is once again at the top of the food chain and who is at the bottom.  Covid will never go away.  Covid has spawned a whole new industry.  We can develop our own antibodies – that is what we have an immune system for.  Isn’t it convenient that FACT has been totally ignored in favour of expensive treatments and testing.  Oh – the testing forever.  Who has been conned and who is laughing now?

  1. The vaccine companies NEED the profits from the covid vaccine or many will to the wall because of the high payouts for various offences etc in recent years – that is why Hydroxychloroquine had to be suppressed -it’s too cheap.
  2. Gvt is already committed to buying MILLIONS of doses and this is all tied into the money they give GAVI every year (€49.5 MILLION since 2002)
  3. There is resistance across the world to taking a fast-tracked vaccine, for an un-isolated and un-defined virus, with DNA CHANGING properties.  The easiest way for gvt to deliver on part of it’s vaccine commitment to the drug companies is to vaccinate the ‘captive victims’  i.e.  children through schools or pushy doctors, nursing-homes residents, medical staff (but doctors already have a vaccine exemption clause), front-line workers, hospital patients, residents of care-homes, fostered children, mental health institutions, prisons.  And to push business owners to employ only vaccinated workers under threat of removing licences, permits etc.  Then its probably logical that if one family member is vaccinated the rest of the family will also agree.  Remember the money for this vaccine which will not be cheap is going to be paid for from our taxes.  Currently our debt stands at over €56,000 for every man, woman and child in Ireland.
  4. Follow the money and realize who is connected to the pharma companies (politicians, their families, every spokesman/woman for vaccine you have seen on TV or on media) and how much doctors etc also get for administering vaccines on top of existing payments. 
  5. We now have private testing kits available ranging from €99 – €200 per test.  Another HUGE money spinner if we can be forced into regular testing as the state pulls back on testing.  Who is connected?  And even if nobody obviously connected, there is a lot of money floating around here and if you have been looking at media articles over the last 9 months you will see there is so much money floating that is not even accountable any more.
Here are the five articles

Ireland plays central role in Covid vaccine delivery

Covid-19: Varadkar ‘optimistic’ most vulnerable will be vaccinated in early 2021

First Covid-19 test centre opening at Dublin Airport

LetsGetChecked launches Covid-19 home-testing kits in Ireland, with results expected within three days of being returned


Finally, I should say that I am not opposed to people making money in business.  That is capitalism and I believe in capitalism as in the right to make a profit etc.  However, something deep inside me says there is something intrinsically wrong in the health and pharma industry.  The more I look at it, the less sense it makes.  I leave you with this brief research into Randox – one of the companies awarded contracts for private covid testing at Dublin Airport.

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Is money real anymore?

I actually don’t believe money has a value any more – oh yes I know you need €2 or whatever to buy bread.   But the MILLIONS and BILLIONS – the figures that are floating around like wedding confetti (you still know what that is?) since the beginning of the coronavirus dance have just gone completely NUTS!

Is anyone keeping count? I don’t believe so because I used to do book keeping and in any type of business it is always a problem making sure you have every piece of paper to match every item. 

I don’t believe anyone is keeping track because I think the bankers and the account depts are just changing figures on bank balance sheets.  BECAUSE they think the old system of cash is gone and once we are using cards – well, who is going to know anything anymore?

I think the gvts – all the gvts have just given up and are picking figures out of thin air – bit like covid.

Have you tried to read a bank statement lately? Or even your waste bin collection account or your gas/electric bill? It is no longer a clear cut three column In Out Balance scenario. Go on – check it out. About 6 months ago I sat with my electric and gas bills – I needed a separate piece of paper and do the old fashioned adding and subtracting line by line to analyse the bill – because my electric bill seems to be gone through the roof – regardless of the fact we use very little.  They did change the meter though and the problem seems to have begun there.

Lets look at the Northern Ireland or UK finances.  Here is just ONE instance where they APPEAR to not even know where money is supposedly going or for what – or if it is even suppose to go anywhere in the first place. 


More than £4.5m was paid out by Stormont to businesses who may not have been entitled to a Covid-19 support grant.

Figures released by the Department for the Economy (DfE) show that of the 24,700 payments processed under the Small Businesses Grant Support Scheme, 452 payments were made to those who may “not be eligible” for funding. – 28 Oct 2020


Fifty-two Northern Ireland wind turbine owners have received emergency coronavirus funding from Stormont. 

A £10,000 payment was sent automatically to any business in receipt of small business rates relief.

One thing is for sure – there are no missing or mistaken millions going into your account or mine!

Against a Cashless Society & the Banks!

I am quite aware that parts of this post may be interpreted by some readers as me being a conspiracy theorist.  I used to deny this but you know what?  I don’t think I can anymore.

Kinder readers may say “She has a vivid imagination”.  Ok, remember when we had no mobile phones and Star Trek was just a sci-fi programme?  Remember the novel “1984” ?  Go buy it quick because it is deleted now from Amazon kindle (censorship).  Oh and did you watch the film “Pandemic”?  Are we in a time when life is imitating art?  Or is “ART telling us what is coming because Hollywood is part of the Club doing the future planning?  Nothing is impossible or even improbably anymore.   “Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they are not after you”.   Who said that?

Just put yourself in any one of the following situations with no cash and your bank debit or credit card/s are stolen, lost, declined or retained by ATM or shop employee.  Then consider how many days it is going to be before your new card is delivered to your HOME address.  Tough luck if you on holiday in a third world country – no idea how you’ll get your new card there.

  • in an airport en route to somewhere, even worse you have multiple flights, even worse than that you have one or more layovers lasting a couple of hours.  Make the situation worse, you miss a flight!   How you going to pay for another one if you have to?  You can’t buy food or drink.  You can’t use an airport phone.  You can’t top up your phone if you are on pre-pay if the credit runs out.  Your credit is likely to run out if the bank helpline puts you on automatic hold to listen to their usual irrelevant messages.  If your flights are short haul and there are no complimentary food or drinks…well, they will probably give you a glass of water but from the plane storage water not bottled.  This HAS happened to me.
  • you arrive at your destination – how do you pay for the transport to your hotel or home?
  • you arrive at your holiday destination – your card or a deposit is required to enable you to avail of room service.
  • It’s Friday night – you are in the supermarket and have filled your trolley with the weekly family shopping.  Arrive at the check out – no cash, cards won’t work….what you going to do?  It happened my twice – my card did not work even though there was enough money on it.  On both occasions it had been flagged because I had bought a lot of stuff online – won’t be doing that much again.  I am not supporting big corporations any more by using their goods or services.
  • you are in a shop, bar, restaurant, bus or train station, want to pay for your lunch, dinner, purchases, tickets – no cash, card won’t work.  What do you do?
  • you want to give a cash present to your child, grandchild whoever… in a cashless society you don’t have it
  • you see someone in need and want to give him/her cash…you can’t.

Trends over the years

  1. banks wanted us to start using credit cards so they offered us free insurance, air-miles, bonus points for hotels on the one hand and the idea that cards were safer and easier on the other hand…eventually a certain number obliged….credit card debt became common.
  2. then they introduced debit cards and employers were encouraged to pay wages into bank accounts instead of paying cash.  Well, now more people had to open bank accounts and take a debit card.  Of course, in time we started to use the card more.
  3. now, we have coronavirus and CASH IS DANGEROUS!

However, in between point 2 and point 3 the banks and the shareholders’ greed took a new turn and not one to benefit the larger community.  They started a progressive closing down of the counters in all banks and eventually the banks themselves.   Over time again, a huge saving to the banks and shareholders.

We went from the banks serving us to humanity being enslaved to the banks

The customer service is now a joke.

It is almost impossible to speak in person with a bank official.

95% of wages are paid direct from employer to the staff bank account.

Now they want to eliminate cash completely and we will have no way back.  The banks, government and whoever else has access will not only control our money but be able to track our every movement.

Best Surveillance System EVER!

Techies are busy coming up with solutions to my arguments above about the perils of being suddenly without a working bank card.  I don’t care what solutions they create.  I am still against a cashless society because it is the best EVER surveillance and control system.

You can see from your bank statement, if you are an avid card user that you could write a diary of where you have been at least 3 times every day for the past 3 days – down to the exact minute you make every purchase.

But it doesn’t stop at surveillance – it has wider implications and capabilities.  Your card could, at any time be used to curtail your movements.  Mind now I said “COULD” be used in the following ways against you

  • a spending limit can easily be imposed preventing you from purchasing a car – even if you have enough money lol!
  • a travel limit can be imposed – you could be stopped from purchasing airline, bus or train tickets.
  • in fact a cashless society could quickly convert your bank card into a card containing all your personal information and history and used against you in many ways.  Check out life in North Korea and think about this.  You would have to admit if this is already in place in one country and I think China are headed this way also?  Then you think with the right goverment in place it can’t happen to you?

The banks want us to send them an email rather than call them.  We will wait maybe 24 hours for a response and even then we can be given the wrong information (happened to me when I queried a transaction online via my online banking).

Their call centers are centralized and in some cases, overseas.  If we   have a problem, it is almost impossible to connect on the phone to a logical human being.  They make us lose the will to continue the call by forcing us to listen to a litany of services they offer but we don’t require before finally connecting us.  God help us if we can’t remember some parts of our pin or password because in that case they can’t talk to us at all.  What infuriates me about this part is they won’t even answer a generalized question.

Banks kept all perks relevant to themselves and took away our rights.

Banks introduced charges to cover

  • cash handling and cash deposits made to business accounts
  • charge business around 3% for processing our cards because we objected to charges for using cards…did we?  This was a nice move because we, the card users thought we were getting free banking.  But now the business owner has to factor that into his costs so we still pay for using the card – most people just don’t realize it.
  • account fees – for what service now?

The banks charge high interest rates and keep changing the parameters for giving loans.  They only give loans on favorable terms to themselves – ok they are in business but let us be up front about it and stop the slide into total slavery – keep our cash and say “no” to a cashless society.  Actually, it’s probably already too late.

So, while steadily stripping away all the services they ones offered and charged us for…they still keep taking the money for the services given in a cash society.

Unless and until they take away all the ATM’s I will be taking out cash once or twice a week and paying for EVERYTHING with CASH.  However it inconveniences me I WILL walk away if cash is refused.  Time to take a stand.