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CCP versus Citizens of the World

Have you ever done or said something you don’t want made public? Do you know what the honey pot trap is? It’s when a person is maneuvered into a comprising position – usually sexually deviant in nature – covertly photographed and filmed. Then blackmailed and controlled. The most famous, most widespread and recently uncovered honey pot organisation is Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s

Top Irish officials including Leo Varadkar and Mary Lou McDonald have had all their secret and private information stolen by Chinese Government.

A copy of the leaked dataset, obtained by The Sunday Times, shows the firm gathered information on 963 Irish people, including justice minister Helen McEntee and John Twomey, the deputy commissioner responsible for defending Ireland’s national security.
The name of the former garda commissioner Martin Callinan also features.
Data has also been harvested on the Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald, the EU ombudsman Emily O’Reilly, ombudsman and information commissioner Peter Tyndall, and former Irish Labour Party politicians Joe Costello and Pat Rabbitte, among hundreds of others. The Chinese Government have been caught illegally hacking into government databases worldwide since 2017.
Top secret and personal information was stolen from 2.4 million influential figures in 200 countries. The private data from politicians, world leaders and their families, included 963 Major Irish political and government officials and well known IRA and criminal figures.
Once the U.S Intelligence Services became aware of this after sending an undercover agent into China who retrieved the Data, it’s worth noting that the Irish government were warned about their dealings with Genomics Companies from China. These warnings they either ignored or chose not to act on.
It is believed that China has used this information to gain influence over governments in the countries involved.
Are the world’s leaders being blackmailed or coerced into conforming to Communist rule? Is this why they have created so much fear mongering through a campaign of misinformation and destroyed the careers of anyone who dared speak out against their unscientific, economically and socially destructive narratives and restrictions?
Is this why our Government has covertly allowed the sale of the DNA from 400,000 Irish Citizens to Chinese Genomics company WuXi Nextcode /Genuity Science who are strongly tied to the Chinese Government despite being warned by Top U.S. Intelligence Officials that the genetic profiling that is planned for our DNA samples may well be used against us in Biological Warfare which China has a reputation for. We have sold China more than enough of our population’s DNA for a genetic profile of our entire country. All without obtaining any permission. This was done under the table with a newly formed committee who mysteriously popped up just in time to give the outrageous idea the thumbs up directly overriding GDPR.
However it doesn’t stop there.
WuXi Nexcode, now known as Genuity (also formerly Genomics )Science are the very same company who are providing PCR testing reagents in this country. The DNA from these tests is also being harvested, along with all the Data we are willingly handing over to authorities as part of our contact/track and trace system.
The U.K. has a retention period of 2 years where their DNA and fingerprint database will be utilised by unknown third parties as is already happening here. So far the Irish government have not given any disclosures regarding the retention of the Irish database.
China has already been found to use Genetic Profiling against its own Citizens in ethnic cleansing programs. Now they have your DNA and the DNA of countless millions worldwide through their PCR testing services.
These PCR tests that we know are completely useless in detecting the virus. Maybe this is why our government is ignoring that fact? Makes sense…
In the past six months our country has become more and more likened to Communist China than the Democracy it once stood for. No freedom of speech, daily conditioning delivered through the media and RTE who tell us to trust no news but their news. The propaganda shoved in our faces everywhere we look, shops, supermarkets, parks, schools, motorways, even in the corners of our tv screens we have little “stay safe” and “wear a mask” captions.
Our humanity has been removed, our faces hidden from our fellow human beings. We queue while standing on yellow boxes and do what we’re told. Our civil rights taken and we say nothing.
We have been forced to use social welfare, forced out of our businesses and workplaces, forced to distance ourselves from each other and worse still, are being manipulated into blaming each other for all this! We don’t question the restrictions and fraudulent cases or deaths, instead we blame our neighbours.
All for a virus that came from China.
Maybe this new information will shed more light on the Covid Scandal. There’s another reason. It cannot be a coincidence that the Chinese Government have been hacking into Top Secret World Government Databases since 2017, then make a virus in a lab and release it to create a pandemic, and the only answer is to become like China….
Also ask yourselves why the Irish Media haven’t reported this? This article is only available through a subscription to a U.K. Media outlet.

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