Are You Feeling Down? Try this.

I’ve been hibernating this last week or so and found some great tools to use when I find myself focused on the negative.  And, of course, focusing on the negative just brings more crap into your life, so learning how to refocus as fast a possible is a real good idea!
I got a sheet of paper, turned it sideways and wrote the alphabet from A to Z down the left side of the page.  Then I started to write every positive, powerful and good feeling word I could think of – beside the letter it begins with e.g. g – good, great, generous etc,
By the time I was finished I was buzzing!  Not only that – I was in bed, it was after midnight but could I go to sleep?  Not a hope and I didn’t try because my physical energy was so high.  I got up and started cleaning the apt. instead,  which was good because I had guests coming 🙂  So, this is not the best exercise to do if you want to go to sleep,
Esther Hicks would say I was laying an emotional grid with this exercise – now the Universe is bringing me manifestation of stuff that brings out those powerful, good-feeling emotions in me.  You want to hear more about this?  Just go to You Tube and search for Esther Hicks.   By the way anything you find on grid work from her there is brilliant.

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