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Synchronicity – what is it?

Synchronicity – have you heard about it?  It means being in the
  1. right place at the
  2. right time with the
  3. right people.

One of the best feelings ever!  Magical!  The moment when you have that big business breakthrough or you meet the love of your life.   How many times have you experienced it?  Not much?  Here’s how to make it happen more.

 SYNCHRONICITY – how to encourage it:
  • Before going to sleep, settle yourself comfortably in your bed and keep repeating the word “Synchronicity”  or the phrase “Right Place, Right Time, Right People” – the 3 R’s
  • During the day when you find yourself dwelling on something negative or unimportant – wake up, take control of your thoughts and repeat the phrase or word.
  • Every time something happens, someone comes your way or you find yourself in a good space – practice becoming CONSCIOUSLY AWARE that you are having a good experience, revel in it, enjoy it, milk the moment, prolong it, appreciate it, take satisfaction in it, look around expectantly for more.  Don’t force it.  The more you acknowledge and appreciate when one of the 3 R’s happen the more they will happen – before long you will have the 3 R’s coming together – and that’s some buzz!

For a long time I didn’t write a blog post on my Mara House Luxor site because I was going through a long transition phase – frustrating at times because I knew I wanted certain things.  I could see so many avenues and possibilities.  It was mind blowing, which paths to choose??!!

New people were presenting themselves every day and I was trying to take action in so many directions – it was unreal.  But at the end of every day my actual progress was minimal – now I know why.For each and every opportunity that presented it self, one of the  3R’s was missing.

Synchronicity was missing

Prior to the upsets of 2011 I had lived for years just taking the next logical step.  That was how I moved to Egypt.  That was how I built Mara House in Luxor.  That was how I built a great business.  I dreamed, I relaxed and then I went with the flow.  It always worked because it was all synchronicity.  Everything fitted together and the path was clear before me.

Going with the flow does not mean drifting here and there at every whim.  Going with the flow for me means taking the next logical step. I have never made a big decision in my life – only a series of small decisions, one after the other.  They may have seemed like big decisions to others but for me they were always the next logical step – a step I was incapable of not taking.  But, now looking back I can see that every good and profitable decision had three components every time – right people, right time, right place.  When all 3 were present there was no question – I had to take the action.  That’s real synchronicity.

I’m a Happy Bunny in Cairo

Been in Cairo for the last month.  I love being in Cairo.  It’s my “time-out”, reflection time and re-charge my batteries time.  Here are my reflections, conclusions, decisions arrived at now.  Have you noticed I haven’t blogged for a few days?  That’s because I have been “doing a morph”, having a re-birth, change of heart, blah, blah, blah!  Seriously!

Reflections on my life progress to date.  My life falls into more than one category or time frames but for the purpose of my ramblings here I am talking about pre-Egypt and post-Egypt (no, not going anywhere – that I know of).

Pre-Egypt I was doing pretty well in Cork as regards the mental, emotional, physical and especially the spiritual sense.  I believed in miracles (had lots of them happen for/to me).  I was pretty good at positive thinking and succeeding in everything I did (maybe not in everyone else’s opinion or the financial sense).  But I finished everything I started and learned what I needed to learn.  I moved from exciting to even more exciting project – the challenge always being THE thing I enjoyed most.  I never doubted my ability to make things happen and always knew that while one door was closing another one was opening.  That was pre-Egypt.

It was because I was armed with all of the above and because everything fell into place, synchronicity working overtime, that I followed my nose and ended up in Egypt.  For a few years I lived my daily life as I had in Ireland which was basically “do what you have to do today and the rest will take care of itself”.  I had no firm plan but it all seemed to be working out for the best.  I blissfully pushed everyone’s advice, misgivings, warnings, negative predictions and fears aside as I used to do, more or less, in Ireland.

Mara House got built.  I lived my mottos

  • “If you can’t say something positive don’t say anything at all”,
  • ” Do for others what you would like done for you”,
  • “Everything happens for my good”

I brushed off my little upsets, problems and ‘disasters’ and all those took me to the “BIG TIME”.  Mara House and our “Salahadeen Restaurant” started getting reviews on the famous TripAdvisor website and we shot rapidly to the top of the Luxor Restaurant and the Hotel sections.

None of this happened because I had a long-term plan.  I just did what had to be done every day with a positive belief system.  Don’t get me wrong there was plenty of shouting, excited arguments, bouts of frustration and anger along the way.  But all were forgotten quickly (apart from those that were turned into funny stories which amused my guests – not funny in the happening but they had the makings of a really good Egyptian version of Fawlty Towers).

All in all – feeling satisfied, being happy, being positive, not dwelling on the upsets, dreaming, relaxing, going with the flow, synchronicity, inspired action – that’s how we make things happen.

I watched a TV serial and ended up with a hotel in Egypt!!

Blarney, Co. Cork, Ireland – sometime in the 1980’s – a ’20 something’ Irish mother settles down with her husband and two young children to watch a weekly TV show called “Hotel” starring James Brolin and Connie Sellecca.  The hotel is “St. Gregory Hotel” and every week through the doors of the St. Gregory come 5 or 6 people who are warmly welcomed by Manager, Peter McDermott and his Assistant, Christine Francis.  Over the course of the hour viewers watch Christine and Peter as they get to know these guests, their immediate problems or dilemmas and become good friends with them…

By the end of the show the guests leave the St. Gregory happier than when they arrived and most often than not their dilemma has been sorted (thanks to the ingenuity and guidance of Peter and Christine).  Little did the Irish mother think then that as a result of watching this TV show that one day she would have her own Egyptian version of the St. Gregory and take the place of Christine welcoming her guests!!

And that, my friends is just one example of what happens when you focus on ANYTHING!  That Irish mother was me and I never, ever had the slightest desire, idea or intention of owning or running a hotel anywhere in the world let alone Egypt!  The process is called Law of Attraction – a Universal Law which states that whatever you focus on, think about, talk about, appreciate or dream about will, without a doubt at some time in your life become a reality. 

So all it took was for me to watch a TV show every week and enjoy every minute of it for it to come into being.  The Universe orchestrated the synchronicity of bringing the right people to me, at the right time and in the right place to make the move fall into place.  Because remember it took a lot of sorting, organising, moving to say the least, as well as bringing my house buyers to me 3 weeks before Christmas, to make everything line up.  I mean who buys a house at Christmas?  From decision to moving took 5 weeks.

Like Christine & Peter I love getting to know my guests, their interests and their stories.  I especially like it when they leave Mara House with information they did not bargain on getting when they choose us and … sometimes, just sometimes I know that in sharing my own stories of Egypt I have helped broaden their horizons and maybe even re-introduce them to a little of the magic they believed in as children!   For I do believe in Magic too!

So folks……what tv shows are you watching???