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Covid-19 A lesson from the Universe on the Nature of Reality

If there is one thing I am learning from COVID19 – it’s about reality.

Many different opinions on COVID-19

Scientists, experts, doctors – everyone is presenting theories, solutions, explanations and then, of course, there are those who test positive, negative or even positive/negative.  Faulty tests kits are blamed.

Yet another explanation?

Perhaps there is another explanation.  We have long known IN SCIENCE that expectations of the experimenters and the watchers influence the results of the scientific experiments themselves.

Anyway, here’s the thing – EVERYONE is experiencing or not experiencing COVID19 through THEIR OWN personal lens of perception.  And perception is based on what?  Learning, inherited belief systems, personal belief systems and life experiences. 

Is the Universe telling us there is no ONE 3D reality?  Just a series of dramas we choose to buy into or not?  I think so.   How else to explain all the different opinions?

The great thing is – we get to choose the dramas we want to participate in and we get to choose the roles we play – the winner or the loser? the victim, the victor.  We choose to experience the success, the loss, the abundance, the poverty.  We get to play the healthy one, the sick one, the one who gets everything easy, the one who has to struggle. 

WE get to choose which COVID-19 drama we want to be in.

This idea may well annoy you if you are playing one of the less desired roles…GOOD.

I intend no disrespect or judgement on anyone’s experience of COVID-19 by writing this – please read my next post Judgement is a Killer

Have a serious think about this theory and choose a new drama, choose your new role.  How do you do that?  First become aware that everything in your life you have chosen – with your habitual thoughts. 

Everything in your life is just a REFLECTION of your thoughts, a manifestation of your habitual thinking.

Now that your are aware, watch your thoughts, catch the unhappy ones that are responsible for where you are in life.  The just dream about a different life or a different situation (like when you were a kid and you daydreamed of your great future. Then, talk and think more about what you want and how you want it to play out.

You might have to put the iphone away for several hours a day and definitely don’t use it before going to sleep, for this to work faster.

We are creating by default in every moment

Actually, we are all doing by default anyway.    Something happens – it can be good or bad, we have emotional reactions and then our train of thought starts and continues along the one line.

NOTE – even though I say we are creating by our thoughts – it is not quite that easy/bad.  Just having a thought by itself does not mean you can create it.

The creation happens ONLY when the thought generates an emotion

Thought sends the picture out into the Universe

Emotion draws the event to you

Unfortunately, some of us, through no INITIAL fault of our own, have bad experiences that tend to make us think we are losers.  But it doesn’t have to stay that way,  Just by reading the right book, watching the right film or maybe even reading a post like this, we can choose to take a minute to ponder “could this possible be true?  If we allow the slightest possibility that we create our own dramas then that is the first step towards choosing different dramas to buy into and changing our lives.

For years I went from crisis to crisis until one day I found myself having an imaginary conversation (argument) with someone.  In the conversation I said, with quite a bit of anger and resentment “well, if there’s one thing I am – I’m a survivor!”  And it hit me like a bolt of lightening – awareness.   My train of thought rapidly went from

“I’m a survivor!”  (statement) to “I’m a survivor?” (question) then

“You mean I’ve been creating all this shit just to prove I’m a survivor?!”  F***!  to

“Right! so now that I KNOW I’m a survivor, I don’t need to go on creating these dramas!” to

“Done!  Finished!  No More!  Finito!  Peace!”

Life got a lot better for me from there on.

Watch your thoughts, notice the feelings, the emotions the thoughts bring up – now, wait for some version or aspect of your thoughts to become your reality.  It has to be.  It’s one of the Universal Laws.

The key to receiving is GRATITUDE

The key to receiving or manifesting, creating things or events or situations you want is to feel the emotion of gratitude.  If you are not in the habit of being thankful for the little things in life that you already have or receive on a daily basis, then whipping up the emotion of gratitude is a bit more difficult.

Giving thanks in advance of something you have not yet received is taking gratitude to the next level – this is really powerful.

Easy ways to practice being in a state of gratitude:

  • the habit of silently giving thanks before and after you eat
    • thanks for the person who cooked it
    • thanks for the availability of good ingredients – you didn’t have to go out and kill it, search for it or dig for it – and you may not even have grown any of it
    • thanks for having been able to grow some of the meal yourself – if you did
    • what about thanks for the dishwasher?!
  • thanks for having had a good night’s sleep – if you did.  If you didn’t then try giving thanks in advance for the next good night’s sleep you will have.
  • thanks for the roof over your head – and if you happen to own the roof over your head then wow! that is something to be grateful for every day!
  • thanks for the people who love you
  • thanks for the people around you that you love
  • thanks for the people you like and that do the little things every day to make your life easier.
  • thanks for the weather – whatever it is
  • thanks for anything that causes you to wonder and be in awe of
  • thanks for the pleasing scenery around you
  • thanks for the person who made you laugh, the inspiring film you just watched.
  • thanks for the unexpected event that happens to enrich your life
  • thanks for tomorrow which is going to be even better than today
  • thanks for surviving the day!
  • thanks to your feet – don’t they do a good job moving you from place to place every day?
  • thanks for your sight – where would you be without it?  Don’t take it for granted!
  • thanks for your hands, mind, intellect
  • thanks for…..come on you can do even better than me

Making a list like the above is a good way to remind you of much you may have forgotten that you have reason to be thankful for.

Hayley’s Magic Lesson 3/3

Saturday came and this was Jonathan’s usual day to take Hayley to the toy store in town.  He had plenty work so buying Hayley a treat in the toy shops was a pleasure for him.  They wandered up and down the aisles until she eventually settled on her choice of the week.

Personally, I always thought this weekly trip was an extravagance but then I came from a different generation when we were lucky to get a toy at Christmas.  Jonathan’s answer was always be “Mom, it’s only X euro,  it makes her happy – I have it now, I might not always have it so let it be!”

Sunday morning and Jonathan got a phone call from his step-mother.  She was doing a clear out of his sisters wardrobe, she hadn’t done it for years and if he could come today there were several bags of clothes that Hayley might like to have.

After lunch he set off with Hayley into town and arrive back a few hours later…..with 6 BIG black plastic bags, each one filled to the brim with clothes, bags, jewellery and the odd toy or two.

Hayley was so excited!  It had been less than a week since she drew some designs for clothes and jewellery that she would like – just a few, and put them in her magic box.  Now here was 6 BIG bags of clothes – she could not wait to get at them.  Hayley was going to learn over the next few years that the magic box (Universe) just keeps on giving and giving.

The rest of the day and well into the evening was spent opening, sorting and trying on the wonderful array of fashion.  Not only had Hayley magicked up some new clothes, she had created so much there was no place to put them all!  Some were too big and would be put away until she grew a bit more.  Some, but not many she decided she did not like because of the colour or something about the design, so they could go to the charity shop.  A few even still had the tags on them and had never been worn!

Some were put into a bag for Hayley to take to her Mom’s house and the rest were sorted into new boxes and were piled up high along the corridor in dad’s apt.  Each box had a name on it – cardigans; jeans; trousers; summer tops; warm jumpers; skirts; dresses; jackets; caps, scarves and belts.

This wonderful fashion drop was to continue on a periodic basis for another 7 years.  By then she decided she had enough abundance of this particular type from the Universe.  Hayley was 11 when the last delivery came and I happened to be there.  I suggested we get to sorting the bags out.  Hayley flopped on the bed and begged “not now Marie, please!  This takes so long and I am tired of it – and anyway I have enough clothes, I don’t need any more.  Can’t we just give them to somebody else?”  That was it.

Hayley had brought the magic into being for clothes when she really, really wanted new clothes.  The Universe never stops giving and giving.  At 11 years of age Hayley’s desire for and excitement at receiving the bags of clothes disappeared.  She no longer needed them.  Her vibration of ‘being tired of it’ was heard by the fairies of the Universe.  That was the last delivery of clothes.

That was not a sad thing.  It was just a change.  Hayley grew up and now preferred to browse in the shops with her mom for her new clothes – and the shops had an unending supply of clothes the young fashionista would glory in for years to come.