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Hayley’s Magic Lesson 3/3

Saturday came and this was Jonathan’s usual day to take Hayley to the toy store in town.  He had plenty work so buying Hayley a treat in the toy shops was a pleasure for him.  They wandered up and down the aisles until she eventually settled on her choice of the week.

Personally, I always thought this weekly trip was an extravagance but then I came from a different generation when we were lucky to get a toy at Christmas.  Jonathan’s answer was always be “Mom, it’s only X euro,  it makes her happy – I have it now, I might not always have it so let it be!”

Sunday morning and Jonathan got a phone call from his step-mother.  She was doing a clear out of his sisters wardrobe, she hadn’t done it for years and if he could come today there were several bags of clothes that Hayley might like to have.

After lunch he set off with Hayley into town and arrive back a few hours later…..with 6 BIG black plastic bags, each one filled to the brim with clothes, bags, jewellery and the odd toy or two.

Hayley was so excited!  It had been less than a week since she drew some designs for clothes and jewellery that she would like – just a few, and put them in her magic box.  Now here was 6 BIG bags of clothes – she could not wait to get at them.  Hayley was going to learn over the next few years that the magic box (Universe) just keeps on giving and giving.

The rest of the day and well into the evening was spent opening, sorting and trying on the wonderful array of fashion.  Not only had Hayley magicked up some new clothes, she had created so much there was no place to put them all!  Some were too big and would be put away until she grew a bit more.  Some, but not many she decided she did not like because of the colour or something about the design, so they could go to the charity shop.  A few even still had the tags on them and had never been worn!

Some were put into a bag for Hayley to take to her Mom’s house and the rest were sorted into new boxes and were piled up high along the corridor in dad’s apt.  Each box had a name on it – cardigans; jeans; trousers; summer tops; warm jumpers; skirts; dresses; jackets; caps, scarves and belts.

This wonderful fashion drop was to continue on a periodic basis for another 7 years.  By then she decided she had enough abundance of this particular type from the Universe.  Hayley was 11 when the last delivery came and I happened to be there.  I suggested we get to sorting the bags out.  Hayley flopped on the bed and begged “not now Marie, please!  This takes so long and I am tired of it – and anyway I have enough clothes, I don’t need any more.  Can’t we just give them to somebody else?”  That was it.

Hayley had brought the magic into being for clothes when she really, really wanted new clothes.  The Universe never stops giving and giving.  At 11 years of age Hayley’s desire for and excitement at receiving the bags of clothes disappeared.  She no longer needed them.  Her vibration of ‘being tired of it’ was heard by the fairies of the Universe.  That was the last delivery of clothes.

That was not a sad thing.  It was just a change.  Hayley grew up and now preferred to browse in the shops with her mom for her new clothes – and the shops had an unending supply of clothes the young fashionista would glory in for years to come.

Hayley’s Magic Box 2/3

The final lesson of the day was to be about the ‘invisible magic box’. Hayley had always found it difficult to go to bed and go directly or quickly off to sleep.  In fact the minute her head hit the pillow she seemed to get a new lease of life and become wide awake!  This was also a problem I was personally familiar with.  I found somewhere that there are some kids/people who can get into bed and go to sleep immediately but there are others, like us, who have to keep going until we start to nod off to sleep – it’s a losing battle otherwise.

This is the best time to make magic, just as one is about to slip into dreamland.  This is the time when resistance to all possibility is at it’s lowest and we give ourselves up to thinking about our wishes and desires (or at least we do if we know how to create what we want).

I settled on the couch again with Hayley and asked her to think about something she really really wanted, maybe one particular item of clothing.  Hayley closed her eyes and thought hard – “can it be something I put in the magic box today?” she asked.  “Yes, it can” I replied. “now I want you to think really hard about it – what is it?”  “It’s a very, very special pair of jeans, Marie – with lots of sparkly on the pockets!”

“Very good Hayley” I said, “now I am going to tell you how to do magic EVERY night before you go to sleep, because that is the very best time to make magic – here is what you do, and we will practice it once now so you will know how to do it tonight.  Ok, we will pretend you are snuggled down in bed, feeling your lovely cosy, comfortable bed with your pretty duvet cover and pillow covers.

You close your eyes (yes, do it now), close your eyes, bring the picture of those jeans into your mind….. can you see them?  Look at the beautiful colour they are, look at the lovely sparkly pieces on the pockets, isn’t it a beautiful pair of jeans, you can just FEEL how happy you would be to get those jeans!  You can FEEL how excited you would be to be putting them on!”  Hayley was smiling and opened her eyes.  “Ok, close your eyes again, now in your mind you can see yourself taking those wonderful, pretty jeans in your exact size, folding them and putting them carefully into a box, a plain white box.  Done?”  Hayley nodded.

“Now” I instructed “look around, and you will see lots of different coloured, sticky stars and moons.  You are picking up those stars, and suns and moons and sticking them all over your white box, all over the sides, all over the cover……now you take a lovely coloured ribbon, any colour you like, your favourite colour, and you wrap up the box with it and make a lovely bow on top of the box.”

“Because this is a magic box” I went on, “and it is now closed and all decorated with magic stars and suns and moons, you can see two magic legs coming out of the bottom of the box, see the colour of the stockings?  My goodness, look at the designs and patterns on those stockings!  Watch out here come the magic shoes, red shoes covered with millions of small sparkly DIAMONDS just like Dorothy’s red shoes!  Here they come!  Here come the magic shoes and there go the magic legs slipping their two feet into the magic red shoes!  Ohh this is soooo exciting!  Now, you know what those magic shoes, on the magic feet, on the magic box are going to do?  Right now, this very minute they are walking in the front door!  Oh what fun!  YEAH! Hayley!” I concluded excitedly.

Shaking with excitement Hayley opened her eyes “Really Marie? Really, really, reaallly Marie?  When are they going to come?”

“When are they going to come?  That is the one question you are not going to bother about, Hayley.  All you have to do, is the wishing, the seeing, the putting in the magic box and the magic box walking in your door.  And you only need to do it once for anything you want.  Then you forget about it and go on to dream, wish, see and put into the box the next and the next and the next thing you want.

I promise you all the things you want will come in your door just by doing this any night before you go to sleep.  You can do it every night if you like, try to stay awake until you get your wish into the box and it is ok if you fall asleep before you see it walking in your door.  Because once you have your wish in the magic box it will be on it’s way anyway” was my answer.

I had taken Hayley through that seemingly long process of decorating the box, stocking, shoes etc because I knew it just takes 17 seconds of happy and excited concentration on something to bring it into being.  17 seconds is good, 30 seconds is even better and you can imagine how fast wishes would come true if you held your focus even longer!  Some people can.  Happy people can.

That is why good things come to happy people and so the happy people get even happier, then more good things come to them and they get happier.  It is a circle of happiness and manifestation (manifestation means a display, a showing – something coming into being, a wish becoming a physical reality)

“Another important thing to remember is that you must really want the things you put in the magic box, Hayley.”  I went on.  “You can’t do the magic of the magic box for something just as a test to see if it works because it won’t.  And you are not to sit waiting, but you can sit EXPECTING your wishes to come.

There is a big difference between waiting to see and expecting.  That is not something I am going to bother explaining to you today.  But really you are best off forgetting all about your wishes after you put them in the magic box and just move on to the next wish.  We will see how many of the wishes you put in the magic box you made today come true before the end of the week” I concluded with a smile.  “And tonight if you have trouble sleeping you can do the “Invisible Magic Box” magic if you like and I will help you – now, I best get on with dinner before your dad gets here, or he will be wondering what we were doing all day!”

Jonathan’s routine after work was usually shower, dinner and TV so Hayley had to wait until after dinner to relate the full extent of her day’s activities.  Silence during dinner usually indicated a great appreciation of the food – the lamb chops kept Hayley quiet during dinner!

When she got through relating the events of the day and how she now knew how to do magic, Jonathan was not very happy with me.  “Now you’ve done it,Mom!  How on earth do you think I am going to be able to get her all those wishes?”  he demanded!

“Ohhh I forgot!” I said.  “Hayley listen, I forgot to say, most likely none of those wishes will come though mom, dad or even me, ok?  And Jonathan – don’t worry, you are not to get any of those magic box wishes for Hayley!  This is real magic and that is how Hayley will get all her wishes, by her own magic – ok?”

“Oh well, that’s fine” said Jonathan, relaxing back onto the couch and putting his feet up.  “Here come on, can she put a couple of things in the box for me?”

“Of course she can!”  I replied, “Oh dear I hope I haven’t forgotten to tell you anything else about the magic.  Let’s do it now.  What do you want?”

“hmmmmm let’s see now, what about some cash….say a million euro or so?  What about 50 thousand, that would do nicely!”

Hayley and I laughed and said we would work on it for him.  But I pointed out that the only reason he wanted all that money was so he could use it to buy things he wanted.  I suggested we wouldn’t wish for money but instead wished for the things they wanted to buy if they had the money – that would be getting directly to the point.

Hayley hopped up on her dad’s lap, entreating him to be serious and tell her some things he would really, really like.  He relaxed a bit more into the armchair, put his two arms round Hayley, cuddled her into his chest, thought for a few seconds and said…..”My own house, a two story house; with a side entrance to the back garden where there is a shed for my tools; two parking spaces, one for the van and one for the BMW you two are going to get from that magic box for me” he smirked at Hayley then continued “three en-suite bedrooms – one for me, one for Hayley and one for Callum (his son).  Hayley’s room should be a really big one so you can share with her when you come home on holidays, Mom.”

I added that I would like the house to be somewhere there was a lot of greenery, flowers and plants BUT that somewhere that I would not have to do the gardening!

Hayley decided that her room should be pink, with lots and lots of space for all her new clothes and toys, because her bedroom in dad’s flat was WAY too small and in her mom’s house she didn’t have enough space either!

It was time for Hayley to go to bed.  Tonight, she kissed her dad and hopped off merrily to bed, eager to do her last piece of magic for the day.  She realised she had cured her headache and her throat.  She had turned what could have been a miserable, sick day into an exciting and happy one.  Now she was confident in her powers, through the magic box she had made, and was in a hurry to do her ‘invisible magic box” routine before falling asleep.

I tucked her up in bed and snuggled in beside her.  Once again I talked Hayley through the choosing of another a new item of clothing she dreamed of, the putting of it in the box, the decorating of the box, the magic legs, feet and shoes.  By the time we finished Hayley was already nodding off to sleep and I slipped off the bed and went to clear the dinner dishes.

The three of us had a lot fun that evening laughing and talking about the ideal and perfect house we would like to have – Jonathan and Hayley didn’t know it yet but between the three of us we had just created the house of our dreams and it was already well on the way to becoming a reality, and so was Jonathan’s BMW – MAGIC!


Hayley’s first lesson in magic 1/3

“Marie!, Marie! wake up!” sobbed Hayley “I don’t feel so good, my head hurts and my throat hurts!  Marie! Please wake up!  I struggled to focus on what was pulling me from my sleep – not that I slept deeply anyway sharing a single bed with a 4 year old.

Hayley’s distress was increasing – but I knew the first thing to do was create a distraction.  I hopped out of bed, gathered her in my arms and headed towards the couch in the sitting-room, grabbing the remote control for the TV along the way.

“OK Hayley, what are we going to watch this morning?  Dora the Explorer or maybe Barney?  Let’s see what’s on, shall we?”  I settled Hayley on the couch and handed her the remote control, while I quickly cleared off the coffee table – then put the kettle on.

Back to the sitting room and I noticed Hayley’s hot cheeks.  I was quite sure Hayley needed an antibiotic – at the very least she could probably do with something to bring down her temperature.  I searched through the assortment of cough bottles and medicines on top of the microwave – out of luck, nothing I could use.

It was now 8am and Hayley’s dad had left the small flat quietly shortly after 7am for work.  The apartment was a good 12 km from Cork City and the nearest doctor  – I was home from Egypt on holidays and didn’t have a car.  What to do?

I decided to wait – maybe Hayley would not get any worse.  Maybe she could hold on until her dad returned from work, a good 9 hours from now.  But, I had just put the tea bag in the cup when Hayley reminded me again she was not feeling well.  Now, every child loves a story, especially stories with a bit of magic in them.  Now might be a good time to teach Hayley how to do a little bit of magic for herself……just over 4 years old?….well, I would try.

Picking up the cup of tea I went and sat on the couch next to Hayley. Taking the remote control I switched off the TV, told Hayley to turn around and face me.  Taking a deep breath I caught her two hands in mine, looked deep into her eyes and said “Hayley,  I am going to tell you the biggest, biggest, most absolutely BIGGEST secret in the whole world!  Would you like to hear it?”

“Really?” she asked.  “Now this is the BIGGEST and probably most IMPORTANT thing anyone will ever tell you…are you ready?”

Hayley’s eyes shone with excitement.  Headache and sore throat temporarily forgotten, she vigorously nodded her head.

“Ok, listen now, I am going to tell you about magic!  Not only that, I am going to tell you HOW to do magic!  You believe me?”  she nodded vigorously again.  “Hayley, have I ever, ever told you a lie? she shook her head solemnly from side to side.  “Ok, so I have never, ever told you a lie and I am now going to tell you the most important secret in the whole wide world so you can do magic whenever you want to!  OK?”  Hayley nodded again, already spellbound and hanging on my every word.

“Right, Hayley, first thing to remember about magic is that you learn to control your mind.  Now that might sound like a big job for a little girl like you, but actually, it is much easier for you than it is for me.  We will do our first piece of magic now if you want and then you can see by the end of the day how strong your magic power is, ok?”  Hayley nodded again.

“Usually when you feel bad like you do now your mommy takes you to the doctor and you get some medicine – yes?” Hayley nodded again….”well, today you are going to make yourself all better without any doctor or any medicine, you want to do that?”  “Oh yes please!” she answered, “but how?”

“Easy”, I replied, “From this minute on you are not going to say another word about your head, your throat or any part of you that is hurting.  You are not even going to think about it, understand?”  Hayley replied – a bit puzzled “I understand, but how can I not think about it when it is hurting?”

“It has only been hurting for a few hours, Hayley, so it has not actually got really sore yet.  That is the first part of this magic.  To catch it before the bad feeling gets too strong.  You will start to think about the pain, and in the very minute that you think about the pain, I want you to switch your thought to something you love, like or dream about.

You have lots and lots of lovely and wonderful things to think about already, haven’t you?  And you have lots of lovely toys that you can play with instead of thinking about the pain, yes?”

“So, here is your first go at doing magic now, Hayley.  We are not going to bother with cereal this morning.  I want you to think of your most favourite food in the whole world, but something that I can make for you now.  What is it?”

“Hmmmmm, hmmmmm…. Spaghetti on Toast! Hayley triumphantly announced.

“Right you are!” I said “now here is the second part of the magic.  You have to make a decision.  You have to decide which you prefer to do now…..do you want to eat spaghetti on toast and maybe have a cup of nice cold milk with it OR do you want to feel miserable thinking about your sore throat and then your sore throat will get even worse….which one you want?”

“That’s easy Marie!  I want to eat the spaghetti on toast!”

“Good girl!  Now, wasn’t that easy?  You have done the first two parts of the magic.  You have taken your mind off the pain by thinking of your favourite food, and you have made a decision between doing something to help you – eating your favourite food or feeling too sick to eat.  The third part of the magic will be eating your favourite food!  Now you sit back there.  Turn the TV back on and keep your mind on Dora cos you really love watching her adventures don’t you!  And I will have your lovely food ready before you know it!”

I had just taught Hayley the 3 steps needed to create anything – choosing her thoughts, focusing on what made her happy and doing what made her happy!  Later in the day we would take it a step further.

By the time Jonathan, Hayley’s dad made the first of his two daily phone calls to check on them, she had enjoyed her spaghetti on toast (yes, the toast was a bit of a struggle because of the hardness but she managed it with a smile) and was settled comfortably on the couch watching Barney.  Before her were spread out an array of colouring markers, stick on gold stars, a colouring book and several sheets of plain paper.

It was now almost mid-day and she had successfully distracted her mind several times during the morning from the sore throat and headache.  She had also finished 2 mugs of cool diluted juice and the feverish pink had disappeared from her cheeks.  She told her dad she was doing magic and couldn’t wait to tell him all about later.

Continuing on my ‘eat what makes you feel good’ directive, she choose peanut butter sandwiches followed by ice cream for lunch and her dinner order was lamb chops, stir-fried veg and mashed potatoes with LOTS of butter AND Bisto gravy.

Having finished the daily clean up of the flat, eaten lunch and prepared the potatoes for dinner, I was ready to give Hayley another lesson in magic as well as giving her something new to distract from the still painful throat – the headache had also cleared up by now.

The two of us set about searching the flat for a small but beautiful box, a special box.  The best we found was a shoe box – practical but definitely not beautiful enough to be a magic box!  I covered the box with christmas paper and Hayley found some decorative ribbon to finish it off.  This was to be Hayley’s magic box, her box filled with her dreams and wishes – or stuff representative of them.

Hayley’s job for the rest of the day was to use the sheets of paper and colouring markers to draw pictures of all the things she had in her mind that she was wishing for.  She set about the task  enthusiastically, covering page after page with colourful drawings of all kinds of clothes and jewellery and depositing them (first having been suitably admired by me) into the magic box.

When Hayley got tired of her magnificent designing marathon there was about an hour left before dad was due home.  He had made his second daily call to enquire what shopping was needed and Hayley had put in her order for maltesers and crisps.  I decided there was no need for any medicine or a trip to the doctor because by now Hayley was not even referring to her throat anymore – deprived of focus and attention her sore throat, headache and temperature had all subsided to be replaced by excitement at her new magic powers.