Hi – this little shop should really be on my other website but for the moment I can’t use the woocommerce there.

With the current travel restrictions and COVID-19 situation, who knows when Mara House will have paying guests again. So, to keep our heads above water and some cash coming in, I am setting up an online shop for Egyptian products. And in keeping with my theme here, the products will centre around well-being and positivity.

Everyone who has stayed at Mara House over the last 17 years will remember Amr and his cooking. What you may not know is that Amr is now married and has two sons – aged 4 years and 3 months.

The Universe is always lining things up for us, and so this time last year I was inspired to move Amr and his family out of their rented flat and into Mara House – not having to pay rent at the moment is a great relief. At the same time, my son came to stay for 3 months – he’s a builder and unbelievably talented tiler; himself and Amr worked hard to create a lovely apt for Amr’s family on the rooftop – they are very happy up there and his 4 year old has the run of the roof garden 🙂

I will be adding more products over the next few weeks. Currently, we cannot post anything from Egypt. But – again thanks to the Universe, I already have some product in Ireland and your purchases will be posted to you from Ireland. The shop may have a few glitches in the ordering process in the beginning – but thanks for your patience, it’s only as people start to use that I will see stuff I may need to fix/change.

I hope you like what I will have to offer – think about Christmas and the gifts you might like to give.

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