Life is just a game and since we have little option except to play it – I have realised that the smart thing to do is figure out how to play it as early as possible.1959 (4)

I’m one of those people who is always asking “Why?” and “How?“.  I consider myself lucky that early in life I felt enough emotional and mental pain to make me start asking “Why?”  But most of all asking “How can I get out of this?”

I have had life changing moments and experiences – since childhood, continuously finding another piece of the answer to the questions “What are we doing here?  What the hell is life all about?  and “What comes after this? (meaning what is death about?)  By the way I was 12 before I was introduced to what death is, even though we lived across the road from the church.  Maybe I was a bit slow on some things or maybe it never occurred to my parents to talk to me about it and I obviously never asked.

Even as a child the idea of all the “good” people floating off up to a heaven in the sky didn’t grab my attention that much.  Hell certainly was not something to contemplate – two concepts difficult to avoid thinking about in a convent boarding school where we were compelled to go to Mass every morning and twice on Sundays!

As an adult,  the idea of living a less than happy, satisfying life on earth in the hopes of a reward in the afterlife just didn’t sound logical at all – sounded like a lot of wasted time and effort to me.  As I grew older it seemed like a type of mass population mind control.  I could not figure out at all the point of life for those living in war, famine etc.  Seriously like wtf?

For years I bought just the right “self-help” book to take me over a particular obstacle – every book gave me a piece – but it was only a piece of the puzzle – until I found Esther Hicks.  After that I don’t think I bought another self-help book.  That was in around 1992.

Now, at 63 years of age I feel I have the answers to most of the questions, or at least answers that satisfy me.  Now my quest remains “HOW?”

  • HOW do I become the Mistress of My Life?
  • How do I create the 3D reality that I want?
  • How do I create a life where I am happy, independent and free?

For 28 years  (on and off) I practiced, to the best of my ability, the teachings of Esther Hicks (Abraham).   When I had a problem I did what Esther said, when the problem cleared up or I got a “miracle” I drifted away from practicing.  However, overall it worked and I experienced what we call miracles.

By 2017 I felt I was at a standstill.  Life was good – not great, but not bad.  Ups and downs.   I just felt I was missing something.  I was not progressing.  I was still having realizations about life and able to make things happen but noting noteworthy.  Nothing noteworthy to me that is because now I take much for granted that many would still find amazing.

I have a logical mind and while one half of my brain understands Esther and believes the theory of her teachings (BECAUSE I HAVE EXPERIENCED BEING ABLE TO MAKE STUFF HAPPEN MYSELF) I felt something was missing.

OCTOBER 2018 ENTER DR. JOE DISPENZA with the scientific evidence that we CAN create our dream life.

Think about it –

  • if you got problems in your life
  • if you are repeating patterns of behavior and events again and again
  • if you have a serious, terminal, debilitating or simply annoying medical condition
  • if you are feeling you are a victim (of anything)
  • if you never have a dollar for yourself after paying the bills
  • if it seems your life is a constant struggle

it is YOU who is creating it all by default, by habit.

Wouldn’t you like to get a hold on it, take control and direct your own life script?  Change your life and be able to tell a new story?  Wouldn’t you like that?

Why Am I using part of my site for Dr. Joe’s info?
  1. What he teaches WORKS
  2. I recommend Dr. Joe to so many people but while doing so I am aware that if I just point them to YouTube Testimonials they are not going to know where to start with the specifics of his work
  3. I want my friends to be able to get started on his work asap if it resonates with them.

I you go to YouTube, search for Joe Dispenza Testimonials and go through enough of them – especially the early ones, you will find most testimonials are from people with serious and terminal illness such as stage 4 cancer, parkinsons, physical paralysis, fibro-myalgia etc etc.  Desperate people whom the medical profession had given up on or had nothing further to offer.

When you are desperate and looking for a solution, you will give a prospective solution YOUR ALL. You will give it all you got,  with no reservations, no doubts, no second-guessing.  You will WANT to believe in possibilities, in the impossible, in a miracle for you.  So those people began to cure themselves – in their hundreds!  And they have the medical documents to prove their conditions and to prove their recoveries.

The rest of us – the not so desperate, well – we take a bit more convincing and usually, we are not as dedicated as the really sick people to “doing the work” as Dr. Joe calls it.  So, for us, the miracles may take a little longer!

Apart from the testimonials, the internet is quickly filling up with Dr. Joe interviews on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc. etc. and it can be difficult to know where to start.

Most people I want to tell about Dr. Joe have not got that far yet, so I want to lay out the basic, beginner info about Dr. Joe and his work here for you to find it.

so learn how to play it!